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Fresh Candle Scents You Can Use In The Kitchen

January 20, 2021
best candles for the kitchen

The title is a giveaway, but we think that fresh scents make for some of the best candles for the kitchen.

Your kitchen is often circulating all kinds of food fragrances throughout it. Rather than piling on to these powerful scents of baked goods and pungent spices, we find it’s a better idea to neutralize and freshen up these spaces in their downtime.

Citrus aromas, herbal aromas, floral aromas, all of these do a great job in bringing in balance to rooms like the kitchen where odors are already abundant.

Today I’ll be sharing some candles that I think make for some of the best fresh candles for the kitchen.

Let’s get into it!

The Best Candles For The Kitchen (Pin This List!)

Golden Coast by P.F. Candle Co

best candles for the kitchen golden coast Fresh Candle Scents You Can Use In The Kitchen

Golden Coast is a fresh, oceanic scent that will work wonders as a candle for the kitchen.

Eucalyptus, sea salt, redwood, and palo santo combine to make this complex, but fresh scent come to life.

P.F. Candle makes some excellent candle scents all around and if you haven’t yet seen their line-up, you can view their best sellers on their website.

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Sage & Citrus by Yankee Candle

best fresh candle for the kitchen

I know I’m like a broken record with this candle and I’ve been recommending it ever since we did the ‘Top 25 Yankee Candles’ list a couple years back, but it just works in so many places.

Like the golden coast candle we just mentioned, ‘Sage and Citrus’ builds up some nice fresh, green notes with the sage but adds in a nice citrus kick that I think is perfect for the kitchen.

I highly recommend this candle, especially if you haven’t tried a Yankee Candle in a while.

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Mint Tisane by Lafco New York

mint tisane candles for the kitchen Fresh Candle Scents You Can Use In The Kitchen

Finally, a candle that we haven’t already recommended on this blog before 😉

Mint Tisane from Lafco New York is everything that a kitchen candle should be. Clean and fresh while at the same time being citrusy and herbal.

This candle has top notes of lemon zest while the breadth of the fragrance combines minty notes with basil and eucalyptus.

It’s not the cheapest candle on the list, but it’s most definitely worth it.

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Joy + Laughter by Chesapeake Candles

kitchen candles chesapeake joy laughter Fresh Candle Scents You Can Use In The Kitchen

Here is another great option that I haven’t yet recommended on this blog before.

‘Joy + Laughter’ by Chesapeake is a nice tart scent of cranberry and dahlia. Perfect for refreshing a kitchen air space.

This candle is also one of the best options on this list for those on a budget. Starting at just $6.99!

There are also three different sizes which you can choose from in this candle. The size in the picture above is the single wick 8.8 oz candle. But there is also a 3.7 oz single wick option, and a larger 3 wick 11 oz option which is similar to the 3 wick size you see at Bath and Body Works.

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Siesta by La Montaña

la montana candles for the kitchen Fresh Candle Scents You Can Use In The Kitchen

“A gently swinging hammock in the shade of a tree, with crickets chirping and sun-baked fragrances of the countryside lulling you to sleep.” This is what the scent description for ‘Siesta’ by La Montaña reads.

While the scent may have you reminiscing of laying in a hammock in the countryside on a sunny day, I think it works marvelously as a fresh candle for the kitchen as well.

You can find this candle online from department stores such as Net-A-Porter.

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Blackberry Rose & Oud by Voluspa

blackberry rose oud voluspa candle Fresh Candle Scents You Can Use In The Kitchen

This might not seem like an obvious choice for a kitchen candle but I found that it fits the part great.

The oud fragrance is pretty light, while the blackberry and floral rose shine through to make a nice sweet scent overall.

Also, Voluspa jars always look so dang good. So I couldn’t forget to mention that.

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Linen by Nest New York

linen nest candle Fresh Candle Scents You Can Use In The Kitchen

I told myself that I wasn’t going to do this list without including a clean linen fragrance.

It’s a great opportunity to recommend one of my long time favorite candles; ‘Linen’ by Nest New York.

Linen is a nice fresh and clean scent, but still has that complexity in the scent which Nest candles are known for. A great choice for freshening up the kitchen!

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I hope this post gave you some ideas to get some nice, clean scents circulating throughout your kitchen. As always, if you have some recommendations of your own, please share them in the comments below!

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