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Good Quality White Ceramic Taper Candle Holders You Can Buy Online

It can be hard to find good quality taper candle holders whether it be in department stores or online. It’s even harder to find candle holders that are good quality AND fit the style that you’re after. Hopefully we can help out by gathering some of the best available to buy online in a variety of styles that we think you could be after.

The only way we can make good picks that we think will be to your liking is by making this post extremely specific. Hence, why we chose to go with white ceramic taper candle holders for this post.

The Most Important Things To Watch Out For When Buying Taper Candle Holders Online

Buying candles and candle holders online is super convenient. You have a endless selection to pick from in an instant. If you went to a store to do this, you’d basically be stuck with whatever a store has in stock and you’ll most likely be doing lots of running around.

But there are a couple things that are very important to watch out for when you are buying these candles holders online. Make sure to read these points below as you don’t want to be buying additional pieces or returning what you’ve already bought.

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1. The diameter of the taper candle

So if you already have the taper candles that you plan to use, find out what diameter they are by looking on the package. If you don’t have the package for some reason you can measure them with whatever you have around the house (tape measure, ruler, etc.)

If you don’t have any taper candles or candlesticks for you candle holders yet, it’s a good idea to just buy some dripless taper candles online that have good reviews and are of standard size so that they fit most candle holders.

Standard size is 7/8″ diameter at the base of the candle. You should be fine if your candles are 3/4″ diameter as well but sometimes the 1 inch diameter candles have trouble fitting many candle holders. All of the candle holders listed below should fit 3/4 – 7/8 taper candles properly.

We recommend any of the following dripless taper candles if you don’t already have any. These are all 3/4″ or standard 7/8″ candles.

Tip to remember: Dripless candles are only dripless if they are burnt where there is no draft, at a 90 degree angle, and are spaced out enough that heat from one doesn’t warp a nearby candle.

Wrought Studio Dripless Taper Candles

  • 10″ Tall – 7/8″ base diameter
  • Multiple colors available
  • Up to 6 hour burn
  • Paraffin wax
  • $$
  • Available on Wayfair

Winston Porter Dripless Megacandles

  • 10″ Tall – 7/8″ Base diameter
  • Multiple colors available
  • Up to 10 hour burn
  • Paraffin wax
  • $$$
  • Available on Wayfair

Bolsius Dripless White Taper Candles

  • 10″ Tall – 3/4″ Base diameter
  • Available in white
  • Up to 7.5 hour burn
  • Paraffin wax
  • $
  • Available on Amazon

Hyoola Dripless Tall White Taper Candles

  • 12″ Tall – 3/4″ Base diameter
  • Available in white
  • Up to 10 hour burn
  • Paraffin wax
  • $$
  • Available on Amazon

Bluecorn 100% Beeswax Dripless Taper Candles

  • 12″ Tall – 7/8″ Base diameter
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Up to 12 hour burn
  • Beeswax
  • $$$$$
  • Available on Amazon

Karma Delights Dripless Beeswax Taper Candles

  • 9″ Tall – 3/4″ Base diameter
  • Comes in 7 pair, multi-colored set
  • Up to 4 hour burn
  • Beeswax
  • $$$$
  • Available on Amazon

2. Buying from a reputable source and reading customer reviews

Since we are ordering white ceramic taper candle holders, we need to be sure that whoever is doing the shipping of our products is taking the proper steps to ensure that our more-than-likely fragile pieces don’t get delivered to us shattered. Sometimes accidents happen, but we at least want to know that who we are buying from will take returns in case something goes wrong. This is why it’s best to order something from a North American retailer rather than overseas, in case of a return, it just makes things so much easier.

As for the customer reviews, we made sure to read through any available reviews, find what people had to say, and pick only the best candle holders for our list below. It still might be a good idea to double check for yourself, just in case anything has changed.

Our White Ceramic Taper Candle Holder Picks

1. Kate Spade – Oak Street Candlesticks

While these candle holders aren’t pure white which is probably what you are looking for, the gold accents might be a nice touch to what you are decorating.

Buy Online At Nordstrom

2. Bay Isle Home – Margarita Leaf Ceramic Candlestick

These ceramic candle holders have a palm leaf plant design and are designed to hold standard tapers, votives, ball candles, and up to 3″ pillar candles.

Buy Online at Wayfair

3. Highland Dunes – White Ceramic Taper Candle Holder

A more classical style ceramic candle holder. This one supports tapers, tealights, ball candles, and up to 4″ pillar candles

Buy Online At Wayfair

4. Loon Peak – Deer Ceramic Candlestick

The embossed deer design on this holder makes it great for holiday decor as well. It is compatible with standard taper candles.

Buy Online At Wayfair

5. Portmeirion – Sophie Conran – White Candlestick

This pure white candlestick from Sophie Conran has great reviews praising it’s build quality. It holds standard taper candles.

Buy Online At Amazon

6. MacKenzie Childs – Sweetbriar White Candlestick

Embossed checks, stripes, and florals adorn this beautiful white ceramice candle holder from MacKenzie Childs. It will fit your standard taper candles.

Buy Online At MacKenzie Childs

7. LampLust – Vintage White Glass Candle Holder Set

These candle holders are made from glass rather than ceramics, however, if it is just the look you are after, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. Fits 3/4″ taper candles.

Buy Online At Amazon

8. LampLust – Angel Candle Holders

These are pretty much like the last ones on the list but with an angel wing design instead. Same fit for the taper candles.

Buy Online At Amazon

9. FABAX – Modern White Ceramic Taper Candle Holders

These modern looking candle holders come in 4 different styles. Great for a trendy new look with your tapers.

Buy Online At Amazon

10. WillGail – White Metal Candlesticks

These ones are not ceramic but I thought they might be the look that some people are going for. They are a smooth white but are instead made of metal.

Buy Online At Amazon

11. LampLust – Geometric Modern Candle Holders

Again, not with a pure white choice here. These modern looking geometric taper holders are an off-white with gold trim.

Buy Online At Amazon

12. Li’Shay – Elegant White Ceramic Candle Holders

Simple, traditional, and elegant white candle holders. These come in two different sizes and will be compatible with your standard taper candles.

Buy Online At Amazon

We hope you found a candle holder that fits the decor style you are after. If not, be sure to check back here often as we will be updating this with the best ones we can find as they come up.

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