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Ranking The Jo Malone Candle Scents

Ever wonder what the best Jo Malone candle scents are? This post will rank our top 10 favorites from the brand!

Jo Malone London is a brand of perfumes and luxury candles coming from Britain. You’ve probably smelled their lovely fragrances at one time or another while perusing a department store. You can find them at many high end stores.

This may, however, not be where you first seen these candles. Oprah Winfrey featured them on her show and ever since then they have blown up in popularity. And of course they did. If Oprah says something is good, then that just about settles it.

Since that time, we’ve become acquainted with the candles a fair bit, but haven’t mentioned them too frequently on the blog. There are just too many candle brands out there! We do love some of their fragrances, however. And we’ll be sharing those favorites today.

One thing that some people aren’t aware of is that Jo Malone is now owned by Estee Lauder. Jo Malone sold her company back in 1999. However, the fragrances are still just as great as they’ve ever been.

Without a doubt, Jo Malone candles are luxury candles. They are pricey, but some of their scents are to die for.

Jo Malone Candle Size Comparison

There are 4 different sizes that Jo Malone candles will generally come in. I’ll quickly cover them all in this section so you can compare the differences easily.

The naming of the different sizes gives a good hint about the size of each candle. It can also give a decent suggestion of how you could typically use each size.

jo malone candle size comparison Ranking The Jo Malone Candle Scents

The sizes below are listed from smallest to largest.

Jo Malone Mini Candles

I wouldn’t consider the mini candles to be part of the 4 main sizes. I will include them in this post, just so you are aware of them.

The Jo Malone mini candles are by far the smallest size that is available for these. You won’t usually find these for sale in most places, but they are sometimes found for purchase in a limited edition collection.

These mini candles are great for testing out different scents that are available. They are tiny and won’t have much fragrance throw, but if you find a scent that you really like, you can then buy one of the bigger candles with more confidence.

  • Single wick
  • 35g (1.24oz)
  • 10 hour burn time
  • Approximately $22 per candle

Jo Malone Travel Candles

The travel sized candles are the smallest of the 4 main sizes that are available. They’re only slightly larger than the mini candles, at less than double the size.

They have a bit more fragrance throw, but they won’t fill an entire room. If you are looking to gift someone a candle but don’t want to dish out the money for a full sized candle, this is a good option.

  • Single wick
  • 60g (2.1oz)
  • 18 hour burn time
  • Approximately $36 per candle

Jo Malone Home Candles

Jo Malone’s home candles are the first size that I would consider not to be a sample sized candle. These candles are more than triple the size of the travel sized candles that were covered above.

These candles have pretty great fragrance throw and will do so quite well in most rooms of your home. Don’t expect this to be a large candle, however. The three wick candles from Bath and Body Works are more than double the size of these. Just to put it into perspective.

  • Single wick
  • 200g (7oz)
  • 45 hour burn time
  • Approximately $67 per candle

Jo Malone Deluxe Candles

If you want something with a little more throw, and suitable for larger rooms, the deluxe candles are a good option. These candles are about triple the size of the home candles mentioned above.

With this jump up in size there is also a change in format. These candles have 3 wicks instead of 1 like the candles mentioned above.

  • Triple wick
  • 600g (21oz)
  • 90 hour burn time
  • Approximately $200 per candle

Jo Malone Luxury Candles

The largest of the 4 main Jo Malone candle sizes. And larger by quite a bit! These candles are over 4 times the size of the deluxe candles listed above.

These extra large luxury candles also have 4 wicks. If you are looking for a candle that will continually give a high amount of fragrance and fill very large rooms, these are the ones to do so.

  • Quadruple wick
  • 2500g (88oz)
  • 230 hour burn time
  • Approximately $495 per candle

Random Tidbit: While the luxury sized candles sound pretty huge, there are actually bigger candles out there. We did a post on big candles recently, and some of the candles mentioned in that article were up to 10kg. That’s quadruple the size of the largest Jo Malone candles!

Which Size Jo Malone Candle Should You Buy?

To decide which candle you should buy you need to ask yourself a couple questions.

1. Where will this candle be placed?

As mentioned in the size comparisons above, the bigger the candle, the stronger the fragrance throw.

If you are only planning on keeping a candle in a relatively small room such as a bathroom, you most likely aren’t going to need anything larger than the home candle.

If the candle will be placed at a wedding or a large open area – especially you are planning to place a candle outdoors – you probably want to go for luxury sized candle.

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2. How much are you willing to spend?

