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Luxury Candle Brands That I Buy On Repeat

August 9, 2023
Best Luxury Candle Brands Candle Junkies

Today we’re gonna go over the Luxury brands that I find myself going back to time and time again.

I’ve separated them into pricing categories to make things a little easier to digest.

Entry-Level Luxury Candle Brands I Love

First up are the luxury candles that don’t require a scrooge level bank account to purchase. If you just getting into the world of luxury candles I highly recommend starting with a brand from this list. If you end up finding that these kinds of candles aren’t for you, at least you won’t feel guilty about the purchase!

These are what I like to call our ‘entry-level’ luxury candles, yet, make no mistake – there’s nothing ‘basic’ about these beauties. These are incredible candles, and include some of my all-time favorite candles in fact.

These can often be found in the price range of $2 – $4 per ounce.

1. Candlefish

best entry level luxury candle brands candlefish

True to its name, Candlefish is quite the catch. With a library of 100 unique scents, they’ve turned the art of fragrance into a science. Their 100% soy wax numbered candles come in minimalist designs that blend seamlessly into any décor, making them the perfect entry-level luxury purchase. You can also find these candles at Anthropologie stores!

Must-try: No. 25 Lavender, Moss & Leather

2. Illume

Illume is a long time recommendation on this blog and one of my personal first luxury candle brands tried. They burn great and give you everything you could ask for out of a luxury candle, besides the price tag.

Must-try: Woodfire (Which we also recommended on our top candles for Christmas blog post)

3. Homesick

best luxury candle brands

No, we’re not trying to make ourselves feel blue. Homesick candles aim to fill our hearts with the warm, fuzzy glow of nostalgia. Each candle is a fragrant memoir of places, experiences, and memories captured in a jar. And they are excellent at nailing those moments in a fragrance.

Must-try: Hawaii (Which we recently recommended on our top tropical candles list)

4. JewelScent

Jewelscent candles fall into the entry-level luxury price range. However, they are an incredible value for their price. Not only do you get a candle that throws scent great and looks great while doing so, you also get the prize jewelry inside which make them excellent candles to give as gifts.

Must-try: Orchard Apple (You can read our review of the candle here.)

5. Paddywax

best luxury candle brands paddywax

Oh, how I love Paddywax! These candles are also a visual treat with chic, reusable vessels that make for fantastic décor pieces long after the wax has melted away.

Must-try: Library Collection: Mark Twain

6. Forvr Mood

Forvr Mood is one of the newer brands on my personal must-try list. Created by the fabulous Jackie Aina, Forvr Mood offers high-quality, whimsically named candles to fit your current mood. Most importantly, they look great, burn great, and smell great.

Must-try: Cuffing Season

7. P.F. Candle Co.

P.F. Candle Co. somehow manages to provide candles with incredible sustainability and eco friendliness while also being nearly perfect in performance and fragrance throw as well. This is another brand that punches above its weight class.

Must-try: Teakwood & Tobacco (P.F. Candle Co has made it on numerous favorites lists on the blog including our best candles on Amazon post here)

Mid-Tier Luxury Candle Brands I Love

Ok, let’s take things up a notch candle lovers. This is the middle ground in luxury candles, where opulence meets affordability.

These are the mid-tier luxury brands – all fantastic stepping stones into the world of lavish aromas, without leaving your wallet gasping for air.

These can often be found in the price range of $4 – $7 per ounce.

1. Heretic Parfum

These candles are great for capturing their scents in their unaltered, raw forms – flaws and all. They are also made from 100% soy wax and look beautiful.

Must-try: Dirty Gingerbread

2. Byredo

best luxury candle brands

These candles are known for their signature black candle wax. I’ve mentioned them quite a few times on the blog because I love their creative scents and that black candle wax adds a unique vibe that you don’t usually find in candles.

Must-try: Tree House or Bibliothèque (Which I’ve mentioned in my favorite manly scented candles list)

3. Skandinavisk

best luxury candle brands

Skandinavisk aims to capture fragrances which the residents of the Nordic region consider precious. I love these candles. Those beautiful patterned vessels. The burn. The scents. It’s all so good.

Must-try: Fjord

4. Antica Farmacista

Old-world charm meets contemporary scents. Antica Farmacista is a brand that I love but I haven’t mentioned too much on the blog yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them!

Must-try: Prosecco

5. Nest New York

best luxury candle brands nest

Complex fragrances at a great price which really begins to show off the difference luxury candles make when compared to non luxury candles. A long-time favorite brand on this blog.

