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Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

April 24, 2020
best candles for spring list Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Despite it not currently feeling like it, we are in the midst of spring time!

Corona virus unfortunately has many of us locked inside for a good majority of the time, and any means of bringing down the stress from everything happening right now is more than welcome.

The candles that we will be covering today should do just that and help bring the scents of spring indoors.

Fresh scents. Floral scents. Fruity scents. This list has you covered.

Light one of these babies up and reinvigorate your home with some of the best spring candles around.

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boy smells les candle spring Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Blackcurrant, peach blossom, jasmine rice, Asian pear, coconut, cardamom and white cedar.

This is the first time that we’ve mentioned Boy Smells on this blog before! We’ve only recently been trying out their candles and thought it was the perfect time to add one in.

Les is one of the favorites we smelled from the brand and it will surprise you the moment the fragrance hits your nose.

These candles look great to boot and are made from a coconut and beeswax blend.

We’re digging Boy Smells!

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votivo red currant spring candle Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

A fresh scent with notes of citrus, cassis, geranium, earthy green and fruity musk.

Votivo is one of my absolute favorite candle brands. These candles pack a serious fragrance punch, especially for their size. Not only that, they are one of the slowest burning candles that I’ve owned, boosting their value.

If you’ve never tried Votivo, I HIGHLY recommend trying red currant. Even if this wasn’t just a list of the best spring candles I would say try this scent. Since it’s spring, you have gotta try it!

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volcano CANDLE CAPRI BLUE Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Tropical fruits and sugared citrus.

Yea, yea. “You add this candle to every list!” I can hear it already. Haha. Sorry, not sorry.

Spring is the absolute best time to be burning the Volcano scent and so it has to be on here. I know lots of people have tried this one but if you’re someone who hasn’t, now is the best time.

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paddywax lolli pink opal watermint Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Top Notes: Water Mint, Jasmine, Lemon

Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Silver Linden, Rose Petals

Base Notes: White Amber, Orris Root

I hope Paddywax keeps this candle around for a while. It’s SOO GOOD. But I like the others from this collection too. It’s hard to pick just one.

This scent is super fresh but is grounded by the amber notes which make for an overall beautiful mix.

The new Lolli line of candles come in these pastel colored jars with frosted lids that are around 5 inches in height.

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OTHERLAND spring candles daybed Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Rosebud, peony blossom, pear water.

Otherland has 5 candles in their core collection and from these, Daybed is the perfect home fragrance for spring.

It’s fresh, light, but still has great fragrance throw. Floral lovers will dig this one.

And check out that cool packaging, which comes with it’s own little box of matches!

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overose valkiria candle spring2 Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Fig leaves, vineyard peaches, cocomilk, cedarwood

Overose is a new brand with it’s beginnings in 2016. In this little amount of time they have become status pieces that often sell out.

First of all, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I mean look at it this. Or this.

But most importantly, they smell exquisite, with great throw. Valkiria is a sweet scent that still manages to be fresh at the same time.

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malin goetz neroli candle Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Top: bitter orange, mandarin, neroli + grapefruit.

Middle: freesia, hibiscus, jasmine + honeysuckle.

Base: musk + blonde woods.

These candles are vegan and made with a vegetable wax blend. They burn great and have been a favorite around here since we tried out their dark rum candle.

Neroli is such a complex fragrance and this candle does a great job of balancing the fresh, floral, and citrus notes for a delicious combination of scents.

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lafco star magnolia candle Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Magnolia, muguet, jasmine and green bamboo leaves drape over bamboo wood, bois de rose and orange flower.

Lafco candles are elegant and luxurious. They come in hand blown glass jars that work as nice decor pieces afterwards.

Star magnolia has a great fresh scent which many have called their “new favorite Lafco scent”. I tend to agree that this is a scent you’ll be lighting any time you need a fragrance boost in the home.

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nectarine blossom honey home candle 7 oz Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Succulent nectarine, peach and cassis and delicate spring flowers melt into the note of acacia honey.

Oh yes. If anyone is feeling generous, I would love one of these right now. Mmmm!

Nectarine blossom & honey recently just made an entry on our favorite Jo Malone scents ranked list. And while it ultimately didn’t make number one on that list, it is the one that I’m feeling for spring right now.

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dolly bijou candles Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Juicy peach, lily of the valley and (steel) magnolias combined with ginger, cardamom and a hint of tangy grapefruit.

From the first time we reviewed Bijou candles we fell in love. With every new release they come out with gorgeous new candles and they continue to impress.

These tall votives burn for an incredibly long time (around 140 hours!), so you are getting great value out of them as well.

The peach is prominent in this candle with some reviews saying the sweetness is then balanced out by “a hint of floral and grapefruit”.

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Notes of Persimmon, Peach and Red Currant

Voluspa is a long time favorite here at Candle Junkies. We’ve featured them time and time again.

For spring this year we decided to go with their Saijo Persimmon candle. It’s sweet, tangy, and fresh. The perfect scent to elevate the senses.

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Lemon zest tops a fragrance comprised of dewy peach, pink freesia, blue cyclamen, and woodsy magnolia.

If this isn’t spring in a candle, I don’t know what is. Anthropologie carries these candles from Illume that are dead set on nailing the spring fragrances.

