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Diptyque Winter Candle Collection 2020 – Marvelous Beasts

diptyque winter candle collection 2020

It’s that time of year again. Holiday candle collections are here! It seems to come around quicker every year.

They are a few brands that I make sure to keep an eye out for. While some bring out the exact same candles season after season, some change things up annually. Diptyque is one of those brands.

Not only does Diptyque create a limited collection of unique new fragrances for the holidays, but they also put a lot of effort into making these candles look unique and festive. Perfect for gifting at the holidays.

The Marvelous Beasts Winter Collection 2020

The visuals of the candles in this collection were created by Parisian artist Ugo Gattoni. He is known for his often otherworldly and dreamlike works which are themes found in this candle collection.

Aside from being visually stunning, these candles also come in 3 unique scents based around their themes. Below are the candles in the 2020 collection.

The Candles

Floral Majesty

Roses, spices, cinnamon.

The first candle in the collection is ‘Floral Majesty’. The floral scent of the collection is balanced by spicy notes to create a warm, regal fragrance.

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Moonlit Fir

Pine, Eucalyptus, Peppermint.

A classic Christmas scent with some crisp notes that would fit in well anywhere during the holidays.

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Amber Feather

Orange, ginger, amber, cinnamon.

And last but not least is ‘Amber Feather’. Another scent that is nice on the cozy days indoors.

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3 Candle Set

You can also get the set of all 3 candles in one.

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Other Items From The 2020 Winter Collection

The Diptyque Advent Calendar 2020

One other thing that is from this collection which makes an awesome gift idea is the advent calendar.

This twist on typical advent calendars contains one of the full sized winter collection candles above, along with various other surprises to be discovered as you count down the days of December.

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Moonlit Fir Room Spray

You can also get the ‘Moonlit Fir’ fragrance in a room spray instead.

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Moonlit Fir Scented Star

Looking for a decoration that also doubles as a fragrance thrower? The scented star is imbued with the Moonlit Fir perfume and is yet another option for those looking for something different.

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Video Overview Of The Diptyque 2020 Winter Collection

Below is a video from Youtuber ‘Amaya Lynxx‘ who does a nice rundown of the entire 2020 collection along with some video from the Diptyque in store display in London.


The 2020 collection looks beautiful as always, but we would expect nothing less from the minds at Diptyque Paris.

Have you tried any of the new candles from the collection? What did you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

We also did a ranking for our favorite Diptyque candle scents a little while back. Head over and check that out if you haven’t yet.

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