Must-try: Grapefruit (We named it #1 on our top nest candle scents post)

6. Malin + Goetz

All it takes is one sniff from a Malin + Goetz candle to be convinced on how good their scents are. Their excellent wax blend burns flawlessly to boot.

Must-try: Dark Rum (a candle which we also recommended in this blog post)

7. Jonathan Adler

0471707797393 GOLD Luxury Candle Brands That I Buy On Repeat

A chic marriage of décor and fragrance. I don’t often get Jonathan Adler candles lately but I should start again because sometimes I forget just how good they are. Also, their muse collection is my favorite!

Must-try: Muse D’Or

8. Boy Smells

Gender-fluid fragrances housed in aesthetic glass vessels. Such amazing candles that stay in regular rotation for me. Made with an excellent coconut / beeswax blend.

Must-try: Slow Burn (Read our review for this candle here)

9. Fvith

Fvith Candle Black Rose 1800x1800 1 Luxury Candle Brands That I Buy On Repeat

A candle brand which is quickly growing in popularity and for good reason. These are beautiful candles with beautiful and unique fragrances to match.

Must-try: Black Rose

10. Baobab Collection

Exotic scents in hand-blown glass. These candles are known for being works of art as much as they are great candles. They are also some of the biggest candles you can buy.

Must-try: Platinum (Amber, vetiver, nutmeg scent)

11. Overose

Known for their pastel and holographic vessels, Overose combines gorgeous feminine leaning fragrances with absolutely stunning visual appeal.

Must-try: Nudesse

12. LAFCO New York

New York luxury meets traditional craftsmanship. Lafco is another brand that is constantly making it onto our blog. We love how great every single candle of theirs burns, and they also have some of our all-time favorite fragrances. These candles look stylish without being over the top as well. I can’t say enough good things about them.

Must-try: Rosemary Eucalyptus (Mint Tisane and Cilantro Orange also recently made it in our best candles for the kitchen and best candles for selling a home lists respectively.)

13. Votivo

best luxury candle brands

Rich fragrances in extremely long lasting candles. These candles are some of the strongest smelling candles that I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling. I absolutely adore them.

Must-try: Red Currant (Read our lavender chamomile pear review here. I like the old jars pictured above more than their new jars)

14. Tocca

Beautiful scents inspired by women and their journeys. These candles are on the lighter end for fragrance intensity which some people might like, while others might not.

Must-try: Montauk (Salt air and cucumber)

15. Apotheke

apotheke charcoal candle review

High-quality, hand-poured candles made in Brooklyn. This is another candle brand that cranks up the scent intensity which I personally just love.

Must-try: Charcoal (Read our review of charcoal here)

16. Thymes

Thymes is known for having one of the most well-known and famous Christmas tree smelling candles around. You should know that that’s not the only good candle they make though. Highly recommend checking out other scents if you only know them for Fraser Fir.

Must-try: Fraser Fir (It’s still a must-try for those who haven’t tried it ;P )

17. Otherland

Aesthetically pleasing candles that burn pretty great and are long lasting.

Must-try: Rattan (Read our Otherland candle review here)

18. Harlem Candle Company

0400015439042 NOCOLOR A1 Luxury Candle Brands That I Buy On Repeat

Luxury scented candles inspired by the Harlem Renaissance. This is a luxury candle brand that punches above their price point. One of my new favorite brands.

Must-try: Savoy (Savoy was recently mentioned on in our top pear scented candles blog post here)

19. Archipelago Botanicals

A luxury candle brand that I just can’t get enough of. It’s the burn quality and the scent throw that are the stars of the show with Archipelago candles.

Must-try: Havana (Havana made it into our first edition of our best scented candles list back in 2016)

20. Lor de Seraphine

Lor de Seraphine uses a lovely palm wax blend for their candles and it is a nice change from the more common wax types used in similar candles. Their vessels are beautifully designed ceramic works of art that look great as decor pieces in the home. One of my newer favorite brands.

Must-try: Belvedere

High-End Luxury Candle Brands I Love

Alright, my candle enthusiast friends, this is it — the crème de la crème of the candle world.

These candles will immerse you into the realm of pure, unadulterated luxury. They are the best high-end luxury candles in my opinion and every single one of them is worth checking out.

These candles can be found in the price range of $7+ per ounce. Yes.. they are without a doubt, pricey candles.

Naturally, some of these candles also made it onto our list of the most expensive candles in the world blog post.

1. Mad et Len

221887M618015 1 1 Luxury Candle Brands That I Buy On Repeat

Known for their distinct one-of-a-kind fragrances and hand-crafted iron vessels, Mad et Len is one luxury brand that is truly doing things differently and knows how to stand out from the crowd. Just a truly amazing candle brand.

