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Joylux Candles Review

joylux scented candles review

The lovely people over at Joylux Candles sent us over a couple candles to test and review. We have two candle scents from the brand which sound great even just from the names! The first is Ebony Coconut & Lime and the other is White Musk & Amber. Can I just say.. how good do these fragrances sound??

Joylux, as the name might imply, is a luxury candle brand that wants to stand out by creating high-quality soy candles in unique fragrances that throw enough scent to fill your entire room quickly. There are currently 4 different scents to choose from which all sound complex and more than desirable.

You can see the other scents available and learn more about Joylux candles on their website by clicking here.

joylux candle review lid jl

Product Overview:

Wax type: Soy wax blend
Size: 16 oz
Price: $$$
Burn Time: 70 hour burn time stated on their website

joylux candles ebony coconut

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

Ebony Coconut & Lime – This scent had me feeling like I was in the tropics with a strong yet not overpowering scent of coconuts. The combination of all the lime and musky notes that also play into this fragrance reminded me a little of those fancy tanning lotions that always smell soooo good. Overall, a great fragrance which is infused with lime and orange essential oils to give a nice citrusy finish.

White Musk & Amber – I found this scent to be a little more masculine, but don’t fear if you are not traditionally into those scents. While masculine, this scent wasn’t an overly heavy woodsy smell but rather a lighter scent with plenty of different notes playing off of each other creating a fragrance that could win over people that are not usually into the more earthy scents. Orange, patchouli, and vetiver essential oils are blended into this fragrance for your aromatherapy needs.

joylux candle review

Fragrance Intensity:

I must say that even just opening the lids on these candles you got a sense that they were going to be quite fragrant. Both had strong distinguishable smells on cold sniff and seem to be heavily fragranced. These candles have a fairly large surface area and are bigger than most other luxury candles. I find that this can make quite a difference in how much candles will throw scent, despite all of the other factors that go in to fragrancing the wax. This is why I’m a fan of those big candles that are often used in open houses. They are expensive but throw so much fragrance.

So with these candles from Joylux, not only do you get a wider surface area than most other luxury brands which seems to help throw scent, you also just have more heavily fragranced wax in general. When we lit these candles up we got a good scent throw that was noticeable very quickly. Definitely a room-filling fragrance after letting burn for a little while.

joylux candle review


Both of these candles came in a solid brass vessel which is rounded off along the sides. The two scents that we received seem to be the same color in a dark blue/grey but on the website, it looks like the other fragrances come in different colored vessels. They are all highly reflective and will look quite great in most homes. The lid is always a nice addition as you can use it to snuff out your candles and keep them covered so your wax doesn’t get covered in unsightly dust. This one also works great as a base for these candles and a way to protect from hot surfaces.

I’ve gotta give some bonus points on these containers as well. When I received the package, I noticed the contents within were moving about a fair bit and was instantly worried that I was going to open up the box and find broken candles. Upon opening and realizing the containers were brass it put my mind at ease and made me think that more brands should consider using materials like this to prevent some of those unwanted broken candle situations. They also came in some nice roped bags which you can reuse when you take the candles out.

Since the container is a sturdy shiny finished brass material it also works great for repurposing with whatever you choose to put within it after.

joylux candles bag packaging

joylux candle review

Burn Quality:

These candles were slow burning but still formed full melt pools quite easily. The two wicks and slightly narrower tops helped in this aspect and we achieved a full melt pool just after 2 hours of being lit. I love that soy candles like this burn so slowly as you really get an extended life out of them and more value.

The candles burned quite well aside from some black smoke for a portion of the burn. This could be due to some of the essential oils settling in certain parts of the candles or something else that didn’t allow to the chemical reaction between the flame and wax to be perfectly balanced. Whatever the case, the smoke lessened after the first couple burns that we had but should still be noted. The wicks were pretty good and just needed a little trim here and there to be maintained.

joylux candle review


These candles come with a luxury price tag but it is quite a bit more reasonable than similar luxury brands. The candles run $52 USD for their 16 oz size. This works out to a per ounce cost of about $3.25. Still pricey, but not nearly as much on a per ounce basis as some of the other popular high-end luxury brands.

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