Pineapple Candles and Pineapple Candle Holders – Trend Alert!

I am putting out a trend alert as we are steadfast approaching spring: pineapples. Smelling great and looking cute – pineapples are not just a summer gig anymore. Golden pineapples have been a décor theme for many years, and show no signs of stopping. Here we are going to take a look at some classic takes along with some new modern ideas of pineapple décor. In addition to the pineapple room décor, we have a few pineapple fragrances from lines like Illume and Jonathan Adler.

Pineapples can lend themselves to a rustic theme or simplistic approach. Pineapple themed room décor makes for a vibrant, quirky accent for any home.

Looking for a good pineapple candle? Look no further.

These products are sure to freshen up any space, and more importantly, not break the bank.

Pineapple Ginger Candle by Archipelago Botanicals

This lush soy candle by Archipelago Botanicals carries with it vivacious notes like yuzu with a soft coconut and pineapple finish. It comes in one size, 5.25 ounces (Around $4.60 per ounce, and is expected to burn for up to 50 hours. This pineapple candle comes in a beautiful, minimalist container with a brass Archipelago accent draped around the top. This candle is a perfect gift if you are looking to treat anyone or more importantly, treat-cha’self! Be transported to your happy, tropical place with the flick of a lighter.

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Metallic Pineapple Candleholder

These are the dining room table accents you never knew you needed. This gold pineapple candleholder is to die for if you are looking for a subtle splash of fun in your space. They are meant to hold long, thin dinner candles, and are sold individually. With a rustic, distressed metallic finish, these accent pieces transition seamlessly throughout the seasons of home décor. Whether it is dinner for two at the homestead of a glamorous dinner party, these accent pieces are sure to shine as bright as the candles they hold.

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Pineapple Tealights

By Sur La Table, these pineapple tealights are sincerely the cutest little candles you ever did see. I mean, seriously, these guys will make you want to throw a pineapple themed party just to justify ordering them. Realistically colored in packs of six, these tea lights are the perfect pineapple table décor. Not to mention the endless possibilities for them! Luaus, baby showers, barbeques, you name it! These are the quirky little decorative details that make a world of difference.

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Pineapple Cilantro Candle by Illume

The perfect candle to bust out as spring approaches. I’ve loved this fragrance for quite a while now but it doesn’t usually come in a pineapple jar like this. Now it does! And I love it.

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Pineapple String Lights

Why stick with boring old Christmas lights when you can bring soft mood lighting to any room or event with a strand of pineapple lights? Battery powered so you do not have to worry about finding any pesky outlets or a higher electricity bill, these string lights are a must-have for anyone looking for a fun new glow in their space. They give the appearance of real glass without the burden of it. Costing around $12.99 for just under five and a half feet, you can cover a headboard, desk, or story wall using just one. The real question is, why stop at one?

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Statement Figurine Candle by SunnyLife

The creators of the flamingo, donut, and watermelon figurine candles proudly present the pineapple figurine candle. Coming in three different sizes – small, large, and extra large – this is a basic staple in pineapple home accessories. Even the smallest option is quite large with a 30-hour burn time of the scents of summertime magic. This candle is a perfect decorative twist for pool parties or campouts, and there’s no losing sight of this mint colored beauty. Prices range from around $13.99 to $35 depending on the size selected.

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Pineapple Candle Sleeve by Bath & Body Works

This enamel and silver sleeve is a fun burst of color for any space at home or the office. If you cannot stand the sight of candle labels, have I got a solution for you. Bath & Bodyworks manufactures this product for any of their three wick candles; however, its measures will suit many different brands should your candle loyalties lie elsewhere. This pineapple house décor will pair perfectly with any of the pineapple fragrances on this list. The glow of the flame will brighten up the sleeve, and give the room a pop of color equal to that of the candle it is paired with.

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Gold and Pink Ceramic Pineapple Candle

Ceramic pineapples are trendy, sleek, and stylish. Here is one from Amazon that has multiple color schemes available to suit your every need!

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Porcelain Pineapple Tealight Holder

Remember those adorable pineapple tealights? As if they could not get any cuter, you could pull a complete Pineapple-ception with this white porcelain pineapple tealight holder by Beidermann & Sons. With a glossy finish and wicker woven body to allow light through, this ceramic holder is a versatile pineapple centerpiece. This tealight holder is well worth the investment for a unique décor piece you can use for any occasion.

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Pineapple Candle by West Elm

The fresh julep scent a mild undertone to set the mood of any space without growing tired of it. And with a burn time as long as this one’s, never getting tired of the fragrance is crucial. West Elm offers free shipping on this item in order to bring this room accessory to those desiring that final décor piece to tie the room together.

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Pineapple Pillar Candleholders

Designed for shorter, wider candles, these pineapple pillar candleholders from Ella James are great conversation starters. Coming in a set of two for around $90, these accent pieces are perfect pineapple gifts for those with eccentric taste. The modern, glossy white finish combined with the traditional, column style bases make these pineapple candleholders both unique are eye-catching. Because of this design, these candleholders are hugely adaptable depending on the space, but more importantly which candle sits atop them.

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Zuo Pineapple Candle Holders

These metal woven pineapple candleholders are my absolute favorite pineapple room accessory going into the New Year. Easy to wash and clean, these pineapple candleholders are a modern take on an old classic. They can house candles of all shapes and sizes and will cast stunning shapes in the shadows when the candles inside are lit. Looking at these, one can envision so many perfect places for them to add to the space.

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Pineapple Embossed Candle by AllModern

Wanna know a secret about me? I am a complete sucker for a quality embossment. This minimalist cube-shaped candle is everything you would expect from All Modern. It is chic, simple, and handmade in the United States entirely from palm oil. Because it is 100% palm oil, this candle is unscented. What it lacks in fragrance, though, it totally makes up for in artistic value. As the candle burns, the center melts away to leave the engraving illuminated. I do not know about you, but that sounds like something I need to see to believe. At $45.99, this pineapple candle will transform into a permanent fixture of pineapple room décor.

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