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I Think These Are The Strongest Smelling Bath and Body Works Candles

April 7, 2022
these are the strongest smelling bath and body works candles

When setting the right vibe is important, you need a candle with enough throw to make your whole home smell amazing.

Now, you probably know that Bath and Body Works makes some of the strongest smelling candles around, but have you ever wanted to know exactly, which scents are the strongest?

Well, these are the ones that I think are the strongest with #1 being the most!

11. Eucalyptus Spearmint

strongest smelling bath and body works candles eucalyptus spearmint candle

It may sound like an odd combination of smells, but these two scents actually go together really well. This candle is a great one for cultivating a state of focus and alertness because the clean, invigorating scent will make you feel awake and revitalized.

If you want a good meditation candle, this could be just what you’re looking for.

The penetrating nature of the scent also makes it ideal for when you’re feeling sick because it can really help clear out your airways. Eucalyptus is, after all, a traditional treatment for congestion.

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10. White Gardenia

strongest smelling bath and body works candles white gardenia

Light this one when you want to feel like you’re outside in the sun, no matter what the weather’s like outside. The smell of freshly picked flowers will bring a little joy and brightness to your day.

Refreshing and relaxing, the natural scents of this candle can take you and your guests away to a springtime garden, at least in your minds.

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9. Blueberry Pie

strongest smelling bath and body works candles blueberry pie

The scent of buttery, flaky crust in this candle combines delightfully with the smell of plump, ripe blueberries and notes of sugar in a truly wonderful way.

It is, in short, mouth watering.

This is one of those scents that will really take you back to warm, pleasant memories of the holidays and of home cooking.

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8. Fresh Cut Lilacs

strongest smelling bath and body works candles fresh cut lilacs

The strong smell of lilacs will fill your home with a real sense of spring, no matter what time of year it actually is outside.

This one’s got the kind of throw that can fill a whole house, so you won’t need to burn it very long to get the effect you want.

This is a great candle to keep in the kitchen for when the garbage is a little ripe and you’re surprised by guests. It will get the job done quickly and effectively.

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7. Leaves

strongest smelling bath and body works candles leaves

It doesn’t actually smell like leaves. It does, however, have a lovely, autumny smell that will put you in mind of autumn leaves and everything else there is to love about the season.

This candle has notes of cloves and apples for a smell that’s both sweet and spicy, something that will really give you the warm fuzzies.

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6. Fresh Balsam

strongest smelling bath and body works candles fresh balsam

If winter is more your thing then this is the candle for you. The name is a perfect description of its smell: that of a fresh balsam pine tree, which is one of the most common kinds of Christmas tree.

This candle will fill your home with the outdoor-sy smell of a new Christmas tree, bringing you that holiday vibe and all of the positive feelings that go along with it.

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5. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

strongest smelling bath and body works candles pumpkin pecan waffles

Ooooh, this one has really mouth-watering smell: a mixture of pumpkin spice, maple syrup, pecans, brown sugar, and tasty, tasty waffles. It has one of those scents that can really make a house feel like a home.

Light this one up if you’ve got friends coming over.

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4. Laundry Day

strongest smelling bath and body works candles laundry day

The fresh scent of this candle will, in fact, put you in mind of laundry day, and the feeling of cleanness it gives off is very refreshing.

It has notes of lilac, eucalyptus, and the outdoor air.

This candle’s good for making it seem like you just finished cleaning your house.

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3. Black Cherry Merlot

strongest smelling bath and body works candles black cherry merlot

The sweet, dark scent of this candle will bring a very classy vibe to your personal space.

If you’re holding a dinner party, an intimate get together, or anything else that could use a touch of elegance, this is the candle to go with.

It’s also good for helping you relax when you finally get some down time after a busy day.

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2. Paris Café

strongest smelling bath and body works candles paris cafe

This candle smells like dark roasted coffee, Vanilla Crème, and sweet, rich pastries.

Light it in the morning to help get your day started with positive, happy feelings, or when you just need to relax and recharge.

This is a great candle for coffee lovers.

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1. Mahogany Teakwood Intense

strongest smelling bath and body works candles mahogany teakwood intense

This one, the strongest of all these candles, has a very “cowboy” sort of a smell to it.

It is kind of like a cologne that has elements of teakwood and mahogany.

It’s a very powerful scent, and it will easily mask any other scent in your house.

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One last thing to note is that the strength of the scent can vary a fair bit from batch to batch, or how long the candle has been sitting for.

Also, the company sometimes changes the recipes to their candles for whatever reason, whether that is depending on the availability of ingredients or that they just decide that they want the candle to convey a different scent.


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  • Reply Maria pesce June 9, 2022 at 2:10 pm

    To whom it may concern, I have loved candles for I don’t know how long so much that Opened a candle shop. At the time 1998, I was purchasing Candles from different companies in search of the strongest scented ones. I was lucky to find salt city candles. There votives, not lit would scent a room. Unfortunately they have since closed but I still search for them til this day. When I started buying candles from Bath and Bodyworks There were very few that I found to be highly scented. So every year I ask google the same question. What is Bath and body’s strongest smelling candles. In every year someone create a list. This year I stumbled across you and as a check your list the candle that I have been purchasing for years is only on your list but on any others that I’ve come across in the last 7 years atleast. The candle is called Boardwalk and it is very highly scented. The packaging has changed over the years many many times and seems to be mostly sold during the annual sales. I have given this candle to people they have given it back lol That’s how strong it is. So please purchase this candle and try it for yourself wouldn’t mind hearing your thought.

  • Reply Maria M September 7, 2022 at 4:04 am

    Summer Boardwalk from Bath and Body Works is the second most far throw with Mahogany Teakwood Intense. Not sold regularly at stores , maybe spring because by june its a clearance scent . It has an awesome far reaching throw

    • Reply cathy kale January 1, 2023 at 3:09 pm

      Wow, you must have some very ungrateful friends. Returning a gift?? Just wow!

  • Reply Nan September 15, 2022 at 1:37 am

    I would love to know some of the strongest smelling candles I order from Bath & Body Works but I need something even stronger sometimes thank you very much and I am a candle Junkie just like the rest of you!

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