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Apotheke Charcoal Candle Review

apotheke charcoal candle review

Fans of “Bridgerton,” rejoice. Your romance novel hero smells like the Apotheke Charcoal Candle. Burn it…and burn.

Imagine creeping down the stairs long after your mama has retired for the evening. You’re dressed in a diaphanous wrapper, your long hair free from the day’s elaborate updo. Barefoot — you hoyden — you slip unnoticed into the estate’s library. The fire is banked and the soft glow of the embers illuminates the massive mantle and the portrait of the handsome lord of the manor that hangs above it. You stop for a moment to admire the patrician lines of his face and the hint of smile at the corner of his mouth before remembering you came for a book.

The lingering scent of forbidden tobacco and whiskey is in the air. And just as you reach for a tome on the highest shelf, the snick of a match and flare of flame in the corner alert you that you are not alone.

“F-forgive me for intruding, your grace. I-I,” you gulp as his large, muscular figure unfolds from the chair and he comes nearer to you. The scent of clove and cinnamon tangling with the fire and tobacco — it’s the scent you discovered when dancing the second waltz with him earlier in the evening. The very one you wished to rub all over yourself as he…

Ahem. Yes. The candle. Very good. Let’s talk about the candle, shall we?

Candle Junkies Apotheke Charcoal Candle Review:

The notes: top notes of chestnut, charred-maple, orange-blossom; middle notes of clove and cinnamon; dries down to embers, cedar wood, and guaiac

The packaging: solid matte black vessel. Sleek black packaging.

The details: Braided cotton wick set in black soy wax. Non-toxic. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Hand-poured. Scented with perfume-grade essential oils.

Size: 11oz, 4” H x 3.5” W with estimated burn time of 60-70 hours

The cost: $38

Find this candle online here

Apotheke’s range includes signature, winter, and market scents, and the Charcoal is their signature matte black candle. It fills the room with “cedarwood and sandalwood combined with notes of smokey amber and oud in a broody, full-bodied fragrance.”

Oh yes, broody and full-bodied. Just like our romance novel hero.

More than the oud Apotheke describes, however, are the guaiac wood (say it like gwy-ack) notes. It can smell a little like tobacco or tar. In this candle, it’s deep and earthy. It’s sourced from the heart of the Palo Santo tree (which is used in native ceremonies), and, in this candle, this fragrance lends a little air of mystery and depth.

Apotheke are known for their use of essential oils, and this candle contains 15-18% fragrance oils — which is many times over the amount found in most scented candles.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, and born in a kitchen, Apotheke stays true to its roots. They give back to Bowery Mission in NYC by donating thousands of pounds of soap. (Yes, if you’re obsessed with this scent, you can get it in hand-poured bar soap, liquid hand soap, lotion, reed diffusers — and even hand sanitizer!)

A luxury scent for a non-luxury price. It’s a lovely mid-range candle to spice up your boudoir or living space, especially when paired with your favorite page-turner.

Find this candle online here

If you’d like to get another look at this candle, you can find it in this video from Josh James on Youtube.

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