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Our Opinion on the Overose Valkiria Candle

March 7, 2021
overose valkiria candle review

The chicest of chic candles, this Overose candle is matte, millennial pink perfection. Stunning on a white marble vanity or next to a bouquet of creamy roses on a wooden shelf, these are super instagrammable candles.

And French. Naturally.

While the name Valkiria conjures images of valkyrie, Norse maidens sporting metallic breastplates and swords — think the Brunhilde type operatic figure — the Valkiria candle is soft and feminine. This juxtaposition plays out in the fragrance too.

It’s sunset in the Mediterranean. The soft peach and pink tones of the sky melt into the green of the fig groves at the horizon. It’s warm, humid, and the breeze is soft and fragrant. Your lover laughs, and, as you turn your head to catch the sound on your lips, for a moment, the world is still and time ceases to exist. Everything is all golden light, sweet kisses, and woody afterglow.

The very essence of summer.

overose valkiria candle review 2

Candle Junkies Overose Valkiria Candle Thoughts:

The notes: fig leaves, vineyard peaches, coconut milk, cedar wood bark.

The packaging: Pink vessel. Minimalist label. And a funky, white curvy box.

The details: Pink candle wax dyed to match vessel. Braided cotton wick in a rapeseed blend botanical wax. Burn time of approximately 60 hours. Cruelty free. Vegan. Crafted with essential oils.

Size: 8.4 oz/ 240 g

The cost: $58

Check the current price online

overose valkiria candle review 3 Our Opinion on the Overose Valkiria Candle
overose valkiria candle review 6 Our Opinion on the Overose Valkiria Candle

Founded in the 2016, Overose is a relatively new French perfumer. With an eye to sustainability, they produce candles and fragrances with ethical sourcing in mind, especially with their use of organic and natural essential oils.

They are located in the 9th Arrondissement (IXe arrondissement), which is home to Paris’ grandes magasins (large, department stores) and some of the most iconic architecture of the city. It’s busy and buzzy, both urban and traditional, and these are reflected in the Overose brand.

From the brand: Coco milk has been added to infuse the fragrance of peaches and fig leaves “with a. Creaminess like the milky sap of freshly harvested ripe figs. To finish, cedar wood has been used to delight with a slightly woody aroma.”

You can expect a luxurious experience with this candle. Both cold and hot, the throw of this scent is incredible. However, others who have posted an overose valkiria candle review either love it or hate it. Cloyingly sweet and milky or kind of plastic-y are some of the less than favorable reviews. Many others, however, love the fresh, summery scent.

overose valkiria candle review 4 Our Opinion on the Overose Valkiria Candle

The Overose candles are undeniably chic candles.

If colored candle wax isn’t for you, they also have their fragrances in some beautiful looking holographic vessels as seen below without the colored wax, however, Valkiria is not currently available from the official website in this style.

You may still be able to find it from other retailers online.

overose valkiria candle review 9 Our Opinion on the Overose Valkiria Candle

If chic pink candles give you a thrill and sweet candles are your jam, then you might enjoy this luxury buy.

Let us know if you tried it after reading our Overose Valkiria candle review in the comments below.

Overose: Valkiria Candle

If you’re looking for a candle that brings chic to another level and smells excellent while doing it the Valkiria candle by Overose should be high up on your list. It’s magnificent.

– Candle Junkies

overose valkiria candle review 2
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Scent Throw
Fragrance Notes


While I may not recommend this candle if it is your first step into the luxury candle world, it is truly excellent and sets itself apart from other brands at this price point with it’s unmatched visual appeal and gorgeous feminine forward scent.


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