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Bibliotheque Byredo Candle Review

bibliotheque byredo candle review

Bibliotheque Byredo Candle Review

You can’t scroll through the gram without seeing ‘influencers’ chic spaces filled with the iconic black Byredo candles. Minimalist in design, they pair perfectly with bubble bath shots, elegantly styled vanity shots, and cozy living room posts. The monochromatic packaging makes a statement and seems to fit in no matter what your decorating aesthetic is.

But is Bibliotèque, this perpetually sold-out and most popular of the best Byredo candle scents, worth all the hype? (Bibliotèque means “library” in French.) Do people really want candles that smell like old books?

The answer is overwhelmingly yes. Yes, they do.

Picture of Byredo Bibliotheque Candle 70g

This candle smells like every bibliophile’s “Beauty and the Beast” fantasy come to life. Enormous, wooden bookshelves crammed with antique and exotic tomes line the walls. Their embossed, leather spines telling a story of remote and far-away fantasies. Rich draperies keep the autumnal chill at bay. A crackling fireplace warms your feet as you sip Earl Grey and nibble on macarons and petit-fours.

Oh, and don’t forget the luxurious tobacco scent wafting over from your incredibly handsome aristocratic lover’s cigar.

Ah, what a tale as old as time!

Our Bibliotheque Byredo Candle Review

The notes: Top notes of peach and plum, a heart of peony and violet, a base of leather, patchouli, and vanilla.

The packaging:
70g and 240g with a burning time of 24 and 60 hours, respectively.
Embossed white box with a minimalist monochromatic sticker featuring a sleek sans serif font. Black glass vessel with same minimalist label. Black. Wax.

The cost:
$45 – 70g / $85 – 240g

Check current prices online

Like the other Byredo candles, this one is deeeeee-luxe. It’s probably one of the best Byredo candle scents, to be quite honest. We like Cotton Poplin for its fresh, clean scent, but nothing compares to the ultimate richness of Bibliotèque.

“Sheltered from the passage of time, libraries have the power to teleport us to a world in suspension. The velvety quality of the paper embodied in a touch of peach, plum, and vanilla and the omnipresent patchouli like a backbone runs through the composition.”


While we don’t get that much of a peachy note, the base notes really steal the show with this incredible candle that smells like old books.

Others who have posted a bibliotheque byredo candle review mention the same quality.

Esianna B. on Youtube notes it’s a “warm, cosy candle…smokey and smells like a beautiful man, and just makes you want to cuddle up on the sofa with a book and a blanket.”

Is this European luxury brand candle worth it? Absolutely. We are, quite frankly, obsessed with it. (Too bad it doesn’t come with the handsome prince.)

Oh, and word to the obsessed — er, wise — since Bibliotèque has been so popular for Byredo, it’s now an Eau de Parfum, too.

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