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Candles Choosing The Right Candle DIY Informative

Bathroom Decor Ideas and How to Choose The Best Candle For Your Bathroom

best candle for your bathroom

Choosing the best candle for your bathroom sounds like a straightforward decision until you walk the aisles of any home décor store. There is a multitude of sizes, funky shapes, and intriguing scents, all of which will enhance the style and atmosphere of your bathroom. Should you go with the chunky, cider-scented pink candle, or the sculpted floral option? To help narrow down the choices, you need to first figure out the function. Why do you want this candle?

Best Fragrance For Bathroom Candles

  • For obvious reasons, neutralizing unpleasant odors is a goal for candles in the bathroom. Yet it’s critical to adopt the motto “less is more”. Heavy scents can be overpowering, especially in the tight space of bathrooms. There’s no need to trigger a migraine. Keep it light!
  • A clean and refreshing aroma is fitting for bathroom spaces. Mint, ocean breeze, or a tinge of citrus are all suitable. But don’t limit yourself to conventional lemon or orange, try out some kumquat or papaya too! When used properly, scent can be a fantastic and contemporary home fashion accessory.
  • Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to help you unwind. Encircle your bathtub with lavender or vanilla candles. Then slide your body into the warm suds, and you’ll find your senses immersed in relaxation. Popular linen scents are also calming.
  • For masculine decor, sample some sophisticated options now on the market. Leave the musky cologne odors on the shelf, and instead burn candles with overtones of wood or leather. High-end, specialty candles are also available in savory scents, such as dark rum or smoky Chinese tea leaves.

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Shabby Chic Decor For Your Bathroom 

  • If your bathroom has a theme, pick up some coordinating sculpted candles. From shells to fruit to classical figurines, there’s a shape for your taste. Shiny black or marbleized candles, or unique, colorful cups can grant the ultimate finishing touch to a modern space. If your bathroom doesn’t showcase a specific style, a kaleidoscope of vivid candles will boost your color scheme.
  • After you finally pick your favorites, don’t simply drop them next to the toothpaste. A little artistic flair with your arrangement will go a long way! A series of pretty candles with varied heights, which are placed strategically on the vanity or atop a mirrored tray, can add elegance. For a rustic effect, stack a straw basket with a cluster of dainty, shaped candles.

Candles To Add Ambiance To Your Bathroom

ambience candle

For safety’s sake: (candle safety tips)

  • Not to throw a damper on the fire, but it bears mentioning that where there’s a lit candle, caution is called for. Make sure not to place burning candles next to any curtains or flammable items.
  • If your bathroom is frequented by children, a faux candle may be your smartest investment. With no flickering flames to fear, a wide variety of scented faux candles are an alternative kid-friendly option.

With these guidelines in hand, you’re ready to navigate the assortment of fun and attractive candles for sale.  Your humdrum bathroom has waited long enough, now’s the time to hit the stores and add flair (or flare!) with the perfect candle.

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