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28 Spooky Skull Candles For Halloween + Decor Items

September 12, 2023
skeleton milk bath candle

Nothing says ‘Halloween’ quite like skull candles flickering in the dim light, casting ominous shadows on the walls. As the season of spooks and haunts rapidly approaches, it’s time to delve into the realm of eerie candles and candle decor pieces.

In this blog post, we’re going to list some jaw-dropping skull-themed candles, candle holders, and decor items that will not only light up your space but may also give you the heebie-jeebies.

Be sure to leave us a comment below to let us know what you thought of these.. we don’t bite!

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28 Spooky Skull Candles & Decor Items For Halloween

1. Skull Hands 3 Piece Flickering LED Wall Decor

skull hands wall candle

Now how cool is this? The set comes with 3 flickering LED candles and will surely give your guests a spook.

Price: $$

2. Black Skull Cast Resin Tealight Holder

black skull candle

Give your tealight candles some added creepiness by placing them in this black skull candle holder from Circe Boutique.

Price: $$

3. See No Evil Skull Candles

skeleton hands candles

Looking to really overhaul your space with the spooky vibes for Halloween? This set of skull hand LED candles are the perfect amount of cute and spooky for a fun Halloween party setting. Since these candles are flameless, you don’t have to worry about the fire hazard either. Bonus!

Price: $$

4. Skull Pedestal by Homeworx

homeworx skull candle pedastal

One of our favorite candle brands: Homeworx has this detailed, creepy skull candle pedestal for sale at QVC right now. It perfectly fits their 4 wick candle jars which we also love, but it can also hold other candles of similar size. Creepy!

Price: $$

5. Glass Skull Candle With Lid

skull candle jar halloween 28 Spooky Skull Candles For Halloween + Decor Items

Next up, we have some skull candles for our Amazon shoppers out there. Firstly, this candle in a glass skull jar can be found on their from the Kormmco store. It is priced reasonably as well!

Price: $

6. Skull Tears Candle In Multiple Colors

skull brain candles 28 Spooky Skull Candles For Halloween + Decor Items

These candles will start dripping wax tears as they burn down. A neat, and obviously very spooky candle idea, these candles are available from the Shuminkl store on Amazon right now in a variety of styles.

Price: $

7. LED Candles With Skull Decals

skull led candles

The Eldnacele store on Amazon has these flickering LED candles for sale with skull and other Halloween themed decals on them right now. They’ve actually got quite a few different styles that are Halloween themed that are pretty cool.

Price: $

8. Spine and Skull Candle Set

skull candles

If you’re looking for some black candles to help in decorating your space this Halloween or you just like gothic style decor in general, these black skull and spine candles from the Gavia store on Amazon might be just for you.

Price: $$

9. Jelly Wax Candle In Glass Skull

jelly wax skull candle

Jelly wax can cast a pretty neat effect when illuminated as demonstrated by this candle which is encased in a glass skull. These candles are currently for sale on the Mstr store on Amazon.

Price: $$

10. Realistic Melting Black Skull Candle

melting skull candle

Add some scary ambience to your home this Halloween season with these detailed skull candles from Candwax on Amazon. These odorless candles are made with black wax on the outside and red on the inside for an added creepiness as the candle melts down.

Price: $$

11. XL Black Skull and Spine Candle Set

skull and spine candle set halloween

If you want a molded skull and spine candle with some heft to it, have a look at this detailed set from Kobi & Knight. The black spine candle is 7 inches in height while the skull is 5 inches in height. And who doesn’t love that coffin shaped Ouija board case with the red velvet inside?

Price: $$

12. Illuminated Skull Wax Melt Warmer

skull wax warmer

We’re going to start doing some more blog posts that cover cool wax warmers that we love, so stay tuned for that, but for now check out this cool skull wax warmer from the Star Moon store on Amazon.

This ceramic skull shaped wax warmer will double as at night light with its cool illumination style. Although.. I’m not sure how keen I am to be greeted by a lit up skull in the middle of the night.

Price: $$

13. Skeleton Milk Bath Candle

skeleton milk bath candle

I seen a similar candle to this blowing up on social media recently. If I can find it again I’ll link it in this post, however, this alternative from Amazon looks pretty great as well! I love this idea, so creative!

Price: $$

14. Sugar Skull Candle Holder

sugar skull votive candle holder

This intricate skull candle holder looks great holding a votive candle but might look even better when using it as a succulent planter pot. Look at those pictures on the Amazon page if you don’t believe me!

