goose creek candles review brand overview


  1. I was wondering if there would be a list or review of Goosecreek. I have been and currently a customer for over a year. I am still on my finding the best throw and scent within their scent library. I do agree with the 3 wick being the best throw but the burn time is lacking terribly. I am a wick trimmer & I still burn through one quickly. I am also doing a run through on their wax melts scents. I love their sales and their customer service is phenomenal. It’s not unheard of to have a candle arrive broken but if you take a picture, send it to customer service they will immediately ship another one to you free as well as a $10 coupon for your next purchase. Also, if they send you an email to review your purchase, you will receive a code for a free room spray. At one time they had a rewards program in which you would earn points on your purchase and be able to use them once your total was as certain amount. They have discontinued the program but I’m hopeful they will bring it back soon. I do recommend Goosecreek but I have to tell the negative as well. I find that the consistency in the throw is lacking. I have repurchased a scent and have it not have any throw. I understand there are factors that make this happen but I didn’t expect such a contrast. Back to your list. I only disagree with the Carnival Apple & The Autumn Romance. Neither to me had much of a throw. Maybe 3/10 but then again it could have been batch specific. I am curious though were the candles listed on this review list the first purchase? I feel first time customer receive higher scented products. Thank you for all the information across the board. It makes it a little easier to decide on a blind purchase.

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