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Magic Candle Company and Disney Scented Candles

September 27, 2021
magic candle company brand overview

Have you ever came to a sudden stop because you smelt an aroma that sparked a memory? Scents have a special way of triggering the memory of loved ones, vacations, events, and more. Chances are you didn’t want that smell to go away as fast as it did.

The Magic Candle Company has unique scents that drive you back to the moment on your vacation when you stepped into a Disney resort lobby, entered a bakery, and more.

If you have been following the blog at all, you might remember that Magic Candle Company made our list of our favorite candles that remind us of Disney rides and attractions. If you have time be sure to head over and check that list out!

magic candle company Magic Candle Company and Disney Scented Candles

The Nose Behind Magic Candles

Keith, the founder of The Magic Candle Company, has a passion for bringing the magical aromas of vacation into your daily life with his spectacular candles. Keith worked with Zachary Kern, a Midwest designer to ensure each option has a distinct personality.

The company creates a variety of items such as candles, fragrance oils, wax melts, hand soap, air fresheners, electric warmers, magic pins, and hand sanitizers.

magic candle company review ice cream parlor Magic Candle Company and Disney Scented Candles

Popular Magic Candle scents that instantly remind you of your best Disney vacation memories include the following:

  • Polynesian – This scent is a blend of green tea, citrus, and bamboo stalks and reminds you of vacations in Hawaii and the South Pacific.
  • Pirate Life – Fragrance notes include fresh rain, salty breeze, and ocean air. It brings memories alive from theme park vacations, beach vacations, and pirate-themed events.
  • Pineapple Whip – This scent is quite obvious and smells like your favorite Pineapple Whip soft-serve treat that is served at theme parks and tropical vacation destinations.
  • Little Old Christmas Shop – Fragrance notes include pine needles, cedar, apple, and musk. This scent reminds you of a Christmas or vacation spent in a log cabin.
  • Ice Cream Parlor – This scent reminds you of walking into an ice cream parlor on vacation or any time of the year. The main fragrance note is a warm waffle scent.

What are Magic Candles made with?

Magic Candles contain soy and Paraffin wax. The unique combination creates a creamy look and allows the fragrance to fill a room. The wooden wicks are visually soothing to look at while burning and create a crackling noise similar to a fireplace.

Packing Design

All of the scents have unique packaging that coordinates with the scent. For example, the pineapple whip has a beautiful yellow label that matches the color of the candle. The blue and pink letters on the label add a pop of color and make it look cheerful.

How to Use a Magic Candle Company Candle

Place the candle in a safe place on a flat surface and light the wood wick all the way across to allow it to burn evenly. The 8-ounce candles burn for up to 40 hours and the 14-ounce candles burning time is 80 hours. The candles are designed to self-extinguish when there is 3/8” inch of wax left.

The Magic Candle Company has a large selection of candles and products that will boost your mood and remind you of your happiest vacation memories. It’s similar to the Disney scents that fill the theme parks and hotels at Disney World and Disneyland.

magic candle company review polynesian Magic Candle Company and Disney Scented Candles

You can feel like you are on vacation every day with these amazing candles! It’s fun to choose a variety to suit different occasions or give them as gifts.

Overall, The Magic Candle Company Candles smell spectacular, ignite your memories and boost your mood as they transport you to past vacation destinations.

Magic Candle Company Review From The Community

Below is a review on Magic Candle Company’s candles from Youtuber: Ashley Ellix Be sure to check out her channel if you have some time!

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