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Hannas Candle Co. Pumpkin Palooza Candles + Review

hannahs candle co review pumpkin palooza

Today we have some candles from a brand that has been doing this for 30 years this year! Hannas Candle Co. creates all of their candles within the USA and is a member of the NCA (National Candle Association), which is the industry voice on responsible candle manufacturing.

You can find Hanna’s candles on their website We chose 5 candles from their large collection to try out for this review. 3 wax melts from the ‘Pumpkin Palooza’ line of candles as well as a 3 wick version of one of the pumpkin palooza scents. We also picked out a scent called ’ember glow’ from their timberwick line which is their version of candles with a wooden wick.hannahs candle review

Product Overview:

Wax type: Biodegradable soy blend
Size: 1.25 oz (wax melts), 11.5 oz (3 wick candle), and 8.25 oz (timberwick candle)
Price: $1.49 USD per wax melt, $7.99 USD per 3 wick candle, and $6.99 USD per timberwick candle
Burn Time: Approx 55 hours for the 3 wick candles and approximately 50 hours for the timberwick candle
Other Products Available: Candles of all shapes and sizes, wax melts, wax melt beads, and more

hannahs candle review

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

With it being fall time, we decided to go on a pumpkin binge for this review. We tried out each scent from Hanna’s ‘Pumpkin Palooza’ collection and for good measure, we also chose one of their most popular classic scents ’ember glow’. Here is what we thought of each.

hannahs candle review

Creamy Pumpkin Butter:

This candle seemed like a nice blend of pumpkin scents rolled into one. It had lighter spicy notes balanced by sugary sweeter notes that combined for an excellent fall scent. The 3 wick version that this candle was in gave it a nice boost to its scent throw and made it even greater. 10/10

Pumpkin Caramel Parfait:

This scent was by far the most sugary of the 4 pumpkin scents we tried. It reminded me of many of the bakery scents which I’ve smelled in the past which is never a bad thing. It was lighter on the pumpkin notes than the others but it still had hints of it here and there. 8/10

hannahs candle review

Cinnamon Pumpkin Tart:

I had a feeling that the cinnamon would overpower any scents of pumpkin found in this scent and I was mostly right. This is a scent for the cinnamon lovers out there that want a small dose of pumpkin mixed in. With that said, it is not a super strong cinnamon scent like those cinnamon hearts that we all get during Valentines Day. The cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg were the main players in this scent with some minor pumpkin in the background. 6/10

Sweet Pumpkin Roll:

Nutty, sugary, creamy, pumpkiny. This scent was a sweet one that had all those notes in one delicious package. Overall, a great scent and one that would be welcome in any home during the fall season and well into the winter. 9/10

hannahs candle review

Ember Glow:

This scent is a best seller from Hanna’s and for good reason. It fits in perfectly for this fall themed review by having a warm woodfire fragrance to it. It’s a scent that works as a unisex candle that can make a home feel nice and cozy in the cold winter months. The scent description reads “Spiced wood, juniper, cinnamon, patchouli, and vanilla” but the two strongest scents I picked out from this candle were the woodiness and patchouli fragrances. 8/10

Fragrance Intensity:

All candles had a high amount of fragrance intensity and throw with the 3 wick candle being the most potent form of the three. In a fairly large room, you could easily pick up on the fragrance of each of these scents. It was nothing headache-inducing, but strong scents that made themselves present and were more than welcome.


The 3 wick candle came in a sturdy, wide-mouthed jar that looked quite nice albeit nothing too fancy. The labels on all 3 different types of candles were well done and had a professional finish to them. I would put the visuals of these candles on par with that of your Yankee candle style.

Burn Quality:

The 3 wick candle burnt flawlessly! Like honestly one of the cleanest and most even burns that I have seen in a while.  The wick choice is perfect on these candles. They are just large enough to form a full melt pool in a short amount of time but not too large that it burns overly fast or with a melt pool that goes the entire container deep. I didn’t need to do any maintenance on these wicks whatsoever. I didn’t even trim them! They always seemed to be just right after every burn without leaving any wick remnants.

hannahs candle review

The timberwick candle didn’t have a flawless burn like the 3 wick candle, but it wasn’t too bad. The only issue that we had is that a couple times the wooden wick would just extinguish by itself. After getting a few good burns out of the candle we didn’t run into the problem anymore but the smaller flame did cause some very minor tunneling to occur. By minor tunneling, we mean that it left a small amount of wax on one side of the container, in other words, VERY minor tunneling. The ambiance from the nice crackling wood wick more than made up for this small issue.

Candle Junkies Approved Candles

hannahs candle review


These candles are SO affordable!!! Calculating the cost per ounce of these candles I was just blown away by how good these candles were for what you are paying. For the 3 wick candle at 11.5 oz and costing $7.99 USD, the cost per ounce works out to just under $0.70. This price is cheaper than the Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles when they are on sale! While I do think that the Bath and Body Works ones might have slightly more throw to them, these were nearly as good.

Candles from Hanna’s Candle Company are high-quality candles at a budget price point. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Yankee or Bath and Body Works I highly recommend giving these a try. At this price, you really don’t have much to lose.

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