The Most Realistic Flameless Candles You Can Buy Guide

These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I’ve Found

After I spent countless days researching and trying different LED candles I can finally say that I am ready to write this post and confidently make a recommendation as to what the most realistic flameless candles are.

I love the soft glow and ambiance that comes from candles. However, I must confess that the idea of having an open flame in various rooms of your home at the same time can be concerning, especially if there are multiple candles burning simultaneously.

That’s why decorating your home with some flameless candles instead, is an excellent alternative. It can provide you with that cozy atmosphere without the worry of any potential danger. But if you’ve ever seen any amount of these battery operated candles in person, you’ll know that there are some that just look awful.

Also, if you have searched on Google for something like ‘best LED candles’ or something similar you have likely encountered one of the many articles which recommend some pretty questionable choices (in my opinion).

That’s why I decided to go on a hunt for the most realistic flameless candles and do my own list. I’ve included an option for those who want the absolute best and don’t mind spending more money for them, as well as a more budget conscious option for those that want to use flameless candles but don’t want to shell out the big bucks for them.

I’ve also included some alternative styles at both price points to show you just how varied and stylish flameless candles can look in your home.

Our Top Picks – The Most Realistic Flameless Candles

The Premium Choice – Luminara Candles

best flameless candles
best led candles guide
You can even find unique holiday styles like the candy cane candles pictured above

In my opinion, the most realistic looking flameless candles are the ones from Luminara. They come with a hefty price tag, but if you are looking for the absolute best looking and best quality LED candles that I’ve seen, than these are the ones for you.


  • Extremely realistic looking flame when in a dimly lit setting
  • Flame is able to rotate 360 degrees for a realistic flicker
  • Lots of variety in candle styles and sizes
  • Multiple colors available
  • Build quality and comfort in knowing you won’t end up with a junk candle
  • Scented and non scented varieties
  • Real wax exterior
  • Timer with remote that works up to 5 meters


  • The plastic ‘2d’ flame doesn’t look great in broad daylight
  • Pricier candles than those found on Amazon
  • Remote should come with more options

Other Styles Available From Luminara Including Holiday Candles

Halloween Skull Candle Set

luminara candles wax halloween skulls candle junkies 2 These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found

Dry Brushed Pumpkin Pillar Candle Set

luminara candles wax halloween dry brushed pumpkin candle junkies 2 1 These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found

Birch LED Candle Set

luminara flameless candles birch 1 These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found

Round Red Embossed Pearl Set

luminara flameless candles embossed red pearl 1 These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found

Wax-Dipper Taper Candle Set

luminara flameless candles taper candle set 1 These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found

Wax Christmas Tree Poinsettia Candle

luminara candles wax poinsettia tree candle junkies.jfif These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found

Atlantis Lantern With Candle

luminara flameless candles with lantern 1 These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found

Oxford Gold Metal Lantern With Candle

luminara flameless candles with gold lantern 1 These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found
luminara flameless candles with metal lantern 1 These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found

Glass Hurricane Candle Holder With Candle

luminara flameless candles with glass hurricane 1 These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found

Tradition Scalloped Pillar Candle

luminara flameless candles 3 candle set 2 These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found

This is the traditional ‘scalloped’ style pillar candle with the sunken in flame. It’s a great all-round option for the home, especially when grouped with other candles of varying heights.

The various sizes can be bought as a 3 candle set online here.

Sizes Available: 4 Inch Candle | 5 Inch Candle | 6 Inch Candle | 7 Inch Candle | 8 Inch Candle

Heavy Wax Drip style

heavy wax drip realistic led candles

This style was mentioned above as well. A good option if you are going for the classic long-burned wax look. Features the sunken in flame and looks great day and night because of it.

Flameless Candles For Outdoor Displays

luminara outdoor flameless candles set 1 These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found

Luminara also sells a set of 4 of their outdoor style flameless candles. It includes a 4″, 5″, 7″, and 9″ candle so you can style them on a patio or porch without having to be each individually.

The Budget Choice (Which Still Look Incredible) – Eywamage LED Candles

best realistic cheap flameless candles

I couldn’t leave you with just one option that was expensive. The Luminara candles are excellent, but if they are out of your budget, then these candles from Eywamage on Amazon are great alternative.

Nearly just as splendid and appealing as the Luminara ones, these candles offer a realistic glow that’s easy on the pocket without compromising on the allure.

You might notice the Eywamage candles gaining popularity, and rightfully so, thanks to their handy features and incredibly realistic look.


  • Impressive realism with warm white glow
  • Offers multiple timer options
  • Real wax exterior
  • Comes with a handy remote control


  • Styles and sizes are not as varied as Luminara
  • The flame might appear less attractive in broad daylight than the Luminara candles

Overall, these candles have an A tier aesthetic to them and it’s surprising how cheap they are. If the flat top pillar style isn’t your thing, they also have scalloped top candles as well as options for birch bark exterior, plus a few other colors such as red which is great during the holidays.

The timer options with the remote are also pretty handy on these.

These candles might be a budget pick, but they certainly don’t compromise on value, offering an excellent, cost-effective solution for those wanting the beauty and realism of flameless candles without the steep price tag.

Husband thought they were real

Kindle Customer on Amazon

Other Cheap Styles That Look Great From Eywamage

Tinted Glass Pillar LED Candles

tinted glass led candles

I just love the look of this style. These replicate the style of traditional pillar candles placed in glass hurricanes which is a very popular style in interior design these days.

The tinted glass also adds some additional masking to make the faux flame look even more realistic as well.

