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The Newly Redesigned Bijou Candles + Review

November 10, 2017
bijou candles review

For those that are new to the blog, Bijou Candles is a fantastic little candle company that we reviewed last year. They have made some significant changes since that time including a complete redesign of their candle line.

The new candle line is themed around inspirational women in history, beginning with those in the Old Hollywood era. They plan to expand upon this idea in the future, with hopes of including historical figures, musicians, artists, and more in new collections.

bijou candles review

Gone are the resin flower bases and the old Victorian style. And while we loved that old style, we welcome the new look with open arms.

The new redesign may be just as elegant, in a different way. The vessels are now made of a more modern milky white glass that glows from the candle’s flame within. The trim adds contrast with a gold rim around the top and the black writing features the names of the Old Hollywood actresses that inspired them. I for one am digging this new look.

But on to the most important part of the candles.. the fragrance and burn!

bijou candles review

Product Overview:

Wax type: 100% Soy wax
Size: 10.5 oz full size and 3 oz travel tin candles
Price: $$
Burn Time: 70 hours and 25 hours according to the official website

bijou candles review

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

Bourbon & Vanilla (Greta) – This scent was the candle that we had in full size. I love this scent. While it would be perfect for any time of the year it makes an especially good scent for this time of year. It was nice and sweet and the description of ‘mini cupcakes’ on the website is pretty much spot on with what I picked up on in this scent. The fragrance had its own uniqueness to it that set itself apart from other plain vanilla candles out there, and like many of the fragrances we have seen from Bijou, it was complex with notes that balanced and complemented each other very well. 9/10

bijou candles review

White Petals (Claudette) – Wow! This is a floral fragrance that I can’t get enough of. It’s a fresh scent of lily, jasmine, and tuberose that never feels heavy and is balanced with some nice vanilla notes. 9/10

Lavender & Chamomile (Lena) – I found this scent to be so interesting. I’ve smelled many lavender chamomile scents over the years but never one that was this complex. The smokey notes of this candle really added a whole new layer to this classic fragrance and it was a nice change. Sophisticated and calming, I could think of no candle that would be better to burn beside a nice, warm bath. 9/10

Summer Berries (Bette) – This scent is one that reminds me of sitting on a patio in the backyard enjoying the smell of flowers in the summer while reading a good book. It’s an excellent blend of fresh cut roses and tart berries that makes for a summer scent that is a sure classic. 8/10

Fragrance Intensity:

I found these candles to be much more fragrant than I remember. When I had these sitting around the house unlit I could pick up on their scents here and there which added a nice touch to the home. When lit up these seemed much more fragrant than the old style. Even the small travel tin candles had impressive scent throw to them which surprised me a bit given that they are only 3-ounce candles.

bijou candles review


The ladies at Bijou seem to effortlessly create candles that radiate with a chic flair. While I touched on the full sized candles appearance in the introduction to this review I hadn’t covered the travel tins. These small candles come in shimmering golden tins with screw on lids that seal in fragrance when not in use. The labels are elegant and complement the golden tins perfectly.

bijou candles review

Image courtesy: Bijou Candles

Wherever these candles are placed in the home they will add to its appearance. Whether it’s the warm glow of the milky white glass or the flame from the travel tins illuminating a countertop, these things will add that extra touch to your home decor.

bijou candles review

Burn Quality:

These candles burned very nicely, forming full even melt pools after burning for about 1-2 hours throughout both sizes. The wicks are fairly large in these candles and should be trimmed after each use to ensure that they don’t fall over on themselves creating more flame than necessary and also some smoke.

bijou candles review


At $29 for 10.5 ounces these candles will work out to about $2.76 per ounce. For a luxury candle, this price is actually quite reasonable! It makes burning these candles a little easier than say those of the higher end prices in luxury candles. They did a great job on their goal of affordable luxury.

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