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Candle Junkies Favorite Ring Candles

With the price of ring candles being slightly higher than your everyday ‘Bed, Bath, and Beyond’ candle, you want to be sure that the one that you choose is worth the money and actually a quality candle.

Maybe you’re looking for a highly fragrant candle, or maybe you want something that looks pleasant while at the same time matches with your home decor. Whatever the case may be, we’ve constructed a little basic guide to point you in the right direction using personal experience along with the consensus from people who have purchased some of each.

This list will be based on a variety of factors which we thought to be important when choosing from these candles. If a certain aspect is more or less important to you than the visual reviews should make it easier for you to decide which brand is better for yourself.

The Candle Junkies 3 Best Ring Candles List

Number 3

jackpot candles ring candle review

Jackpot Candles

Jackpot Candles has been very consistent with making quality candles and providing excellent customer service over the last couple of years that we just had to give them a spot on the list. These colored, soy wax candles are highly fragrant and will form deep melt pools every time you burn them.

The candles have recently had a redesign as well and now include wood wicks and great looking jars and labels. You can see the updated candle below

jackpot candle

For fragrance selection, Jackpot candles currently have 40 different scents ranging from caramel coffee latte to freshly squeezed lemonade. You can find the full list of scents available on their website.

The highest value of ring you can win from these candles is $5000. It may not be as high of a prize as some brands but I don’t think anyone would complain about winning one of these rings either 😉

You can also find Jackpot Candles on Amazon which makes it a little more convenient, especially for those of us that have Amazon Prime to take advantage of the free shipping!

Size:  8 – 16 oz

Wax Type: 100% Premium natural soy wax

Prize Option: Ring ($15 -$5000 value)

Burn Time: 3/5

What is My Ring Worth?: Enter the code found within the foil on the Jackpot Candles appraisal page


Other Products of Note: Bath bombs with rings, tarts, travel sized tin candles

Visit the official website


Number 2

Editors Choice

jewelry candles top review Candle Junkies Favorite Ring Candles

Jewelry Candles

The candles from Jewelry Candles were overall, very impressive. In all aspects, they had high marks from us with the one minor setback being their overall visual appeal in of their candles.

I love that these candles are made with 2 wicks. It helped the candles achieve a full even melt pool in a short amount of time each and every time we lit it.

Custom text candles, quote candles, greeting candles, zodiac candles and more are all options you can choose for making your candles unique gifts as well. They also have the largest selection when it comes to scents you can choose, so there should be something for everyone.

Ring candles are really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to products Jewelry Candles has available too. They also have wax roses, bath bombs, soaps, and tarts with jewelry inside also, so if candles aren’t your thing (I assume they are!) then you can still find something that you might be more interested in instead.

Their products don’t just stop at jewelry surprises either. They have a line of candles and bath bombs which contain cold hard cash rather than jewelry for those that are iffy about the stated jewelry values. Cash prizes range from $2 – $2500! It doesn’t just stop there, though. Just released, is their luxury line of candles that look exceptional and contain actual gold within them. Prices on these will fluctuate according to the market value so as they say.. buy low, sell high! You can find complete details on their cash candles here or check out their luxury gold candles here

jewelry candles ring
One of the rings we found inside our candles from Jewelry Candles.

Size: 18 oz wax

Wax Type: Premium natural soy wax

Prize Option: Ring (with custom sizes), Necklace, Pendant, Bracelet, Earrings ($10 – $7500 value)

Burn Time: 3/5

What is My Ring Worth?: To find the value of whichever piece of jewelry you have received you must go to their website HERE and fill out the appraisal form.

Deals: Savings in bundle packages and various flash sales that happen. Get notified of their often 48-hour sales by signing up on their website.

Other Products of Note: Cash candles, bath bombs with jewelry, wax dipped roses, tarts, various bath products

find online

Number 1

Editors’ Choice

JewelScent best ring candles top 5


The candles from JewelScent are absolute favorites. These are stunning candles.