Must-try: Asphalte Rose

2. Curionoir

A brand synonymous with depth and decadence, Curionoir offers fragrances that linger long after the flame goes out. They come in beautiful hand-blown glass vessels that look exquisite.

Must-try: Tobacco Night

3. Fornasetti

Marrying art with fragrance, Fornasetti candles are as much a visual treat as they are a sensory one. Maybe more than any other brand on this list, when you buy a Fornasetti candle it feels like you are buying a piece of art, right down to the very packaging it comes in. Oh and don’t even get me started on the fragrances.

Must-try: Otto

4. Cire Trudon

270 altair 1600x1600 gris 1 Luxury Candle Brands That I Buy On Repeat

The epitome of candle craftsmanship, Cire Trudon (or simply Trudon as they now like to be called) has lit up homes since 1643, boasting a legacy as the world’s oldest candlemaker. They are simply incredible and dedication to their craft is evident upon your first purchase of one of their candles.

Must-try: Abd el Kader (Notes of Apple, Blackcurrant Bud, Clove, Ginger, Lemon, Mint, Jasmine, and Vanilla)

5. Astier De Villatte

Chic, Parisian elegance captured in wax — each candle carries the soul of a unique destination. These candles are pretty underrated when it comes to luxury candles (I’m guilty for not mentioning them enough on the blog). They rival the best of the best candles in every aspect and more people need to give them a try.

Must-try: Aoyama (Notes of Clove, Lignum Vitae, Vetiver, Patchouli, Hinokiwood Accord and Moss Accord)

6. Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

These candles exude sophistication. Founded by renowned perfumer Jean-François Laporte, these fragrances are some that you are sure to be impressed by.

Must-try: Ambre de Nepal (Notes of vanilla, oak moss, precious wood, and musk)

7. Creed

Another perfume legend, Creed infuses its legacy of sophisticated scents into exceptional candles that burn just as well as you would hope.

Must-try: Birmanie Oud

8. Diptyque

0412808396870 Luxury Candle Brands That I Buy On Repeat

Parisian luxury at its best, Diptyque is beloved worldwide for its iconic oval label and intoxicating fragrances. You’ve seen them mentioned countless times on this blog before and we still love them like we always have. A great gateway into high-end luxury candles.

Must-try: Baies (You can find our top 10 Diptyque candle scents ranked here)

9. Carrière Frères

carriere freres neutral lycopersicon esculentum tomato Luxury Candle Brands That I Buy On Repeat

Carrière Frères is a sister brand of Cire Trudon and is known for celebrating botanicals through its pure and elegant fragrances. The homage to botanicals we all needed.

Must-try: Tomato

10. Acqua di Parma

Italian luxury and elegance shine through in every Acqua di Parma candle. I’m going to have to thank Rekeema over at Detailed Dream on Youtube for opening my eyes to this brand (visit his channel if you haven’t, it’s excellent). They are quickly becoming on of my favs.

Must-try: Grazie

11. Jo Malone London

Elegance, innovation, and craft are the hallmarks of this British scent specialist. Each scent tells a unique story. They are some of the loveliest candle scents around and you know that it’s Jo Malone from the second they hit your nose. Love them.

Must-try: Lime Basil & Mandarin (Spoiler, this candle made number one on our top 10 Jo Malone candle scents blog post)

12. Le Labo

Le Labo’s hand-poured candles are a fusion of modernity and tradition and are some of the most popular with many in the candle community. These are some of the strongest smelling fragrances in candles overall. I don’t love all of their scents but when they are good, they’re really good.

Must-try: Santal 26

13. L’Objet

A brand where timeless craftsmanship meets modern aesthetic. Their candles are pure artistry and so incredibly unique. These candles are the ultimate conversation starters.

Must-try: The Russe No. 75

14. D.S. & Durga

61veBLr1ML. AC SL1500 Luxury Candle Brands That I Buy On Repeat

With fragrances that transport you to another time and place, D.S. & Durga masterfully narrates unique experiences through one-of-a-kind scents. I absolutely adore D.S. & Durga because of how unique every single scent in their collection is. Without a doubt, one of my favorite brands in the high-end luxury tier and one that I always have in heavy rotation.

Must-try: Breakfast Leipzig (Which is one of our top picks from our favorite coffee scented candles list)

What Are Your Favorites?

Now I want to know what your favorite luxury candle brands are. Drop a comment down below and let’s discuss favorites!

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