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Goose Creek Candles Review + Brand Overview

goose creek candles review brand overview

Candle companies are typically hard-pressed to set themselves apart from the competition with the immense success of large warehouse stores and national chains, but Goose Creek Candles has made a mark for themselves with candle enthusiasts everywhere.

Family-owned, this company was started by Chuck Meece in Liberty, Kentucky in 1998. Goose Creek uses wicks that are 100% cotton, American made, and lead-free. The candles burn clean and even, and each one is said to contain 3 times the fragrance of competitor’s candles. What really sets Goode Creek apart is their focus on the health and safety of their customers.

Goose Creek candles are even available to customers in Europe thanks to the success of their high-quality products, and the company itself has grown seamlessly along with the demand for their product. This company clearly has the desire and the will to make sure their products are available to all who want them, and care deeply about each customer.

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The designs on these candles are nothing to scoff at either! Some feature photos that perfectly encapsulate the visual idea that the scent gives off, while other candles have modern calligraphy to fit the aesthetic of any space. Whatever your design choice is, Goose Creek will have it!

Goose Creek Candle Varieties Available

Goose Creek candles come in 3 great sizes with something that will suit everyone’s needs. You can purchase these candles in the following sizes (although not every scent is available in all sizes):

  • 7oz single wick candle (approximately 45 hour burn time)
  • 14.5oz three wick candle (approximately 35 hour burn time)
  • 24oz two wick candle (approximately 150 hour burn time)

Of the above sizes, our favorite has to be the three wick candles. While the burn time is lower than the other two sizes, the candles burn evenly every time and also have incredible scent throw.

If you like candles with a slightly lighter scent, that will last a long time, the larger 24oz jar candles are a great option, and great value as well.

Best Goose Creek Candle Scents

5. Blueberry Pancakes Candle

I for one am a super-fan of blueberry pancakes and so this scent was a shoe-in for me. True to scent with incredible throw, this candle will please candle fans that go for these type of scents without a doubt.


4. Carnival Apple Candle

Over 350 5 star reviews of this candle can’t be wrong. Is it just me, or does this one make you hungry?


3. Autumn Romance Candle

The perfect candle for the upcoming 2021 fall season, Autumn Romance features a blend of warm ambers, sandalwoods, and musk fragrances.


2. Poison Cupcake Candle

Another choice that is themed for the upcoming season, Poison Cupcake will fill your chocolate cupcake candle cravings. This scent isn’t available in the 3 wick style of their candles but it is a must try, so I had to include it.


1. Sugared Donut Candle

One of the companies absolute, most popular scents, with a whopping 444 five star reviews, is the Sugared Donut candle. Who could resist a good donut? Er, I mean donut-scented candle!


Goose Creek Candle Reviews From The Community

Here are some other reviews from the community that might give you a little more insight into Goose Creek’s candles along with some varying opinions.

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We hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Have you tried any candles from Goose Creek before? Please let us know your thoughts on the brand in the comments below as it helps everyone get a better idea on if the brand is for them or not!

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