Their classic line of candles are without a doubt, the nicest looking ring candles out of any brand that we’ve tried. The semi-transparent floral type patterns really give the candles an elegant look and that is highlighted even further with the glow from the candle’s flame in the dark. They also have a variety of other sized candles in their collections ranging from smaller 10-ounce candles to a few large 23 ounce, 3 wick candles.

Aside from being so aesthetically pleasing, these are some of the best burn quality when it comes to ring/jewelry candles. I found that the wax melted evenly and gave a melt pool of almost 1/2 an inch consistently the entire way down. The wick is slightly thinner on these than some of the other candles which seemed to stop it from “mushrooming” so much and causing soot.

These are not only some of the best ring candles that we have tried out, they can stand against some of our favorites from all candles in general. JewelScent has a list of scents that is growing every day, and the scents themselves are mouthwatering (take a peek at their scent list for yourself). A luxurious soy wax blend and very creative fragrances add to an excellent scent throw whether hot or cold.

Like some of the others, you are not limited to just candles and tarts. JewelScent also offers a surprise in soaps, fragrance beads, and body scrubs as well which are nice additions.

The system in place to reveal a rings value is simple and works well. Enter the code found attached to the ring on their appraisal page and you’re done.

Size (wax): 10 oz – 23 oz (plus various other sizes for soaps, beads, etc.)

Wax Type: Natural soy blend

Prize Option: Ring with preference to size ($15 – $7500 value)

Burn Time: 4/5

What is My Ring Worth?: You can enter the code found on your ring on JewelScent’s appraisal page. If you happen to find a golden tag instead, that means that you have a piece worth from $100 – $7500!

Other Products of Note: Bath bombs with rings, wax tarts, fragrance beads with rings, soaps with rings, various bath & body products

find online

Of all the ring candles which we reviewed, these were our top 3. Keep in mind, this list will be updated and may change as we try out more candles and new companies appear.

We highly recommend the candles from JewelScent as a good starting point if you have never purchased a ring candle before. There are of course upsides and downsides to each brand which we will add in a new section of this post in the future and in our individual reviews. Check out our ring candle reviews section for more information on each individual candle that we have reviewed so far. The best ring candles page showcases some of the best individual candles from a variety of brands.

Disagree with our picks? Have any questions? Please leave us your comments below and we will try to help with anything we can!


  1. Please try some of the amazing small vendors like Lagniappe Candle, owned by a 17 year old from Louisiana.

  2. I have tried Jewel scent, bella candles, and prize candle. The Bella candle I got had a tropical scent that bothered my allergies, and while its awesome all the rings are silver, they are also very dainty. I prefer the candles from prize candle, but even the rings they value at $25 quickly tarnish and discolor your skin. The jewel scent candle has the best rings in my opinion, with even the cheaper ones not discoloring my skin.

    1. I don’t like the ones from Prize Candle all that much. The rings look cheap and are in whatever size they decide to send (mostly very small sizes) and the candle didn’t really smell very much a over the house like Fragrant Jewel candles do. I want something I can at least wear.

  3. I am proud to be a jewel scent Rep. I myself tested other companies products before I signed up for jewel scent. I love the candles of course but the body scrub is my personal favorite, the wax tarts are huge, and of course the jewelry is great! Thank you for writing this article.

  4. You have got to try Jewelry In Candles! They are 21oz. and only $24.95. They are 100% soy wax with a cotton wick and smell AMAZING!!!!!!

  5. I see you haven’t tried Fragrant Jewels… burns clean, strong scent not as expensive as another on your list and rings are nice, mine was worth $25

  6. I’ve tried a ton of these jewelry candles, and my far and away favorite has been Southern Gem Candles. The candle itself is in an adorable mason jar, the scent throw is long lasting, and far reaching, and rather than jewelry, there are genuine gemstones hidden in the candle instead. They’re a smidge on the pricier side ($3-4), but shipping is free and they have frequent sales.

    I MUST suggest trying the Beach Linen above all their scents for summer!

