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Bijou Candles Review

March 21, 2016
bijou candles review

**Update: Bijou Candles recently went through a huge rebrand. You can check out the latest review here!

We are big into luxury candles here at Candle Junkies. There is something about having a candle that is the “complete package” that keeps us coming back for more. Luxury candles take every aspect into account when they are being designed. They showcase unique and complex scents and great aesthetics, that not only fit in with room decor but enhance their surroundings. While they are more expensive than your usual scented candles, if you can manage to treat yourself once in awhile I assure you, it is worth it. From the first glance at the candles we have for review today you know that their creator didn’t take this lightly and set out to create something that couldn’t go unnoticed.

When the people over at Bijou Candles contacted us about having a couple of their candles reviewed we jumped at the opportunity. I had been intrigued looking at these candles previously and was itching to give them a try. They were confident in their candles and offered to send us two to put to the test.

A little backstory on Bijou Candles..

Bijou Candles are the brainchild of New York designer and entrepreneur Alaina Young. You may have heard of Alaina before as she and her mom also founded Q Squared NYC, which creates innovative and fashionable dinnerware, similar to what are used in the design of the bases of Bijou Candles.

Alaina’s eye for style is immediately evident when looking at any aspect of her company; from the images on her website, to the packaging design choices, and most importantly to the candles themselves. She accounts that creativity to her formal background in 19th century European art and growing up in Vienna, Austria, working with various famous production designers and directors.
bijou candles review
Now, onto the candles.

The candles themselves are made from a soy wax blend, which if you are new to, gives a longer, cleaner burn than other candle waxes such as paraffin.

What is immediately evident, and something that sets these candles apart from others is their unique, reusable bases. Wow.. do these things ever look GREAT. Every single guest I had over at my condo had something to say when they seen these. The bases were inspired by vintage milk-glass vases and each different scent comes in it’s own unique design. They are stunning and luxurious in every sense of the word. They are made from a resin base that is shatterproof and can be reused in a variety of ways. To make it cheaper and easier to try out the various scents from Bijou’s 4 current collections they offer refills which can be bought separately and placed into the bases once one has used up all the wax. You can also take advantage of their build your own Bijou page to mix and match scents and bases of your choosing. All of the scents that Bijou offers sound exquisite by the way. If you’re more of a DIY type, the bases work exceptionally well for making your own candles after or just as decorative dishes for around the house.

For our review, we were sent two candles from the Fete Des Fleurs collection. The larger 8 oz candle was Pink Bellini and the smaller size in Rose & Current.

With that, lets jump into the review.

Product Overview:

Wax Type: Soy wax blend
Scent: Rose & Currant (in the 1.6 oz petit bijou), Pink Bellini (in the 8 oz)
Sizes: 8 oz and 1.6 oz
Price: $32.00 8 oz and $10.00 1.6 oz
Burn Time: Approx 25 and 8 hours respectively
Wick: Dual wick for the 8 oz and single for the 1.6 oz

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

bijou candles review
Mmm! Rose & Currant (left) Pink Bellini (right)

We love that we received a floral combination that paired well together and also smelled great on their own. Bijou didn’t skimp out on the fragrance either, as they teamed up with a great fragrance house in the New York area to scent these candles.

Rose & Currant – “Woodsy, rich and luxurious. Rich black currant and cassis blend with rosewood and oakmoss to make any room smell like a million bucks. Use it in your living room to impress your guests”

The Rose & Currant candle was the smaller of the two candles we received and we figured that because of it’s size we wouldn’t get as much fragrance from it. This wasn’t the case and it was actually the stronger of the two scents. It was true to the description and impressed the men and women alike that had a chance to enjoy it. Personally, I enjoyed this one slightly more than the Pink Bellini candle but I usually tend to gravitate towards the more woodsy scents.

Pink Bellini – “Delicate notes of pink peony and white magnolia are contrasted with citrus bitters and vanilla musk to create a unique floral scent that will soon become your necessary companion for bath time.”

This scent was a bit lighter but still very nice. Emmy said she had wished she could wear this scent as a perfume, she loved it that much. It was fresh and inviting scent that would definitely fit well when placed in a bathroom

Together these scents worked surprisingly well and created a complex contrast with one another.

Fragrance Intensity:

bijou candles

Overall I found these candles to not be overly intense. They were fragrant but at no point did they become over powering. If anything, I wish they were a bit stronger, but I know this is just a personal preference.

Like I said in the previous section, the rose & currant scent was the stronger of the two. I will definitely be trying more scents to see how they compare to the two I tried.


These candles truly look AMAZING. The presentation was Bijou’s greatest strength. They looked great with the condo’s decor and seeing what more gifted decorators have done with them such as Lauren Conrad, the potential is endless.

Even knowing that I can just buy refills and reuse the bases that I now own, I feel I want to collect and try out the other beautiful looking bases that Bijou has. Feminine and gorgeous, Emmy absolutely loved them and the ambient glow they gave off.

bijou candles
bijou candles
bijou candles
Various scents

While not as important, I should add that even the packaging was luxurious and eloquent. The candles came in cute boxes that also contained a booklet showcasing all of their other scents and bases. It was awesome to receive these candles and it would also be just as great to gift these candles.

Burn Quality and Longevity:

The larger version of these candles come in a wide mouthed base that has two centred wicks in the wax. After a few hours of being lit there was slight tunnelling that occurred on the very edges of the base but it was easily rectified and not surprising considering the width of the containers mouth. This did not occur in the smaller version of the candle and most likely will vary from base to base.

bijou candles pink bellini

Aside from that, the candles burned great and the wicks needed no maintenance whatsoever. They are fairly small candles but burned nice and slowly and more than matched their respective approximate burn estimations.

Cost and Value:

These candles run for $32.00 each for the larger 8 oz versions which puts these in the luxury category of candles. The thing is, you get these amazing bases included in that price and if you are looking to fork out the $32 initially you can get refills for the candles at less than half that price being just $15 for the 8 oz. While these are still at the luxury price point, they are quite affordable when compared to other luxury candles.

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