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JewelScent Essentials Collection + Review

jewelscent essentials collection

The ‘Essential Collection’ is a new line of candles by JewelScent which do not contain any rings within them. JewelScent wants to prove that their candles can stand on their own without any of the extras distracting from the most important thing. The quality of the candles.

I’ve said in the past that JewelScent creates some of the best ring candles out there, but how great are they when the focus is on the candle alone? And how do they compare to the many other big candle brands on the market today? In this post, we will go over our impressions of the essentials collection from JewelScent and answer those very important questions.

jewelscent essentials candle review 1

We will be trying out 4 different candles from the essentials collection. The scents (as pictured above) are Orchard Apple, Pumpkin Caramel, Sweet Gardenia, and Calm Lavender.

Product Overview:

Wax type: Soy wax blend
Size: 10 oz
Price: $16.99 USD
Burn Time: Approx 65 hours as stated on website
Other Products Available: Bath bombs with rings, ring candles, aroma beads, wax tarts, and more

jewelscent essentials candle review 2

Sweet Gardenia

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

JewelScent seems to nail their scents every time they release new candles. I’ve yet to find a candle that I haven’t liked from any of their collections, they are all so great. Not only do they smell good but they throw scent like crazy. Even with these candles not being overly large (10 oz) they are surprisingly fragrant.

Below are our takes on each individual scent we tried out for this review.

Orchard Apple:

Oh, my!! Never have a been tempted to bite into a wax candle so much. Seriously. This candle smells exactly like fresh, juicy apples right from the orchard. And boy oh boy is it ever strong! If you love the scent of apple like I do, I guarantee that this one is for you. 10/10

Sweet Gardenia:

I am not as often a huge fan of floral scents but this one was surprisingly refreshing. It did not have an overly musky smell to it like many floral scents do. This scent was a little on the lighter side of things but smelled clean and would be a great candle to freshen up a room with. 8/10

Calm Lavender:

We reviewed this scent before in its’ ring candle variant which you can find here. This scent has a more musky and herbaceous fragrance to it that was stronger than the sweet gardenia. The hints of geranium in this scent add a pleasant citrusy fragrance to the candle that really balances the musky smell well. 8/10

Pumpkin Caramel:

Pumpkin caramel was nearly as strong of a fragrance as the orchard apple candle. This scent reminded me of pumpkin pie with whip cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is perfect for fall but enjoyable no matter what time of the year it is. Truly a delight! 9/10

Other fragrances available include ‘Raspberry Crush’, ‘Guava Mai Tai’ and more

Fragrance Intensity:

All the candles which I have smelled from Jewelscent were fragrance powerhouses! On cold sniff, they have a strong smell and once lit that smell is multiplied. I left the orchard apple candle in our bathroom unlit and it was still strong enough to fragrance the room! If I had to list these candles from most to least fragrant it would have to be Orchard apple, Pumpkin Caramel, Calm Lavender, and finally Sweet gardenia. If you are sensitive to fragrance, the sweet gardenia might be the perfect choice for you.


JewelScent has always had near flawless presentation on their products and these are no exception. Simple, yet visually stunning. The candles come in glass jars about 4 inches tall with a simple semi-transparent label which glows when illuminated from the candle flame behind it. The thick glass base ensures that a minimal amount of heat will be given off if the wax is left to melt to the bottom of the container, but as a reminder please do not let your candle burn to the very bottom!

The visual appeal can be seen in any of the Jewelscent products from their candles to bath bombs to aroma beads. Once again, Jewelscent makes a visually stunning product with their essentials collection of candles.

Burn Quality:

Candle Junkies Approved Candles

Jewelscent candles are slow burning. You will be surprised at how long these 10 oz candles will actually last. The wick is relatively small but just large enough to allow the wax to melt to the edges of the container. Very minimal tunneling might occur if any at all. If it does happen to tunnel, the tinfoil trick will solve the problem in no time. There was some mushrooming of the wicks on these candles after burning for longer periods of time. This is caused when the candle’s flame consumes more wax than it can burn. When this happens it often causes the flame to get even larger which will then worsen the problem. This is a common occurrence in candles but can be taken care of by making sure to keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch every time it is reignited.

jewelscent essentials


The essentials collection of candles have a price tag of $16.99 USD. This equates to about $1.67 an ounce which is lower to middle price point for candles. Jewelscent does have sales frequently as well, so keep an eye out for deals that they may have on their website.

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