It doesn’t matter which size of Jo Malone candle you choose, you are buying a luxury priced candle. That means that you might be surprised at the size of candle you are getting for the price. Most likely, it will be smaller than you imagined.

Since you’re on this page, however, you’re probably already aware that these candles are high end. In that case, I believe the value of each size is important to be aware of.

As you move up in size, you actually get a better price for the amount of candle you receive. However, as you add more wicks, the burn time also goes down.

I put together this little chart to illustrate these points more easily.

SizePriceCost per ozCost per hour burn time
Mini – 1.24oz$22$17.74$2.20
Travel – 2.1oz$36$17.14$2.00
Home – 7oz$67$9.57$1.49
Deluxe – 21oz$200$9.52$2.22
Luxury – 88oz$495$5.62$2.15

Which Jo Malone Candle Smells Best?

Just as with our Diptyque candle ranking we also did recently, scent preference is highly subjective.

However, it does help to know what are the more popular scents, as those are usually the most universally pleasing. If you’re looking to impress guests, these are the scents that are most likely to do so, rather than one of the more niche scents.

For our ranking, we try to pick popular scents but also throw in some of our personal favorites. We hope this makes for a good mix to point you in the right direction.

Here are our current 10 favorite Jo Malone candles, ranked:

I linked the 7oz, home sized candles in this list, but you can find the larger versions like the luxury size on the official website here.


jo malone london red roses candle Ranking The Jo Malone Candle Scents

Coming in at number 10 is Red Roses. While some may be turned off by just how accurate this fragrance is to fresh red rose petals, others will love it. We fall in the latter category.

A powerful, true-to-scent candle. Highly feminine.

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pine eucalyptus scented candle Ranking The Jo Malone Candle Scents

Pine & Eucalyptus is included on our favorite candles for Christmas list.

It’s a classic scent blended with eucalyptus to create a soothing, warm fragrance.

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wood sage sea salt home candle Ranking The Jo Malone Candle Scents

Jo Malone has a cologne of this fragrance as well. This doesn’t quite smell the same however.

It’s most definitely a more masculine scent that has a woody, earthy feel.

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green tomato leaf Ranking The Jo Malone Candle Scents

This candle is for those that want something that is not your typical scent while still being beautiful.

It’s fresh and earthy, and perfect for spring and summer. Love it.

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jo malone london english pear freesia candle Ranking The Jo Malone Candle Scents

Floral and fruity. You really notice the pear in this scent without being too fruity. This candle obviously made my top pear scented candles list.

I’m a big fan of pear scents, so this one gets two thumbs up from me.

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jo malone london orange blossom candle Ranking The Jo Malone Candle Scents

The candle that will have you thinking you just stepped into an orange grove.

This candle captures that scent perfectly.

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jo malone london pomegranate noir home candle 200g Ranking The Jo Malone Candle Scents

Pomegranate Noir is a warm, spicy fragrance that I love burning in the winter.

The frankincense comes through quite a bit which and I’d say it falls more on the masculine side of the spectrum, but it’s so good that everyone can enjoy it.

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nectarine blossom honey home candle 7 oz Ranking The Jo Malone Candle Scents

Nectarine Blossom & Honey is a candle that proves to be a perfect combination for those that want something floral and airy but with sweet and citrusy notes as well.

This one is a favorite for a reason. It smells so good!

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jo malone london peony blush suede candle Ranking The Jo Malone Candle Scents

This one is for the true floral fragrance lovers. It’s light and powdery and a true floral delight.

There’s surely less of a sweetness to this one then the nectarine blossom candle.

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jo malone london lime basil mandarin candle Ranking The Jo Malone Candle Scents

This candle is like nothing that I’ve smelled since. It’s one of Jo Malone’s signature fragrances for good reason.

A sharply fresh scent with a herbal twist, which comes together and forms an absolute treat of a candle.

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Jo Malone has some of the greatest scents that we’ve smelled but there is no doubt that they are pricey.

These are the 10 scents that we currently enjoy the most. Hopefully this makes it a little easier for you to decide on one of their candles.

If you enjoyed this post, let us know in the comments below! Also, share it out on social media and be sure to subscribe below. We send out coupon codes and notifications when we create a new post on the blog.


  1. My fav from Jo Malone is Mimosa& Cardamon, burning it as I type this, dreamy ☺️😍. Haven’t tried any of the intense ones, can’t wait to.

    1. It was hard to make this into a top 10 list as all of their scents are sooo good 🙂

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