Price: $$

15. Black and White Stacked Skull Pillar Candle Holder

skull pillar candle holder

For those that want something creepy to prop up their pillar candles I present to you this candle holder featuring some stacked skulls to accent your candles. At 11 inches in height, this will make your pillar candles the center of attention.

Price: $$

16. Luminara Flickering Eyes Skull LED Candle

luminara candles

From our undisputed favorite pick in realistic looking flameless candles, Luminara has these flickering eye skull candles available which are a bit pricey, but as usual, highly rated as well. The other candles are sadly not included, but can be bought from the same listing on Amazon including a cool tombstone alternative that is not pictured above.

Price: $$$

17. Coffin Candle With Metal Skeleton Beneath

melting coffin skeleton candle

If you’ve been a long time follower of the blog, you might remember we talked about Pyro Pet candles which were some cool geometric candles that when burned left behind a metal skeleton. We thought those were pretty cool, and this candle seems to take that idea even further with a Halloween theme. Spooky spooky!

Price: $$

18. Skull and Other Halloween Shaped Tealight Candles

12 pack skull tealights

If you find yourself using tealights often and are wondering how you can get them to be a little more on point for Halloween, this bulk set of 12 tealight candles that are shaped like various Halloween themed things might come in handy. How cute are these?

Price: $$

19. Ghost Hand Holding Skull Candle Mold

skull candle molds

Are you one of those DIY types who are looking to make some of your own scary candles for Halloween? This candle mold from Amazon is pretty unsettling and should serve you perfectly!

Price: $

20. Remote Battery Operated Flickering Skull Candles

led tinted glass skull candles

If the LED candle pick from earlier didn’t satisfy the style you were after, then maybe this set from the Vamelous store on Amazon will. These candles feature a laser etched skull sporting a crown.

Price: $$

21. Color Drip Taper Candle Set

color drip candles

Here is a cool option to go along with any taper candlestick holders that you might have. This set of 6 taper candles are priced fairly and drip multi-colored wax down as they burn.

Price: $

22. Gothic Style Skull In Hand Tealight Candle Holder

spooky skull tealight candle holder

This terrifying candle holder is from Amazon and will hold your tealight candles, or small votive or pillar candles. It’s the glowing flame behind the eyes that really sells this one for me.

Price: $$

23. Raven Skull Candle Set + 2 Black Votive Candles

raven skull candle

Sometimes traditional human skulls just aren’t what you’re looking for when it comes to Halloween decor. This Raven skull candle is detailed, straight black, and comes with 2 additional black wax votive candles to help complete the look.

Price: $$

24. Jack Skellington LED Flameless Candle

nightmare before christmas jack candle

If you’re a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas like I am, you might just want to get this cool LED candles of Jack’s head for the sole reason that it is just cool. Look at his eyes glow!

Price: $$

25. 9 Inch Black Skull Taper Candle Holder

skull candleabra

These black candle holders really are pretty spooky. This one holds 3 taper candles for a mini candelabra style look.

Price: $$

26. Travis Barker Metal Skull Taper Holder


This one is a collab with Travis Barker that you can find online at Harrods. It’s one of the priciest skull decor pieces I’ve listed in this post, coming in at $145! I think it’s safe to call this candle holder a luxury item.

Price: $$$$

27. Glass Skull Votive Candle Holder

clear skull tealight holder

Saks Fifth Avenue has a few skull candle decor pieces as well including this glass skull votive from Kosta Boda. It holds a single tealight candle

Price: $$$

28. XL Black Skull Candelabra Holder For 9 Taper Candles

black skull candle holder centerpiece

This is by far the heftiest decor piece on this list. It is 24 inches tall and weighs 11 kilograms. Not only that, but it also costs almost $600 so by no means is it cheap. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t one of the coolest candle holders on this list though. Maybe some of you out there can afford it, I know I sure can’t lol.

Price: $$$$$

Some Final Thoughts

That turned out to be a pretty long list! There was so many cool ideas that I found online, I just felt I had to keep adding and adding and adding.

I hope you found something you liked if you were looking for some skull candle decor for Halloween. But if you didn’t see any Halloween stuff that you liked on this list not to worry, I’ll be posting plenty more content for the fall season and I’ve got some awesome stuff planned.

I’m excited to share these future posts with you all and I hope you return to see what’s in store!

Hope you all have a great evening!

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