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14 of the Top Gold Taper Candle Holders

gold taper candle holders

When imagining dignified libraries and magnificent feasts, gold taper candle holders are one of the first features to come to mind.  Their classic shape and alluring material establish a strong foundation for design variations and artistic choices that make this type of candle holder both varied and conventional.  For your next family dinner or living room decoration spree, consider incorporating a gold taper candle holder.

1. Sterling Palacial Candle Holder by Overstock

Go big or go home.  This stunning centerpiece displays a large number of taper candles so you can enjoy your next evening at the dining room table with substantial elegance.  Channel the historical atmosphere of ages past and display your finest taper candles on this elegant gold-colored focal point.  You’ll have no trouble setting a regal mood for the evening as you sit back and enjoy dinner by flickering candlelight.

2. Elegance Taper Medium Candle Holder by Overstock

With tall candle holders like this one, your home will never look better.  It’s smooth, reflective surface provides a display of understated elegance that pairs well with a tall, stark taper candle.  Its subtle ornamentation lifts up the style without appearing outlandish or excessively decorated.  With just the right amount of embellishment, this taper candle holder manages to strike a fair balance between the traditional and the innovative.  When placed on a dining room table, you’ll have no problems hosting both your relatives with expensive taste and your favorite friends from college.  It may not feel easy to craft the perfect dining experience, but items like these are a surefire way to establish a regal, dignified mood.

3. Palm Tree Gold Taper Candle Holder by CB2

palm tree gold taper candle holder

Via CB2

Are you sick of traditional decor but still want to show off your candle collection?  This gold palm tree is perfect for your taper candles with its quirky appearance and reliable structure.  No longer is it necessary to set up a conventional display of candles on a simple stand.  Instead, you can have a little fun and bring in this ornamental candle holder that combines the bizarre with the functional.  No matter where you are in the world, this palm tree candle holder will transport you to the most tropical and exotic locations, even if you’re simply spending a cold winter’s night with a book.  With this candle holder, you’ll show your guests that your sense of style isn’t like all the rest.

4. Gold Boho Decor by ChickadeeNestVintage

gold taper candle holders

Via Etsy

Your taper candles will never look better than when displayed in an unconventional, eye-catching candle holder like this one.  It’s repeating bulbous form and gold-colored finish combine to create a memorable candle holder unlike any other.  Whether you’re going for a bohemian atmosphere or you’d simply like to show off your vintage sense of style, these candle holders are perfect for your taper candle collection.  With this pair of candle holders, you might enjoy crafting a symmetrical display in your home’s entryway so you can make an impression on every guest who visits you.

5. Gold Rose Candle Holder by ClothandPatina

gold taper candle holders

Via Etsy

Do you love gold but don’t want a candle holder that’s excessively shiny?  This alluring candle holder was created with vellum for a weathered finish that combines antique tastes with modern sensibilities.  Forget about tall, sparkling candle holders.  This piece has a unique charm of its own.  Additionally, its floral shape and helpful handle make it perfect for an old wooden table with a crisp, white tablecloth.  Although it’s unlike anything typically seen in the world of gold taper candle holders, it immediately summons on air of sophistication and poise.  When other candle holders aren’t delicate or feminine enough, a piece like this one is here to stay.

6. Oxford Medium Circle Candlestick by Overstock

A collection of gold candle holders will surely set up your home for success.  With a remarkable display of symmetry and beauty, this candle holder will stand up to the test of time and stay alluring for years to come.  Its robust shine and wide base mean the candle holder itself will take center stage when paired with an elegantly lit taper candle.  Likewise, we recommend pairing this candle holder with materials that don’t compete for attention.  Whether you place it on an old oak dresser or a decorated dining room table, it will absolutely stand out and impress your guests.