What Should I Look For In Flameless Candles?

Before purchasing any fake LED candle, there are some decisions you will have to make because these candles vary wildly in their features, size, and look.

1. The Candle Size

First, you really need to decide where you are going to be using the candle because certain sizes don’t work well in certain situations. 

For example, if you are planning to place your candle inside a hurricane or some other type of holder, some sizes just won’t fit properly and it won’t look right.  For a more visual example of what I mean, watch this video below by Youtuber ‘Candledancer’ in which she compares how different sized candles look in different holders.

2. Flame and Wax Style

I will try my best to explain the different styles here. If it is confusing, I’m sorry! You can skip to the next point if it does get a little hard to follow.

Another big decision presentation-wise is going to be what style of flame you prefer and also what style top you think looks best. What I mean by the top is that there are a few different styles representing the look of a pillar candle burning at different stages. This will play a big factor in determining what looks the most real to your eyes.

Below are the different stages of burn that you will typically find.

There are flat top flameless candles which show off that freshly lit pillar candle look. This style will pretty much always feature some style of flame on top rather than just having an LED light placed inside which the ‘inset’ styles have.

luminara flat top These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found

Next there is the ‘tunneling wax‘ scalloped style, which looks like the candle has been burning for a while. This is probably the most common style that you will see.. Usually, these still have a flickering flame because the place where the wick would be is still showing.

luminara melted pillar These Are The Most Realistic Flameless Candles I've Found

There is also a heavy wax drip style like the ones pictured below. This style is great for decorating with an old-timey rustic look or that classical look of aged candles which have long been burning.

These ones do have the typical Luminara flame which looks very impressive in the dark. While typically these flames are perfect in the daytime, the heavy wax drip style has their flame sunken in a bit and it actually looks quite impressive in the daytime as well.

For you Amazon Prime members out there, I did see these for sale on Amazon as well, but they appear to currently be unavailable and I’ve only seen them for purchase online from QVC.

heavy drip led candle set
This style comes in 5, 7, and 9 inch varieties

This next style often times will just have an LED inside the candle and will just look like a pillar candle has tunneled straight down.

These are probably the kind that I would say look the most real in the day time when the candles are not on, especially if you get one that has the fake burnt wick inside. However, when it is dark and you can see the artificial flame flicker on one of the good candles from the styles above, it looks much more realistic than these do.

burnt wick led candles

When it comes to the different flickering flames styles, I find the 360 degree flickering style will be the most realistic looking candles if you will be viewing them from many different angles and in low light situations.

Many of the flames have a flat plastic flame that doesn’t rotate which will look perfectly fine if placed up near a window or on a mantel where you will only be viewing them at one angle but if they are in the center of a table, some angles won’t look quite as good.

Some of the better brands remedy this by allowing the flame to rotate 360 degrees at random with a magnetic field beneath where the flame is.

Nearly all of these flickering flames don’t look too great in broad daylight in my opinion. You can decide if that will be an important factor for you but I feel like it is just something to be aware of before buying.

realistic cheap led candle set

3. Candle Prices

Price will be another major deciding factor when it comes to these candles. There are so many cheaply made LED candles popping up everywhere online that are usually pretty crap quality.

Some of the more expensive ‘big name’ brands such as Luminara or others from Pottery Barn will be your safe bet when it comes to quality.

There are some good quality candles at a fraction of the price, but you’re rolling the dice if you just buy any random one. I will recommend my favorite cheaper option below as well.

Some other factors you may want to consider when buying

weather proof outdoor led candles

I won’t go into detail on these factors in this post. They may be important to you however, so look them over just in case.

  • Weather proofing or weather proof LED candles if your plan is to use them outside
  • Scented or non scented
  • Remote control features and timers
  • Battery type
  • Real wax coating or not
  • Colors
  • Dimmer settings

So there you have it! My picks for the most realistic looking flameless candles you can buy online. Both options are great, it all depends on how much money you have to spend.

As always, if you found this post helpful, please share it around. It helps us tremendously and we really do appreciate it <3

Have a great day!

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  1. Some of these candles look so realistic!!! I’m totally going to order some of these! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Right?! They some of them are really well done nowadays. It’s nice not having to worry about an open flame all of the time!

  2. I’m searching for flameless pillar candles to purchase for use with candle stands that have the pin or tack dead center to affix a regular candle to and am having no luck at all! I don’t want to modify the stand by trying to remove the pin. Do you know of any brand of flameless candles that are not completely flat on the bottom? I think I’ve seen one like it at one time but can’t find now – help!!

  3. One of the topmost important features to me is long battery life. I prefer to get at least 1000 hours of light for each battery change, as most of these candles will give you 150 hours or less, and you’ll constantly be changing batteries. :/ Luminara does have several 1000 hour ones, and Candle Impressions (burnt wick style & on Amazon) does as well, for about half the price, though the flicker for CI is a little intense, but otherwise, has a believable flicker.

    Another important factor is the ability to turn on and set the timer without a remote. When you get too many sets, I’ve heard others says the remotes get confusing and hard to use, and as one can also set off others, LOL! If you plan to have more than one set, manual operation is best.

    I’d love to try out Luninara! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sarah, I agree! your comments are spot on! I look for longest battery life and most authentic looking, remote or timer is great too. I’ve had some since 2017 and they’ve gotten too dim and need replacement. They use “D” size batteries, which I use rechargeable. I WISH candle ads would let you sort by what type of battery they use, because I’d prefer not to have to replace my rechargeables as well.

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