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These Candles Make For Great Christmas Gifts

November 24, 2020
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I may be biased since I have an entire blog dedicated to candles, but I truly think that candles are a near perfect gift for all types of people.

In this post I’m going to share the reasons why I think candles make great gifts, as well as some of the candles that I think make the best gifts. Even though the topic of this post is Christmas gifts, I think the reasoning and the choices below hold true for nearly all kinds of gifting occasions.

What Makes Candles Great Christmas Gifts

There are tons of reasons why candles make great gifts. Here are just a few of them.

There Is A Candle For Every Budget

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to get a cheaper gift for a coworker or a more expensive gift for a significant other, there are candles that will be fitting for each.

You can find candles that run you as little as a few dollars (ALDI candles for example), or candles that cost in the hundreds of dollars (such as large multi-wick, luxury candles).

Candles Can Often Be Personalized

Depending on where you buy your candles from, you can get them personalized as well. This makes for a more memorable and special gift for someone.

personalized gifts These Candles Make For Great Christmas Gifts

The amount of customization in candles varies from brand to brand, but with some candles you can customize the labels, others you can add a personalized note to the candle, while others you can even add jewelry inside as an added surprise for someone special.

Some of my favorite brands that can be personalized include: JewelScent and Otherland. There are also a ton of sellers on Etsy who will customize candles for gifting.

Christmas Is When Lots Of Limited Edition Candles Are Available

It’s hard to argue with the fact that Christmas time is the best time of year to burn candles. Candle companies know this, and that is why many of them come out with special edition candles for the holidays that often look even better than their typical collections of candles.

Some of our favorite brands that are included in this style of thinking include Diptyque, Otherland, and JewelScent just to name a few.

Lots Of People Enjoy Candles

If you don’t know what to get as a gift for someone, candles are a pretty safe choice, and for any gender. Everyone likes to have things that smell nice and make winter months more cozy. Candles are an easy choice for this.

This applies to many different occasions as well. Candles make great wedding gifts, birthday gifts, get well gifts, basically any celebration can be fitting for a gifted candle.

These Are The Best Candles For Christmas Gifts


beer jewelry candles These Candles Make For Great Christmas Gifts

A list like this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Jewelry Candles. The sheer variety of products available from this brand that are catered towards gifting are unmatched.

There is something for everyone on this website. Take for example this beer mug candle above. Basically a 3-in-1 gift we have here.

Their list of products also includes candles with customized labels, candles with jewelry in them, candles with cash in them, zodiac candles, pet candles, and more. And that is just their candle gifts.

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diptyque holiday 2020 set These Candles Make For Great Christmas Gifts

This luxury candle brand knows how to make amazing candles. While they are pricey, they fit into a lot of gifting price limits that people set around the holidays, making it the perfect time to try out something that someone might not normally buy on their own.

During the holidays Diptyque comes out with a holiday collection of limited edition candles with unique designs for the season. You can see the full set pictured above and find out a little more on the collection in a post we just recently did that covered the collection a little more in depth here.

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jewelscent christmas morning

Jewelscent is a long time favorite around the blog and is our number one favorite jewelry candle out currently.

If you are new to this brand, they make candles with jewelry surprises inside that can be valued up to $7500. The thing hat sets this brand apart from the other in my opinion is just how good the candles themselves are. They smell and burn absolutely incredible and they look great to boot. Even if these didn’t have the jewelry, they would still be a favorite.

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otherland candles giftbox

You can get a sneak peek of just how great the customizable giftboxes from Otherland look in this picture above.

Otherland is a new favorite around here. The candles burn great with their soy and coconut wax blend, smell great with some creative scent combinations, and look stunning.

They also have different limited edition collections for different times throughout the year (which you can check out in our rundown post). Currently they have the ‘Gilded Collection’ for the holidays which has 6 different scents available.

Otherland also makes these perfect for gifting from their website. From the gifting section, you can customize the number of candles, the scent of candles to be included in the gift set, and also the greeting that should be packaged alongside the giftbox

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The Best Budget Candle For Gifting


cozy nights candle These Candles Make For Great Christmas Gifts

These candles aren’t personalized in any way but if you are looking for a great cheap candle to gift to someone this Christmas then look no further than the Opalhouse candles from Target.

For only $9.99 you can get a 2 wick 15.1 oz candle. For comparisons sake, this is cheaper than the 3 wick candles from Bath and Body Works when those are on sale! They are also slightly larger!

Now you might think that for the price that you will be getting a junk candle, however, these are actually pretty awesome! They smell and burn great and last a long time as well.

The scent pictured above ‘Cozy Nights’ is a favorite of ours!

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The Best Mid-Range Candle For Gifting


jewelscent christmas morning

While we think that the ring candles make better gifts overall, we would recommend JewelScent candles for a mid-range candle gift whether you choose their ring candles or their candles without jewelry.

These candles are made with a nice soft coconut wax that is all natural and burns great. And the smell.. oh gosh, the smell is to die for on these candles.

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The Best Luxury Candle For Gifting


otherland fallen fir candle These Candles Make For Great Christmas Gifts

If anyone is feeling extra nice around these holidays, I would like one of these gift boxes from Otherland for Christmas. Just kidding… sort of. These candles are awesome and are made with gifting in mind.

3 candles is always better than one anyways.

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The Best Candle To Gift For Amazon Prime Shoppers


candle gift set amazon These Candles Make For Great Christmas Gifts

This gift set is budget conscious and super cute! It contains four different candles that are each 4.4 oz and are held in decorative tin vessels.

These candles make great gifts not only for the price but also because you can also split them up and spread them around the house.

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The Best Candle To Gift For Beer Lovers


beer candles These Candles Make For Great Christmas Gifts

For those that are gifting for the beer lovers out there, here is a gift that they won’t likely be expecting.

This 3 set of candles comes in repurposed glass containers and are inspired by various craft brews including 2 beer candles and one that is made after a cider.

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