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16 Distressed Wooden Candle Holder Ideas DIY

April 18, 2020
recycled wood candle holders set of 3 o 16 Distressed Wooden Candle Holder Ideas DIY

Candle holders can be an essential piece in interior design projects. They make for perfect focal points or centerpieces and can really add that extra oomph to your decor.

Distressed wooden candle holders have become super popular, and that is what we will be focusing on in this post. For any country style or rustic decor, the distressed wood look fits so well.

Now you can achieve this look by putting in a little extra work yourself and going the DIY route or by buying candle holders that are made with that distressed wood look by design.

We’ve hand picked a combination of these for this post that we think look great. Hopefully these can inspire you and give you some ideas to work with for your next project.

Many of these candle holders are designed for use with pillar candles. You can use whatever pillars you have on hand but flameless candles are a nice, safe option.

How to distress wood for your DIY candle holders

First off, we thought it would be a good idea to show off some different methods for distressing wood . You can apply these methods to any of the candle holders listed below and put your own spin on things.

I’d like to thank Shanty 2 Chic for putting out the great tutorial above !

16 Great options for decorating with distressed wood candle holders (Pin it to Pinterest!)

Just click through on any of the ideas on this list to find the relevant source online. (may contain affiliate links)

1. Block Wooden Votive Centerpiece

1 diy wooden candle centerpiece 600x902 1 16 Distressed Wooden Candle Holder Ideas DIY

Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion blog is to thank for our first pick on this list.

She came up with this simple, yet effective project for some votive candles, but it could easily be modified to hold tealights as well!

2. Distressed Wood White Candle Holders

distressed white wooden candle holders 16 Distressed Wooden Candle Holder Ideas DIY

We’re going from a DIY option to a ‘get someone to do it for you’ option. I found these beautiful hand-painted rustic candlesticks on Etsy.

They have stellar reviews from buyers and are made by one of the top sellers for handmade wooden decor on Etsy. A great option if you’re feeling a little lazy. There’s no need to feel guilty here, I won’t judge!

3. DIY Farmhouse Candlesticks From Spindles

The Easiest DIY Farmhouse Candlesticks 3 1 16 Distressed Wooden Candle Holder Ideas DIY

I found this tutorial from the Sarah Joy Blog. It shows you how to use old wooden spindles and transform them into wooden pillar candle holders . Just look at how good they turned out!

4. DIY Scrap Plywood Candle Holders

DIY Scrap Wood Candle Holders 2016 Pin Updated 16 Distressed Wooden Candle Holder Ideas DIY

This tutorial is from Jen over at Jen Woodhouse. She put this guide together for making worn wooden tea light holders out of old pieces of scrapwood. Very creative!

5. Recycled Wood Block Candle Holders

recycled wood candle holders set of 3 o 16 Distressed Wooden Candle Holder Ideas DIY

These recycled wooden candle holders are from Pottery Barn and you can buy them online.

However, you DIY’ers out there could take inspiration from the images and do something quite similar on your own!

6. Handmade Pieces From Mango Wood – Multiple Colors Available

distressed wooden pillar candle holders

This is another ‘cheat’ option, but it is one that you can’t really go wrong with.

Amazon has these classic wooden candle holders on sale right now and they have hundreds of positive reviews from buyers. They are also available in multiple different colors of wood and are quite cheap!

7. Farmhouse Wooden Candlestick Blocks

il fullxfull.1276347391 7gl7 16 Distressed Wooden Candle Holder Ideas DIY

These distressed wooden blocks are made by Carvers Designs on Etsy. Perfect for any rustic, farmhouse look.

8. Simple DIY Wooden Candle Lanterns

5521f097 jaime costiglio wedding lanterns 2 750 16 Distressed Wooden Candle Holder Ideas DIY

This tutorial from the Home Depot blog uses square dowels to create some stunning lanterns.

As you can see from the image above, these are nifty candle centerpiece ideas.

9. DIY Square Platform Pillar Candle Holders

pillar candle holders 3 16 Distressed Wooden Candle Holder Ideas DIY

This tutorial was created by Jaime Costiglio.

You could decorate these candle holders for the holidays like the photo above, but they are so versatile and would really work wherever.

10. Reclaimed Wooden Log Tealight Holders

distressed wood diy candle holder

Wooden logs can become awesome tealight holder decor with some adjustments.

The ones pictured above are from GFT Woodcraft on Etsy, but you could turn this into a DIY project as well.

11. Light Cream Blue Distressed Wooden Candle Holders

distressed wood candlestick

Okay.. so I like taking shortcuts.. Is that such a bad thing?! I mean just look at how nice these look? These ones are the number one selling and highest reviewed distressed wood candle holders on Wayfair and come in 8 different colors and finishes! A 4.6 star rating between 4500+ reviews can’t be wrong right??

12. 5 Piece Wood Candlestick Set by Ophelia & Co.

distressed wood candle holders

If you’re looking for a bigger set, this 5 piece set from Ophelia & Co. would make a great addition to any rustic decor settings.

13. Distressed Wood and Glass Lantern by Beachcrest Home

distressed wooden candle holders

For something a little different, you could grab a distressed wooden lantern candle holder over the traditional candlestick style of candle holder.

14. 3 Piece Distressed Wood in Teal by Three Posts

distressed wood candle holders teal 16 Distressed Wooden Candle Holder Ideas DIY

Back to the candlestick style, we have this 3 piece set in teal. I’ve always loved teal decor pieces.

15. DIY Wood Candlesticks by Upcycled By Bri on Youtube

This video tutorial by Upcycled By Bri on Youtube turned out great! Watch this video and check out her channel if you wanna find out how to make them 🙂

16. DIY Wooden Candle Holders From Salvaged Chair Legs by Salvaged Inspirations

DIY Wooden Candle Holders Header jpg 16 Distressed Wooden Candle Holder Ideas DIY

Denise from Salvaged Inspirations put together this easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make beautiful wooden candle holders from old wooden chair legs. Head over to her blog here to see how to do this yourself and show her some love!

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