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  1. I have been burning Nest candles for years and I’ve tried a lot of them. I have my favorites I’d like to share in no particular order of preference, but I included what seasons or months I prefer to burn them in. I find that more nuances of the Nest candle fragrances come out when I burn them as opposed to on cold sniff. I like to try the votive sizes to try them out first to see if I like them. I am going to try out the two new spring/summer 2020 scents and am looking forward to the new Apple Blossom the most which I might just go right for the classic size.

    Apricot Tea- spring, summer
    Linen- spring, summer
    Cedar Leaf & Lavender- end of winter, early spring, end of summer
    Grapefruit- summer
    Pumpkin Chai- October! (Love this one around Halloween)
    Birchwood & Pine- December, winter
    Spiced Orange & Clove(new for holidays), winter

    1. Awesome! Yea, choosing a candle for the time of year can be a little more helpful than just flat out ranking all of the candles. Thanks for that!

      I haven’t tried Spiced Orange & Clove yet. I’ll have to give it a try. I’m looking forward to Apple Blossom! =)

  2. I forgot to mention Nest on their online site usually has a 25% off sale in September and I think in the spring too. That is usually when I buy my full sized candles. I signed up for their emails to know when they have promotions going on. Sephora carries Nest too and if you’re Rouge, VIB, or Insider their you can get them on tiered discount depending on what status you are with them, i.e.- 20%, 15%, or 10%, during their sales a couple times a year.

  3. Hey guys I need some good perfume recommendations I love sweet smells but I love the musky and fruit smells as well or sugary or bakery smells are good too my current obsession is fireside flurries toasted marshmallows , pink lavender and cashmere woods 🤗

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