best places to buy candles online 2023 candle junkies guide


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog posts. Keep up the good work. Love burning candles made with pure essential oils that can retain their fragrances till the end.

  2. Great Article. My go to online candles are Lovespoon Candles, they are soy and hard poured and fill the entire room. My favorite scent is Vanilla Bean which I smelled first at The Ritz Carlton Spa in Orlando

  3. I found a new company called Country Charm Candle Company. Hand poured and amazing hot and cold throw! Shipping was fast and cheap. I’ll buy from them again.

  4. For anyone shopping for candles online in the UK it’s well worth checking out Osmology. We stock brands like P.F. Candle Co. (mentioned above), Boy Smells, The Nomad Society, D.S. & Durga, Skandinavisk… the list goes on! We are a small company dedicated to finding the world’s best interior fragrance brands, and have built the website with candle junkies in mind!

  5. My go-to candles are Goose Creek Candles! Great fragrances and their specials are frequent and the bomb! Seriously, where can you buy large two-wick candles for $8.99?

    1. I also love Goose Creek candles but now they only have small single wick and larger 3 wick…I usually only buy when on sale and have never bought one that I didn’t like!!! Usually $8.99 – $11.99. I used to only buy Yankee or Bath and Body Works but these are cheaper and much better.

  6. Am I allowed to plug my very own Candle Company. It’s a small business. We all work very hard at that. I am proud of the brand, it’s pure, kind, healthy and only premium ingredients are used. The candles are hand-poured by myself in small batches. Soy wax, essential oils, fragrance oils, glass jar and lots of love.
    Thank you so much.

    1. You are more than welcome to! Thanks for commenting, I’ll have to check these out 🙂

      Hope you are having a great day and staying safe!

  7. Also small woman owned Candle and Soap company, we have new deals all the time!, please check us out. We currently have a buy 3 wax melts and get one free deal, and a buy 2 soaps and get one free deal, these deals are only through the holiday season or while supplies last.
    After studying and experimenting with new soap techniques, becoming more acquainted with the bath & body wellness community and its uses in soap and candle making, In January of 2018, I began to build a large soap inventory eventually sharing the soaps and candles with friends and family. After the positive reviews came in and my handcrafted confidence grew, I then became licensed to sell in Pa and officially set up my first soap shop in Fensty’s Market in Bally, Pa. It was the highlight of my first entrepreneurial business experience.

    We are very proud of our brand and believe in the quality of each and every product we put out there. The time and energy put into every handcrafted item, really is one-of-a-kind (like nature’s real blue daisy flower, our inspiration behind our brand) and something special to enjoy!

    I am truly excited to have this website available to you and to expand our reach nationwide. We thank you kindly for your continued patronage to BluDaisy.

    Browse around and pamper yourself or someone you love!

  8. Shouting out my own store. Forever u’Nique Candles is a great place to buy candles. They are hand poured in the u.s.a and have the greatest cold and hot throw. Highly scented in a relaxing way.

  9. May I suggest trying The Compton Candle Company based in Dorset, UK. A small company but growing in popularity locally & online. Really brilliant quality products. They smell divine!

  10. I am looking for the thicker taper candle that has the stubby bottom that fits into the traditional taper holder. Maybe called colonial.

  11. Hey guys I need some good perfume recommendations I love sweet smells but I love the musky and fruit smells as well or sugary or bakery smells are good too my current obsession is fireside flurries toasted marshmallows , pink lavender and cashmere woods 🤗

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