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Charmed Aroma Review

Charmed Aroma Review

Charmed Aroma is one of the original ring candle companies to be made in Canada and it is easily one of the most well known. We recently featured them in our top 5 jewelry candles Canada post where they came in a close third with some other very strong contenders. If you read that post you may have seen that we said you weren’t able to choose your ring size in their classic style candle which was a bit of a bummer to us. Well, Charmed Aroma got in contact with us and let us know about their new classic candles which now DO allow choice in ring size and offered up a new candle to us for review. The classic candle sent to us is in their new scent ‘Sugar Kisses’ is available for $27.99 CAD.

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Charmed Aroma Review

Charmed Aroma – Sugar Kisses

Product Overview:

Wax Type: Soy wax blend
Size: Approximately 12 ounces
Price: NEW price of $27.99 for the classic 2 wick candles with choice in ring size
Surprise: Ring
Reveal Type: Enter the code attached to your ring on the Charmed Aroma appraisal page
Possible Jewelry Value: Up to $5000
Other Items Available: Bath bombs and body care products
Burn Time: Approx 35 – 40 hours
Charmed Aroma Review

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?
This new scent is described as “a romantic blend of strawberries, peach, cotton candy and warm amber.” I found it to be a lighter fragrance with the fruity notes being well balanced by the softer sugary notes. It’s subtle but won’t go unnoticed when lit and it has an incredibly pleasant aroma.
Charmed Aroma Review
Fragrance Intensity:
On cold sniff, this candle had a medium amount of fragrance throw, nothing too overpowering. After being lit for an hour the scent diffused a bit more and had enough throw to fill a smaller sized room.

Ever since I first seen a candle from Charmed Aroma I’ve been obsessed with their visual appeal. Candles come in jars that are similar to the 3 wick candles you see at Bath and Body Works rather than the typical taller jars that many ring candles come in. The classic version of their candles features a golden lid with ‘Charmed Aroma’ etched into the top. The labels are simple, yet elegant with the logo and scent name on a circular sticker. Inside the jar, you will find a 2 wick candle with a creamy soy wax blend free of colored dyes.

This presentation, while simplistic, I find to be one of the best of all jewelry candle brands.
Charmed Aroma Review

Charmed Aroma Review

Ring Quality:
We loved this specific ring that we got from Charmed Aroma. Emmy is a big fan of rose gold so she is a little bias, but she said this was one of the nicest rings we have found since we have been getting ring candles! This specific ring was valued at $150 as well, so that could be part of the reason it was so well liked.

Charmed Aroma Review

Charmed Aroma Review

While I can’t speak for all the rings available, browsing through various reveals on Instagram and Youtube revealed that on average, the choice in rings is quite good.
Scent Variety:
At the time of writing this review, Charmed Aroma has 8 different scents available in their classic 2 wick candles. While not as many as some brands, there are some excellent scents to be found including the one featured in this review: ‘Sugar Kisses’.

The other 7 scents available are:

  • Clean Linen
  • Strawberries & Cream
  • Vanilla Crepe
  • Hawaiian Breeze
  • Coconut Vanilla
  • Velvet Peach
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom

There are also a few more scents available in the necklace, earring, bracelet, and limited edition candles.
Burn Quality and Longevity:
I have tried a few candles before I received the Sugar Kisses candle but I will admit that it has been a little while since I’ve had a Charmed Aroma candle. The last few candles I had all tended to tunnel despite there being two wicks to ensure a more even melt.

The first time I lit this candle I left it burning for 3 hours. It didn’t quite form a full melt pool in that time but it was fairly close. The second time I lit up the candle I left it burning for a longer 5 hours. This time it did form a full even melt pool leaving no wax on the sides of the jar. While it took quite a while to achieve the melt I was looking for, it did end up reaching that point eventually.
Charmed Aroma Review

Charmed Aroma Review

Charmed Aroma Review

Candle Junkies Approved Candles

I still think that these candles could do with a third wick but I’m glad to see it working out better this time around. The upside to there only being two wicks is that it had a slightly longer burn time than three wick candles of similar size. We ended up getting a full 40 hours approximately out of this candle which was nice.
Cost and Value:
The cost of the classic two wick candles with choice in ring size are $27.99 CAD. Not a bad price when compared to other ring candles, especially those in Canada. If you are an American customer, that price should be even more appealing.

When we work out the cost per ounce on these candles we get $2.33 / oz. This price point is about middle range even without the jewelry inside, so when you factor that in, it’s a nice added bonus despite the ring value!

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  • Reply tammy may robson December 5, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    A waste of money these rings look like they came out of a gumball machine. Nicer rings are at the Dollar Store

  • Reply Heidi December 21, 2018 at 1:32 am

    I completely agree!!!

  • Reply Jewelry Candles February 11, 2021 at 6:24 am

    awesome review

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