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Candle Review: Aesthetic Content, Midnight Brezza

October 29, 2015
aesthetic content midnight brezza

I’m a big fan of brands that go that extra mile when scenting their candles and can conjure up something new and unique. The candle that we have for review today was sent to us by the kind people over at Aesthetic Content, and it does just that. We received Midnight Brezza, from their luxury line of candles and the following is our in depth review after spending some time with it.

aesthetic content midnight brezza

Product Overview:

Wax Type: Soy based wax
Scent: Vetiver root, sandalwood, red cedar
Size: 9.5 oz
Price: $38.00 (USD)
Burn Time: 50 hours
Wick: Metal-free cotton wick

midnight brezza

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

The Midnight Brezza candle is heavy on the woody scents and has a strong fragrance that will fill entire rooms with ease. The combination of vetiver root, red cedar, sandalwood, musk and clove create something very unique and is honestly one of the most complex earthy scents I have tried in recent memory. This candle has a mysteriously masculine scent but pleased everyone that I had over while it was burning.

This candle was perfect for this time of year and really brings out a warm feeling that contrasts the cooling weather outside.

midnight brezza

Fragrance Intensity:

I left this candle burning for around 4 hours with it’s first burn and sometime within the first hour the scent had engulfed the entire room I was in and it had actually already began carrying through to the other rooms in my home. This candle has amazing throw and even after being extinguished the scent would hold up for a decent amount of time.

The candle features a cork lid that I found to be great for sealing in the fragrance when you were not using it and gave it a nice extra boost when you took it off to light it up again.

aesthetic content


This luxury line of candles from Aesthetic Content comes packaged in a clear plastic box that can be reused very easily. The candle itself is in a classy white glass container that is free of labels and has a nice cork lid that adds a nice touch it’s chic look. The design on this candle is very modern and can fit in with nearly any homes decor. It’s simple and elegant and I loved the warm glow that the white glass emitted when the candle was burning.

midnight brezza candle

Burn Quality and Longevity:

This candle burns exceptional. After conducting our first burn test we found that the candle had formed an even melt pool by the hour and a half mark and reached about a half inch deep when fully formed. The wick choice was perfect for this candle and although we found that halfway through the candle, the wick became a little off-centered but it still managed to melt to the edges and didn’t tunnel. It was actually a little surprising that this was achievable being that the wick isn’t very thick on this candle.

The candle is said to have a 50 hour burn time and I found that it surpassed this mark with occasional trimming of the wick.

aesthetic content candles

Cost and Value:

Price: $38 for 9.5 oz net weight = $4 per ounce

The price obviously puts these in the luxury category of candles but if you are looking for exotic and unique candles this is generally around the price that you will find them.

If you are looking for a new and unique luxury brand of candle check out some of the candles from Aesthetic Content. They also have some smaller candles in travel tins and many other decor items to spice up your home. You can find them on their website at or follow their social media pages Twitter and Facebook.

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