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Bath and Body Works Candles Reviews

Bath And Body Works Be Mine Candy Hearts Candle Review

bath and body works be mine candy hearts candle review

Bath and Body Works just released their new be mine candy hearts candle and people are wondering how it is.  Is it just a repackaging of another candle? Here’s a review for the brand new candle…

Bath and Body Works “Be Mine” Candy Hearts Review and Info

Fragrance Notes

  • Cotton Candy Sugar
  • Sparkling Raspberries

The candles packaging features candy heart print wrapped around the sides with a white lid that has the word ‘love’ embossed on the top. Overall it looks pretty good. The lid is pretty awesome.

Tina Marie on Youtube reviewed the new Bath and Body Works Candle which is the new Valentines candle for 2020. You can check out the review for the candle is below.

What was the verdict? Well in the review Tina describes the scent as being very similar to Pink Fairy Gumdrop.

My preference is actually this candle versus the pink fairy gumdrop because this a toned down version of pink fairy gumdrop

So it sounds like this candy hearts might just be a repackaging of the candle Pink Fairy Gumdrop. If anything, it might be a little lighter on the scent.

As for the performance of the candle, it is pretty much the same as all the other triple wick candles from Bath and Body Works.

  • Wax pool melts fully and evenly
  • Burns through the wax quite fast
  • Wicks will sometimes mushroom and will need to be trimmed here and there.

Where Can You Buy The ‘Be Mine’ Heart Candy Candle?

At the time of posting this, the candle is brand new and not yet for sale on the Bath and Body Works website. It will probably be listed on there sometime soon however.

You can find the candle in some stores right now but it seems to be relatively rare for now.

For those of us that are impatient (guilty…), you can find people selling the candles on Ebay.

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