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Ranking The Candles From Boy Smells

February 12, 2022
best boy smells candle scents ranked

When it comes to being romantic, what better way to set the mood than to add scented candles to the setting. They not only add a touch of light. They also bring out that naughty side that tends to lay low every so often.

February is the month of love, and it’s not just the 14th that’s special but the whole month. For those great years when we’ve been in love, the entire year is an ideal time to play around with different scents like sandalwood, peach nectar, rose, lavender, among many others.

We did a little experiment and set out to identify the best boy smells scents according to our personal opinions along with those of other fans of the brand from Reddit and other places.

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Here’s what we decided on as our current favorites from the brand:

Boy Smells Candle Scents, Ranked!

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#6: Cinderose

best boy smells candle scents ranked

Whenever we hear Cinderose, we automatically think of an awesome intricate merger of tasty spices and floral beauty, brought out into the atmosphere to create a heavenly presence. The combination is black coumarin, rose de Mai, pink pepper, oakmoss, smoked gaiac, cinnamon leaf, hedione, lemon peel, cistus Spain, tuberose, and myrrh. Yes, even the three wise men had taste!

To top it up, in feather-gentle measure, is a tinge of olibanum and geranium. Honestly, nothing gets better than that. The best part is that the balanced blend is suitable for a range of preferences, no matter your taste or that of your partner. Plus, the masculine notes are simply intoxicating, bound to invite you into the romantic realm.

Scent Strength: 4/5

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#5: Les

our favorite boy smells candles

Though simply named, the name is not telling of the amazement this candle offers. If you’re a foodie, you’ll unequivocally relate to this product. We found that it brings out those tantalizing taste buds, creating the perfect atmosphere for a tasty meal in the presence of your loved one. After all, aren’t most of us edgy when hungry?!

Les provides the perfect blend of jasmine rice, cardamom, tonka beans, black currant, cedarwood, bergamot, peony, rose, and peach blossom. Just thinking of these ingredients makes my stomach turn. Guess it’s time for a late dinner.

We found that this candle sets the perfect mood for dinner with a loved one, whetting up one’s appetite.

Scent Strength: 5/5

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#4: Kush

top boy smells scents

Yes! I just said Kush! Guess what? As expected, it’s green in color, almost obviously intoxicating, and a natural breath of fresh air. It is said that cannabis leaf is not only therapeutic but is also purported to assist ailments such as Alzheimer’s. For us, the Kush candle got us into a calm meditative state – perfect for when you have those hard decisions you need to make and have no idea where to begin. For those out there worried about this candle smelling like straight cannabis, fear not, their are some notes that are reminiscent of it but it does not just straight up smell like cannabis.

The Kush candle is among the best boy smells candles. It offers a bouquet of amber, almond, white musk, cannabis leaf, rhubarb, suede, cedarwood, and lemon peel to add that fine twist to it all. And for that floral beauty, a hint of eucalyptus, sage, and tulip combine well to this fineness, bringing out woody beauty and floral scents.

Scent Strength: 3/5

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#3: Hinoki Fantôme

boy smells candle review

Quite an interesting name, we must say; it’s intriguing. Hinoki is somewhat of a Japanese wood that is held in high regard. It has a balsamic, woody scent with overtones of citrus and spices. The boy smells scents ranked it Top 3. This candle has a complex physiological relaxation aspect, making it ideal for meditation.

The Hinoki Fantôme candle offers an intricate mix of spicy and woody scents, combining rare oakmoss and olibanum with fir balsam, Williams pear, cypriol, guiac, and vetiver, among other spices and flowery flavors. The scent is refreshing and awakens my inner senses, wrapping me with an element of warmth.

Scent Strength: 5/5

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#2: Gardner

candle junkies favorite boy smells candles

A perfect combination of cedar textures and floral nectar, the Gardner candle brings us perfect harmony of fresh wildness and citrus beauty. The mixture of orange peel, tomato vine, and white tea with honeysuckle rose, and petitgrain brings a pleasantly invigorating vibe.

Not only does this lovely scented candle remind me of taking a walk in the woods and the freshness that comes with it, but it also brightens the atmosphere. In addition to this, the woody mix of oakmoss, dirt, and white cedar gives an earthly twist to this scent.

Scent Strength: 3/5

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#1: Slow Burn

our number one favorite boy smells candle

The name itself tickles our imagination. It creates the notion of slowly controlling the mood with its slow-burn nature, teasingly releasing its scents bit by bit. This is our top pick and is undoubtedly the best boy smells scent, according to us and also to many candle burners on Reddit. It has received several accolades for its amazing awesomeness.

A tinge of smoked papyrus, amber, tonka bean, and cedarwood awaken the woody side of things while ginger, black pepper, and elemi talk to the foodies. For floral pleasure, raspberry, rose absolute, and labdanum provides a polite garden-like feel. To top it all up, incense and guaiac top it up to augment the blend of scents without any of them overpowering the other.

Scent Strength: 5/5

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