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Our Favorite Petrichor Candles (That Actually Smell Like Petrichor)

August 16, 2023
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The smell of rain on dry earth or pavement stirs a deep nostalgia and is loved by many. This unique scent, known as petrichor, has been captured in candles with varying degrees of success. So what is the best petrichor candle, and are there candles that truly smell like fresh rain?

I’ve tried quite a few and today I’m going to share the most accurate petrichor candles there is.

What is Petrichor?

Petrichor is the distinct, earthy scent that permeates the air when rain falls on dry ground. This aroma is a complex combination of plant oils, soil minerals, and a compound called geosmin which is produced by specific soil bacteria.

Humans are remarkably sensitive to geosmin, and many find the scent pleasing. This affinity might be linked to our evolutionary history, as the smell of rain could have signaled the availability of water or nourished vegetation. So don’t @ me about my love for petrichor candles, okay!?

What Does Petrichor Smell Like?

Petrichor smells like a blend of fresh, earthy, and slightly musky tones. Think of the clean scent you might encounter when walking through a damp forest or the invigorating freshness of morning air in a garden.

It has a grounding quality that connects you to nature and often brings feelings of calm and rejuvenation. It’s a fragrance that’s neither too floral nor too woody but sits comfortably in a category all its own.

My Favorite Petrichor Candles That I’ve Tried

From affordable options to luxurious ones, here are the most accurate petrichor candles I’ve tried and why they stand out to me.

6. Petrichor Candle by Valiant Candle

petrichor candle

An authentic petrichor candle scent at a very good price. This petrichor fragrance isn’t blended with the sweet notes you often find in a lot of earth-after-rain scented candles, which is a nice surprise for a candle this affordable.

Price: $

Petrichor Scent Authenticity: 4.5/5

5. Thunderstorm Candle by Dio Candle Company

thunderstorm scented petrichor candle

Thunderstorm by Dio Candles is a well-rounded petrichor candle that includes all the important ozonic scent notes in it. Dio Candles also has some other very unique candle scents that I had to try out and will be including in some upcoming posts on the blog. Candles with scents of fruit loops and hardware stores? That is my kind of weird.

Thunderstorm is also one of the few good petrichor candles on Amazon, so if you’re one of those Amazon fanatics, this might be a good option to try.

Price: $$$

Petrichor Scent Authenticity: 3.5/5

4. Petrichor Candle by CampGoodRoad

best petrichor candles

CampGoodRoad made a candle with a petrichor scent that is spot on! It’s just what I want out of a pure petrichor scented candle with none of the unnecessary notes added in. It’s one of the best petrichor candles for its price, it looks great, the only flaw in my opinion is that the throw on this candle isn’t stronger. I WANT MY HEAVY FRAGRANCES πŸ˜‰ I know that is a personal preference however, and it shouldn’t take away from this amazing candle and for those that want a more subtle candle this will literally be perfect.

Price: $$

Petrichor Scent Authenticity: 4.5/5

3. Big Sur After Rain by D.S. & Durga

best petrichor candles

I know at this point I am sounding like a broken record with recommending D.S. & Durga candles on the blog, but they are truly something special to me. I love unique fragrances in candles. Big Sur After Rain is one of the first candles that I fell in love with from this brand and oh my is it ever wonderful. It might be my favorite eucalyptus candle ever while also being one of the best petrichor candle scents ever as well.

The only downside with these candles is the price. They are straight up luxury priced candles. There’s no other way to put it. But if you can afford to treat yourself, then I highly recommend it.

Price: $$$$

Petrichor Scent Authenticity: 4.5/5

2. Rain & Soil Candle by Grizzly Candles

best petrichor candles

As I was saying, I love candle brands that go for unique scents that you don’t often find and ones that try to capture a feeling or a place in a fragrance. There is so much nostalgia tied to our sense of smell that it just makes sense to make candles that go after these smells.

Grizzly Candles is another brand that really leans into that idea and makes all kinds of unique scents for their candles. Their rain & soil candle is one of the best candles that captures the true petrichor smell. I highly recommend anyone that is looking for a good petrichor scent to try it for themselves.

A little forewarning, some of their candles are a little over-the-top with their weirdness. Other highlights for me were their ‘dusty attic’ and ‘paperback’ candles.

Price: $$

Petrichor Scent Authenticity: 5/5

1. Concrete After Lightning by D.S. & Durga

concrete after lightning candle petrichor candles

Okay, well if it wasn’t true before, it surely is now. Yes, I’m putting another candle from D.S. & Durga on ranking list of only 6 candles total, and I’m sticking that decision. Concrete After Lightning is magical.

It somehow truly captures that petrichor scent with rain and yes lightning, on hot, dry concrete. You might not know what I’m talking about until you smell this candle but when you do you’ll instantly recognize that familiar scent. And it is just done so well in this candle. I don’t know how but you even get these notes of electricity in this candle along with that perfect petrichor scent. It baffles me as to how this is achieved.

As I said with Big Sur After Rain, the only downside to these candles is that they are very expensive.

Buying Tip: If it’s your first purchase from the 15% off at D.S. & Durga website by subscribing to their newsletter. That helps offset the cost of these a little bit if you are interested in splurging for these.

Price: $$$$

Petrichor Scent Authenticity: 5/5

Bonus fragrance: The ‘Geosmin’ unisex perfume from by Osmofolia Perfume is an excellent spray fragrance which absolutely nails that scent of petrichor down as well. Check it out if you’re also into none candle petrichor fragrances.

Each of these petrichor candles offers a distinct take on the scent, capturing various nuances of this multifaceted scent. However, I tried to only include scents that in my opinion gave off a true petrichor scent, rather than a blended scent where petrichor isn’t one of the top notes.

The Flight of Passage Cave Scent From Disney World

Spoiler warning for one of the Avatar rides at Disney World

In the Avatar Flight of Passage ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida, Petrichor is part of the scent that you run into after your banshee drops into a bioluminescent fungal cave. It’s my favorite part of that ride and a big part of the reason why is due to the scent during that section!

If you’re curious about more theme park scents, and dupes in candles that you can find, you might enjoy my article on candles that smell like Disney experiences, or the recent post I did on the water smell from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Frequently Asked Questions About Petrichor Candles

Handing The Mic Over To You!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these candles. Do you have one that you just love, which you think should be on here?

Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time candle junkies! <3

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