  7. You should definitely give jewelry in candles a shot. I’ve tried the ones you’ve listed above including bella candles and haven’t found one that competes with JIC.

  8. This is an interesting read, I’ve not bought a ring candle before but it seems like a nice present option xx #MBPW

    1. You really should try them! They are a lot of fun. Not to mention smell amazing!

  9. I love Jewelry in Candles! I’m a candle junkie myself and these are by far my favorite!! So I had to start selling them of course the feed my own addiction 😉 send me an email for a coupon in you’re interested!

  10. Bella Candles released a new line of “European candles” and a line of soaps that are not guaranteed to have sterling silver jewelry. They are trying to hide this information from their consumers and will only admit it when questioned about it. They are claiming that the new lines are “test products”. Several people are very upset that they ordered these new products and received worthless costume jewelry and the company won’t do anything about it. Please do not encourage people to buy from them.

  11. Please put your products review on Tuesday at my blog for our :Show Off Tuesday! Reviews & Give-Aways”! Monday’s is for music only. All Posts that does not have music is listed so and will not be visited. Sorry.

  12. Have you ever gotten a candle that didn’t have anything in it? I just got one from Bling It Candles and haven’t gotten a response from them yet. I’m not sure what to do.

    1. Personally I’ve never run into this problem before but I have heard of a couple rare occurrences where this has happened. Have they gotten back to you yet? Maybe they can give you a refund or a replacement candle.

  13. Has anyone tried Fragrant Jewels? I am intending to buy my very first ring candle, but there’s so many to choose from! Any advice would help, thanks!

  14. I absolutely love Fragrant Jewels. As more jewelry candles hit the web, the quality and priceses of the rings have gone down, but my first two purchases of Fragrant Jewels I got an Amethyst ring worth over $500 (the stone was flawless..I took it to my jeweler to be appraised, and my second one was a Blue topaz worth over $400…I’m

    1. Did you have to buy a more expensive fragrant Jewel? I found out that the more expensive the purchase is the better luck you have at getting a real ring worth something

  15. You should do a review on the company called sweet smells and trinkets. The woman that makes them hand pours every single item in her home. The scent throw is AMAZING and the options are even better. From candles to tarts to bath items. I personally have only been able to make a few orders but every item I’ve have ordered has had a piece of jewelery over $100.00. Take a look at her page. have fun and enjoy

    1. Thanks for the comment Ashley. Well what we mean by this is that with Jewelscent you will always have a tag attached to the piece of jewelry you find in your candle with a code on it, you can then go on their website and enter the code to reveal what your jewelry is worth. With JIC you will not get a tag with your jewelry unless the piece you find is worth $100 or greater I believe. So it doesn’t give you any less chance of finding an expensive piece of jewelry necessarily, but it is kind of a bummer opening up a prize that has no value given to it often. This is of course just my opinion, others may not find it that important to them. We still do love the candles that JIC makes, and have also heard from people at JIC that they plan on improving this aspect so this could potentially change! 🙂

  16. I just went to Jewel scent and it says that the ring size chosen is not guaranteed. In reading the reviews of just one scented scrub I found two people that had not gotten the correct size. What are you supposed to do with a ring that doesn’t fit?? I am very hesitant to buy from them because the jewelry is the best part and I don’t want to waste my money on one that doesn’t fit. Anyone have experience with this?

  17. I ordered from many companies and JewelScent was by far the best! I won a $40 ring in my first candle and a gorgeous ring valued at $100 from my second and they smell AMAZING.

    1. If you receive a ring that isn’t the correct size you can contact customer service and they will replace the ring for you!

