ice n fire candles and wax melts


  1. You really believe that you buy a candle for 30.00 and get a ring (that they themselves set the appraisal at) valued at 25.00 or more?? Sounds like a gimmick to me.

    1. Hey Bernadette, thanks for the comment.

      $25 value doesn’t mean that is what this company paid for them. When a ring candle company buys jewelry in bulk, typically they will get a deal on the jewelry and that $25 piece will now cost them a lot less. Then you get a nice candle on top of that with a chance at rarer high-value pieces.

    2. I have ordered over 150 dollars worth of these candles and honestly they are the worst candles I have ever gotten. The smell were not very strong doesn’t sent my room and they were just awful to burn. 2/10 for me. I will never order from this company again

  2. Excellent review! If I may, I have some observations / comments that can complement your review.

    I have purchased candles from both Charmed Aroma and Ice N’ Fire. Both rings I got were claimed to be of 925 silver. I have tested the ring for metal content and they are indeed made of silver (.925 or higher). Even though I prefer the scent and fragrance intensity of the Ice N’ Fire candles, I have noticed two differences ring wise:

    1- The charmed aroma ring lost one of its stones after one day of wear. I verified both rings under a microscope the stones and how solid they were. The Ice N’ Fire ring had none loose stones as the Charmed Aroma ring had 2-3 other stones loose that eventually fell off (so disappointed because the ring was gorgeous!). KUDO to Charmed Aroma, I have mentioned this problem and they sent me a replacement ring.
    2-As for the estimated value, I got a 200$ valued ring with Charmed Aroma and a 100$ ring with Ice N’ Fire. I have to admit, after having a very close look at the rings, quality wise I think Charmed Aroma are “inflating” their ring value. As for Ice N’ Fire, the value resemble more what you would actually pay in a jewelry store.

    Of course, if you want to pay very little for a silver ring with CZ stones, you can always buy on Groupon which shows rings sold around 25$ or so and look pretty similar to the rings found in the candles. The quality of the rings will be probably equivalent. But as you mentioned, buying those types of candles if for:
    1- the pleasure of having a nice candle at home (so relaxing!)
    2- play a little bit at “jewelry lottery” because you could indeed get a very nice ring .

    Have a great day!

    1. Hey, Jessica! Thanks for stopping by and leaving this in-depth comment!

      I think some brands aren’t necessarily ‘inflating’ ring value, just that they go off the jewelry providers MSRP, which is still often much higher than what you will see in a store.

  3. I have a ring from the candle but threw out the code to see the value of the ring…how can I find this out?…thanking you in advance…Susan Murphy

    1. Hi, Susan! No worries, I think that happens quite often. I believe you can just email them at and send them a picture of the ring along with your order number 🙂

  4. Looking forward to looking into this,heard a lot of good comments about these candles !

  5. Hello, I wanted to ask if the rings/necklaces are all real diamonds, sliver, gold, etc. This is because I do have very sensitive skin that if I wear fake jewelry, it will irritate my skin due to aluminum and/or copper. 🙂

    1. Not all of the jewelry is real, so unfortunately, you might get some that will do that. The real gold, silver, etc. jewelry will be the more rare finds.

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