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Ranking Our 10 Favorite Diptyque Candles

It’s no secret that Diptyque creates some of the most luxurious smelling candles around. Their candles are often imitated but rarely matched. These candles have become status symbols. It’s so strange, but just owning one of these candles makes you feel fancy.

That feeling of fanciness and elegance comes with a price, however.

These candles will set you back a cool $68 for their classic 6.5 oz size.

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Yes, you can get candles much cheaper, but many cheap candles are basically paper weights that you light on fire. Not all cheap candles are bad, we’ve written about great cheap candles before.

Which Size Diptyque Candle Should You Buy?

Diptyque candles come in a variety of sizes. Aside from special edition candles their sizes currently range from 70g (2.4oz) mini candles, all the way up to 1500g (51 oz) candles.

To put it simply, bigger candles throw more scent. Period. I don’t care what anyone else says. If you are unsure about getting into these candles and want to have a taster from one of the mini candles, just keep that in mind.

Also, as you move up in size, you are getting more bang for your buck. Here is a quick price comparison for the main sizes the candles are found in:

SizePrice$ / oz
Small/mini (2.4oz)$36$15
Classic (6.5oz)$68$10.46
Colored (10.5oz)$98$9.33
Large (51oz)$340$6.67

It’s pretty clear from a price per ounce standpoint, that you’re better off getting the large sized candles. Essentially, large candles are like buying the same amount of candle for over 55% off! (yes yes, I know it sure doesn’t feel like you’re saving money)

As much as we would all love to be getting those large size candles, shelling out $340 for a candle is not always an option. However, if you find that you are buying these candles often, or you have the money to splurge on the larger sizes, you will probably be better off.

Which Diptyque Candle Scents Are The Best?

Personal preference is going to play a big part in this of course, but it is known that some fragrances are stronger than others.

When I do ranked lists like this I tend to rank candles that are stronger higher up on the lists. I like candles with lots of fragrance throw! As long as that fragrance is nice of course.

Here are our current 10 favorite Diptyque candles, ranked:

I linked the versions of each candle I prefer below, but you can also find most of the large versions here


best diptyque candle scents ranked opopanax

A powdery, warm scent with spices that kind of reminds me of some kind of soda. Like Dr. Pepper almost but mixed into a fancy fragrance concoction.

I find myself drawn to that part of the fragrance, kind of how I was with the Teck & Tonka candle that we reviewed a while back from Esteban Paris.

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best diptyque candle scents mimosa

So this is the fragrance of the mimosa flower, not like the mimosa I like to drink at brunch on Sundays.

I didn’t know that until I tried this candle. Don’t judge me.

It’s a little citrusy, a little sweet, but also light and airy. A great scent for spring and summer.

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best candles from diptyque ranked ambre

Whenever I’m at the store looking through candles it seems like the person working always seems to recommend this one.

I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a great scent I guess.

It’s got a nice blend of smooth, warm woody notes and a little bit of muskiness to it.

A great gender neutral candle with lots of strength to it.

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Benjoin is a candle that has recently made its way into my absolute favorites from the Diptyque scent lineup.

It’s an excellent scent all year round, but has a unique Christmasy warmth to it. Not overly sweet but light and woody.

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best diptyque candle scents

Tuberose is a pretty unique scent, it’s a super strong, heady, white floral scent balanced just perfectly with soft and warm musky notes.

I seen another review that called this exotic and I feel like that’s a good description of this scent. At least that’s what comes to my mind.

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roses best diptyque candles

I love this candle because the scent reminds me of being in a flower shop.

The rose scent is recreated so beautifully here and if you’re a fan of those kind of fragrances, you’ll love this candle.

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34 boulevard saint germain best diptyque candles

For those unaware, 34 Boulevard Saint Germain is where Diptyque’s first boutique was opened in Paris and this candle was created to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

The fragrance is meant to encapsulate that smell from the shop and it blends all those fragrances in a way that only Diptyque knows how.

This candle is hard to describe as it’s got a little bit of everything but here is what I do know. It’s powerful and sooo amazing.

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best diptyque candles ranked

Any of the next three candles on this list could be my favorite. It just depends on the time of year and my mood.

Baies is one of the most popular scents and one of the first from Diptyque that I came across.

With a candle called Baies (berries in English) you’d think this one might be a super fruity scent. But once again, Diptyque comes through with a scent that has that sweetness but is also very floral.

The fragrance has notes of Bulgarian roses and it’s almost like you are smelling it all. Getting scent of stems, leaves, and rose which is then mixed with blackcurrants for an incredible scent.

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best candles from diptyque

Feu de Bois or wood fire is just that.

It’s a candle that smells like wood logs burning.

I have such a nostalgic feel with this candle, it makes me look forward to the winter months because this scent just adds so much warmth and coziness.

Another home run by Diptyque.

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best diptyque candle

I know I said this list would feature mostly super heavy fragrances throughout but this one is an exception. It’s a bit lighter.

The fragrance is just too good though. I keep coming back to this scent and it’s earthy, sweet scent.

This is another candle where you don’t just get the fruit but the whole package. The leafiness, the sweetness, the woodiness. It’s all there. So good.

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And there you have it. A list of my 10 favorites from one of my favorite candle companies.

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