  18. Thank you sooo much for your reviews!! I had been purchasing from prize candle for special occasions. I was giving the rings away. I was even enrolled in their monthly program so I could get a higher value ring! I didn’t know of other companies that you could choose the size ring you want!
    I don’t mind paying for a higher quality ring in the size I wear! So I ordered from Fragrant Jewels, their Black Satin Collection!!
    My first one was for my 50th birthday in March 2016! I had an amazing experience with the beautiful jar and a real sterling silver and Swavorski Jewel!! ????
    So for Mother’s Day I ordered 5 of the Black Satin collection! I sent them to 4 people as gifts!! (Ring value a min. of $45!)
    I also went full swing into their candles and enrolled into their Passport Program for a monthly candle with a ring value minimum of $25.00. (I want a better ring.)
    Then as I was burning them I realized that when I went to blow them out the cloud of black smoke was never ending. And I even start the wick really short! Every time.
    Especially because I have asthma. I know that I’m not going to get away from the smoke of a candle when you blow it out, but this was significant and all black, not gray. I just had my walls painted and was worried about the soot.
    I’ve had to blow out all the candles I’ve gotten from Frangrant Jewels outside on the porch or in the garage.
    When I talked to my mother in law about finding her ring I found out that every time she burns the candle the smoke detector in the house goes off!! ???? I was mortified!
    So I have posted on Frangrant Jewels FB page about the issue. I also advised them when I called to cancel my Passport Program membership. I haven’t gotten any response that they are concerned about the excess soot.
    I am trying to figure out a good way to melt the wax and maybe create tarts.
    It stinks to have to do that especially after paying $59.95 for a candle. ????
    I am on to finding another company. Thank you so much for your impartial feedback and recommendations!!

    1. go to! our candles are $35.00 CAD plus shipping 🙂 You can choose your jewelry, and it will be valued between $10 and $7500 USD-That is almost $10000 Canadian dollars!

    2. Penny,

      I’m sorry to hear about this experience. Just a thought to keep you satisfied…Jewelry in Candles generally sell for $24.95, are made from 100% soy wax (to burn clean), and contain an all cotton wick.

  19. You should also try Kimmys’ Kissables Lip Jewels. It’s lip balm with jewelry hidden inside and the website says you can find jewelry worth up to $200. Though that is not as much as the jewelry candles, the idea is unique. I haven’t seen anyone do lip balm reveal yet. Here’s the website:

  20. Hi, I was wondering if there are any candles that you can choose the type of ring. As in silver , gold or platinum. Do they make these?

    1. Hi Kimberley! I’m not currently aware of any brand that lets you choose the metal beforehand but I do know that Bling It Candles states the metal type on the paper that has the rings value with it

    2. Hi, Kimberly. With Jewelry in Candles’ Pink Flame line, you can choose the type of jewelry you want and the details of the jewelry are explained during the selection process. Hope that helps.

  21. Good afternoon. I love this blog and would like to see two things corrected. With Jewelry in Candles, the buyer has the option of selecting their jewelry type (and size for rings). The available prize annotated on this blog reflects the company only offers rings, which is inaccurate. Nearly every scented product offers the consumer the option of earrings, necklaces, or rings (men’s and women’s). Also, it is free to become a Jewelry in Candles representative. Thanks! Looking forward to more great posts.

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for the comment! I added that you can now join JIC for free but as for the jewelry choice, it currently says that you have a choice between rings, earrings and necklaces. I’m not sure where you were referring to.

  22. I am new at this, so here goes.
    There is another candle company that also puts jewelry in their candles. The name is Charity Candles. Every thing with jewelry in it that I have received has had a retail value of $40 or more., and everything is Sterling silver. No plated costume jewelry. They have an elite line that has retail values of more than $100 in each candle. The fragrances are amazing! You can choose rings, pendants or earrings…and you choose the size on the rings! Check them out! Their website is

  23. I have also tried Charity Candles . I purchase some a Halloween Bundle with a free piece of jewelry, a jar of Scoopable wax and ordered an additional Elite Candle with a value of $100 or more. The three pieces of jewelry I received were worth $110, $160, and $210 (out of the elite candle. Great scents and throw as well as quick shipment. Definitely my favorite!!! A percentage of all their sales goes to the American Cancer Society. They also have a consultant program.