7. Gold Candle Set by PeonyandPetuniaUSA

gold taper candle holder

Via Etsy

When most people think of candles, they don’t focus on taper candles.  This display is sure to change how people view taper candles and how to show them off in the home.  This large and varied collection of shapes and sizes enforces a strong bohemian vibe, especially when you pepper your home with delicate flickering lights in the evening.  At the same time, this set of candle holders remains cohesive and elegant, with a consistent material running through the design.  All in all, purchasing a large set of candle holders is the perfect way to dive into your candle obsession and display everything you’ve collected thus far.

8. Tapered Candlesticks by ShabbyRoad

golden taper candle holders

Via Etsy

For a pair of candlesticks that’s a little more ornamental, check out this set of nature-inspired candle holders.  Each leaf is elegantly carved with exquisite details that make this pair of candlesticks a true showstopper.  Its curving form and organic lines will complement an unrestricted design sense, as opposed to some of the more rigid, geometric candlesticks listed above.  Like any great work of art, this set deserves to be on display for all to see.  Whether you have an affinity for nature or you simply appreciate fine details, a set like this can be the perfect choice for your home.

9. 5-Candle Metal Candelabra by Viscacha

gold candelabras

Via Amazon

This candle holder is easy to assemble and exciting to look at.  Its curving arms hold up taper candles in an elegant display of style.  As an added bonus, this candelabra is available in multiple materials in case you’re not looking for a gold candle holder after all.  In any case, it’s easy to see why so many designers and interior decor enthusiasts choose a glossy candelabra as the centerpiece for their dining room displays.  Anyone with a penchant for historical fiction will instantly be transported to the 1800s in England or France with an opulent arrangement of light like this one.

10. Atomic Mid Century Candelabra by simplychi

gold candle holders

Via Etsy

Appreciating the finer things in life is easy when you have plenty of taper candles at the ready.  This vintage candle holder from the 1960s provides an effortless display of your favorite taper candles.  Whether you’d like to sit down and read a page-turner next to the flame or you’d prefer to entertain company, this candelabra sure is a unique way to make use of your candle collection.  Its oval form and bullet-shaped candle holders culminate in a piece best bought vintage.  All in all, this candelabra is the perfect introduction to gold-tone taper candle holders.

11. Season Candle Holder by Georg Jensen

gold plated taper candle holders

Via Amara

With its elegant, gently-twisting form and simple bases for each candle, it’s easy to see the skill of this piece’s designers.  Whether you’re going to assemble a sleek and graceful dining table or an opulent, lavish display of antiques, this versatile candle holder will fit in with almost any environment.  It is at once both modern and traditional, so you won’t have a problem displaying it at all times of the year.  In fact, this candle holder is perfect for both the holidays and a summer evening spent on the patio.  No matter how you choose to use this candle holder, it’s sure to be a winner.

12. Pair of Wall Sconces by TandysTrove

gold taper wall candle holder

Via Etsy

One of the best ways to display your tapered candles is through wall sconces.  Not many homes today boast walls lined with candles, but it can be a truly atmospheric way to enjoy your candlelit evenings.  Although it’s important to understand how to stay safe with wall sconces, they will certainly help you establish a stunning home that visitors will remember.  If you want to take a trip to the medieval age through decor, wall sconces are right for you.

13. 8-Piece Cupcake Stand With 3 Candle Holders by Amalfi Decor

Do you want to combine a love for baking with your impeccable interior design sense?  This candelabra does just that, so you can enjoy your next cupcake feast under romantic lighting.  Whether you host regular brunches with friends or you simply like to live well, a taper candle holder like this one certainly takes the cake.  This candelabra is especially fitting for anyone who likes to live in glamour at home and in the kitchen.

14. Cafu Candle Holder by Amara

24K gold plated taper candle holders

Via Amara

Not all gold taper candle holders have to feel like they’d fit in with your grandmother’s decor.  Instead, this one promises to look great among even the trendiest items.  Its smooth form is both simple and decadent, so you can avoid the overly ornate design choices of ages past.  With this candle holder, you can easily set up a space you love that feels fresh and innovative.  If you’re the kind of person who likes to take weekend trips to IKEA and look at minimalist interiors online, then this candle holder is a great choice.

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