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NEST Fragrances Holiday Collection: Hearth, Birchwood Pine, and Holiday Candles

nest holiday collection

What better way to kick off the holiday season than a candle review? Okay, so some might think it is a little early to bust out the winter candles.. but I wholeheartedly DISAGREE!

Some of the best fragrances I have found come around this time of year. And maybe that’s because I have an unfair love for the fragrances associated with winter because of nostalgia, but I like to believe that it is just because some of these fragrances just happen to be truly amazing.

Which brings us to today’s post.

For review today we will actually be reviewing three candles from NEST Fragrances’s holiday collection; ‘Hearth’, ‘Birchwood Pine’, and ‘Holiday’. Hearth is the newest arrival to join the company’s holiday collection while the other two have been past favorites.

Below is an overview of each candle, along with our thoughts on each, and finally our favorite from the three candles.

Product Overview:
Wax Type: A soy wax blend
Hearth – Rich oud wood combined with frankincense and hints of smoky embers
Holiday – Blend of mandarin orange, pine, pomegranate, with cloves & cinnamon, and a hint of vanilla & amber
Birchwood Pine – Blend of fir balsam, white pine, and Birchwood over a base of rich musk and amber
Available In Three Sizes: 2 oz votive candle, 8.1 oz classic candle, and a 3-wick 21.2 oz candle
Price: $$$
Burn Time: Approximately 20 / 60 / 150 hours respectively
Wick: Not stated

nest hearth candle

NEST Fragrances, Hearth: Review Rundown

Is it Scent-sational?

Like most woodsy scented candles Hearth is a truly great unisex candle. The guys may even like this one more than the ladies. Upon cold sniff the candle gave off a fairly strong scent that almost reminded me of a cologne. After lighting this thing up the scent toned down slightly as most candles do and it really brought out the frankincense with a hint of smokiness on the tail end. Overall, a pleasing scent that will fit in nicely for winter to give that cozy fire feel.

Fragrance Intensity:

The one thing that I really love about NEST candles is that they are highly fragrant but not too over the top. The intensity on this candle is medium to high but the scent throw is what really makes it shine.

Scent Throw:

These candles carry scent extremely well throughout the house and this is one of my favorite things about them. Within about a half hour of burning you could smell this candle from the upstairs floor of my house!

Burn Quality and Longevity:

We used the large 3 wick candles for this review which claim to burn for around 150 hours. This is pretty accurate, and we found that all three of these candles completed their respective burns in just under that time frame.

nest holiday candle

NEST Fragrances, Holiday: Review Rundown

Is It Scent-sational?

In my opinion, ‘Holiday’ had the best scent from this collection. While all three of these candles smelled great, I felt that this one fully encompassed the holidays in one candle. I was reminded of Christmas trees, peppermint candy canes, and light warm spices.

Fragrance Intensity:

This candle seemed to have the strongest scent of the three candles which I was happy about because I couldn’t get enough of the smell!

Scent Throw, Burn Quality, and Longevity:

Same as above.

nest birchwood pine candle

NEST Fragrances, Birchwood Pine: Review Rundown

Is It Scent-sational?

You betcha’ this one smelled just like pine, not like most of those fake smelling pine scents out there but a real pine tree. This one really brought the feeling of winter to the home and it is truly enjoyable.

Fragrance Intensity:

This one was not as strong as ‘Holiday’ but stronger than ‘Hearth’. Overall, all these candles gave a good fragrance strength.

Scent Throw, Burn Quality, and Longevity:

Same as above.

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