Wild honeysuckle is one of the most popular with other reviewers saying they are “obsessed” with this candle and it’s nostalgic spring scent of honeysuckle.

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max benjamin french linen water candle Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Soft floral aroma reminiscent of evenings on the veranda in Provence.

This candle is made with an eco-friendly soy bean wax and scented with a blend of lavender, sweet orange, petit grain, and citrus oils.

Floral and fresh! I think we have a pattern going here.. The fresh scents are so very welcome right now.

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big sur after rain ds durga Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Rain water in eucalyptus groves off Highway 1. Young green shoots, long spears, russet underbrush.

I thought I would change things up a bit for this next entry. D.S. & Durga is a new favorite of mine. They make some truly great, complex, and unique scents with their candles. Take for example the portable fireplace candle that we covered recently.

With Big Sur After Rain you get a fragrance of forest after a spring rain with damp woods and the coastal ocean spray, blended with eucalyptus, for something that is a little different than most scents on this list, while still being energizing.

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true grace orchard candle Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Luxurious apple, peony, lily and musk fragrance notes releasing a fresh and floral ambience in any home.

This candle is for those that love the apple scents. You get the sweetness of that blended with the floral peony and lily for a nice mix of fragrance and a unique twist.

You can find this one on Amara for $37.

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diptyque roses candle Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

For those that want a true to life rose fragrance, you really can’t do better than Diptyques Roses candle. It’s another candle that made it on our recent favorites ranking and deserves it’s place there.

While Diptyque candles are on the pricey side of things and have become not only amazing candles, but fashion items, they are still first and foremost, incredible candles.

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NEST NEW YORK GRAPEFRUIT LIMITED Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Blend of pink pomelo grapefruit and watery green notes with lily of the valley and coriander blossom.

Yea, so this is another candle that I’ve raved about endlessly on the blog already. Spoiler: it made number one on our Nest candle scents ranking list we did. While we could have recommended another great candle from Nest for this list, we want new readers to try out are favorites. To change things up a bit, here is their new limited edition grapefruit candle in a fancy new jar.

I’ve gone on and on about this candle but to sum it up it’s just a clean, citrus, refreshing candle nearing perfection.

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byredo cotton poplin candle 1 Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Notes of calming blue chamomile floats over clean linen and white cedarwood with a sweet musk base.

I’ve decided that this is the candle I want to wake up to. All spring. Every day. Seriously. I don’t know how to wake up to an already burning candle.. but it’s just what I want. This one has that fresh linen fragrance and an alluring clean smell.

Byredo makes clean burning candles in classy black jars. They have great scent throw and nice, even, wax melt pools.

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YANKEE CANDLE SAGE CITRUS Spring Candle Favorites According To Us

Blend of earthy sage, luxurious talc, and lemon-lime creates a natural harmony.

I know that many of the candles on this list have been on the higher end, more bougie, type candles. While these candles are awesome, I want you to know that you don’t have to spend that kind of money to experience a nice fragrance.

Candle snobs may not love Yankee Candle, and I know all the mass production line candle brands aren’t perfect, but I like some of them and they can be a good value as well (Kohls currently has these 22oz candles on sale at 2 for $35). Sage & Citrus is a an awesome candle that is just perfect for spring. You get citrus top notes with a nice earthy base to it.

As a little bonus.. if you’ve ever stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World, you might get some nostalgia of their lobby smell, as I found this one to be quite reminiscent of the scent they used there.

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Beautiful Spring Candle Scents According To Us At Candle Junkies

We hope you enjoyed the list! I’m sure I forgot some candles that I love for this time of year but I’ve spent all day finishing up this post and I’m starting to go crazy staring at the computer screen.

If you could help us out and share this list on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever you use, we’d really appreciate the help!

Hopefully this can brighten up your home and make the times a little easier to deal with. Stay safe!

You can easily pin this to Pinterest by clicking the pin below! 😉

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  • Reply N May 30, 2020 at 9:52 pm

    By coincidence I sprayed on my sample of Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey today and thought it must be great in candle form and now I am reading this. The candle I am currently burning is Jo Malone Green Tomato Leaf and it reminds me of my mother’s tomato garden and lovely galbanum notes in the best possible way. I have burned candles fro all different price points but am not a candle snob. Some of my favorite scents are from Yankee Candle. Sometimes they rerelease Greenhouse which is an awesome green garden fragrance which I would put in the same family as Green Tomato Leaf. Admittedly Yankee Scenterpiece melt cups and wax melts do better for me than their candles. But their Elevations candle line in the three wick medium size performs very well. I am looking forward to when their new autumn fragrances and hopefully I’ll be able to do curbside pickup for them in July when they release them in melt cups and small sizes to try them out. Home fragrance may seem like a trivial unnecessary luxury to some, however fragrance is transportive to me and boosts my spirits and I need as much of that as I can get in these trying times.

  • Reply Chrissy June 22, 2020 at 3:29 am

    I love candles. My hubby gets mad that I collect so many, but I can’t help myself. SO now I am looking into making my own. If you want to make your own, this article, was super helpful. Yankee candles are my fave because I used to work in a store that sold them and I couldn’t get enough. I hope I can try to replicate it when making my own. Thoughts?

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