  24. One thing never mentioned is what metal is used. Is it coated or is in real sterling silver so it never changes color? I Don’t want something that I have to take off everytime I wash my hands. So what is the metals used for your beautiful rings?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’ll look into this further and consider making it an additional factor in the list here. I know that with certain companies, they have sterling silver collections which will give you at minimum a ring with sterling silver but I haven’t yet marked which brands do and don’t offer this.

  25. It would be really nice to find a company that doesn’t charge an amr and a leg for shipping to Canada.

    1. We hear you on that one. It’s unfortunate that it costs so much to ship products up here from the US. If you haven’t had a chance yet we recommend that you have a look at some of the Canadian alternatives. Ice ‘N’ Fire candles and Charmed Aroma are a couple popular brands that have cheaper shipping for Canadians!

  26. Hi! As of early 2016, the ring values in Jewelscent products were increased. Beads, soaps, &tarts $15- $7500. Scrubs, body creme, classic & signature candles $20 – $7500. And the Luxe Candles $40-$7500. We also have trios. 3 rings rings in a 3 wick candle. They are fabulous!! Each ring $20- $7500

  27. Give a try — beautiful candles and amazing rings – also you can pick ring size when ordering ✨🤗

    1. Hi, Shelley! Thanks for the comment.

      We actually have tried them and they were great! They were on our top 5 for Canadians list 🙂

  28. Has anyone tried Be-Jewelled Candles? They are a Canadian company (which is where I’d like to buy from because of shipping cost) but they don’t seem to be reviewed here.

  29. I have always wanted to try the jewelry candles, unfortunately after looking into them the sizes they offer are limited and would not fit me at all. Really bummed about it but this article was really helpful. Thank you.

  30. So, I have read the reviews and up until a few months ago I didn’t even know there was a market for jewelry in candles. I have some very good friends who have a start up candle company and I would love for you to review their product. I would like to see them move to a 100% soy with essential oils but I am not sure how important that is the in the candle world? Can anyone comment on that?

  31. I cant believe people are that gulliable buying jewellery candles. They are no different fron the dollar store, costs lessthan $2 to make with a fake 50 cent ring from china. Ive seen so many people go to the jeweller to get another appraisal only to find out its fake or worthless. Real jewellery comes with a certified certificate from the gemlogical institute.

  32. Can I make a few recommendations? First of all, a brand-new company called Candlelight Gems. They have rings and earrings within their products, which goes beyond candles! They also have soaps, body scrubs, bath salts, fizz bars, and shaving frosting! Another recommendation is Flicker Fancy. They don’t offer a huge range of scents, but they do have the option of ring, necklace, or earrings, as well as cotton or wood wick! Lastly, a company based from the UK, Imperial Candles! I ordered one from a seller (they have a rep programme), who sells them on eBay. Again, choose between earrings, necklace, or ring. Imperial Candles remind me so much of Jewel Scent candles. Similar labels with designs on them, basically. Have a nice day!

  33. These candles are insane !!! i do like them and their fragrances make your environment a better place to live in.
    If you do like candles i think you should try them

  34. Number 4 is my favorite <3 packaging is bomb Candle Boxes are very cute. It’s a very detailed blog i must say.

  35. Jewelry candles are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to wear jewelry. Not only are they affordable, but they are also beautifully boxed and gift-ready. This type of gift is perfect for the recipient because the gift is something they’ll wear every day. If you want to gift someone jewelry but you’re not sure what they like to wear, then candle with rings inside are the perfect gift. Never worry about the gift sitting idle in someone’s closet or cluttering up their dresser. Your gift will be appreciated time and time again.

  36. You can find out the value of your rings by going to the candle with jewelry inside on their website. I think you’ll get exactly thing what you think.

  37. Your blog post on the top 4 best ring candles is informative and helpful. The selection and descriptions of these candles provide valuable insights for those interested in finding a unique gift or a personal indulgence. Thank you for sharing your recommendations and expertise in the realm of ring candles.

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