top 5 jewelry candles canada edition


  1. How did they come up with their #1 and #2 place?  It doesn’t even make sense. By their rankings Ice and Fire should be #1 for sure.  Ice n Fire is ranked 37 /50 The supposed #1 spot is ranked 36.5 /50.  Ice n Fire beats them by a 1/2 point.  Then if you want individual rankings the supposed #1 beat Ice n Fire in one spot only which happens to be presentation only.   Ice and Fire however beat them in 2 spots and those two spots are the most important spots of all,  candle quality and jewellery quality.

    1. Hi Debra, thanks for the feedback!

      The images were meant to be a more of a visual representation of what we liked and didn’t like about each brand. They weren’t meant to be taken as exact scores, but it’s obvious to see why they were (our mistake).

      We ranked the candles we liked most overall first. The first couple spots were very close and are all great candles. Rankings can also change as companies release new products.

      Please remember, these are only our personal opinions.

      Thank you!

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