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Esteban Paris: Teck & Tonka and Néroli Candle Review

Esteban Paris has been creating fragrances for over 30 years so I was very excited when they contacted us to review a couple of their candles. They decided to send us two different scents from their luxury line of candles. First, a scent called ‘Teck & Tonka’ which is in their dark, patterned, decorative vessel. This one also has refills available so you don’t have to pay full price every time you buy a candle from them. The second candle we received is the floral scent ‘Néroli’. This candle is in the off-white vessel, and while it isn’t labeled as their decorative style candle, it still has an exceptional look to it.

Esteban Paris Candle review

Esteban Paris: Teck & Tonka and Néroli Scented Candles

Product Overview:

Wax Type: 100% Vegetable wax
Size: Teck & Tonka in the 6 oz refillable decorative size (patterned), Néroli in the 6.7 oz (off-white)
Price: $$$$
Burn Time: No approximation given (40-55 hours is typical for this size candle)
Other Products Available: Perfume, incense, room sprays, room diffusers and more

Esteban Paris Candle review

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?
Teck & Tonka – This scent is a mild woodsy scent with soft spice notes created from the combination of clove, amber, sandalwood, nutmeg, cinnamon, patchouli, & Tonka bean. I loved everything about this scent. It was woodsy without being one of those overbearing masculine scent. This combination of scents actually had a slight resemblance to the smell of cola to it which I found to be fascinating in a candle. After I did some research I found that they do share some similar ingredients that create their scents, with the tonka bean adding the finishing touch. This is a scent that I would go back to over and over again. It is no wonder this is their best selling scent. 9.5/10

Esteban Paris Candle review

Néroli – This scent is a fantastic one if you are into the floral scents. It had notes of blackcurrant, bergamot of Sicily, neroli, white geranium, jasmine, patchouli, & musky harmony that came together to create a wonderfully feminine fragrance. While I enjoyed the teck & tonka scent a bit more, this was still an amazing scent that I would recommend to others. 8/10

Esteban Paris Candle review

Fragrance Intensity:
Both of these candles had a similar amount of scent throw which was pretty good for the size of candles they are. Enough to fill a small sized room and actually be noticeable. The scent’s themselves were nothing too overpowering or headache-inducing and more of a pleasant lingering aura.

I loved the containers these candles came in. The refillable jar that housed the teck and tonka candle was especially impressive and being able to refill it at a fraction of the cost was a big plus. The pattern display on this candle was subtle but elegant with colors that complimented each other perfectly. The Tech & Tonka candle also came with a nice decorative wooden lid to complete its look. It was so easy for me to get pictures for this review when candles look as great like this on their own.

teck & tonka candle review
Teck & Tonka
Néroli candle review

The Néroli candle was an off-white color in a similar sized container. This candle had a more minimalistic design with the same Esteban Paris logo near the bottom of the candle but a more simple brush stroke image on the front with the rest of the container just blank. An excellent looking candle as well.

Burn Quality and Longevity:

esteban paris candles
The natural vegetable wax used in these candles had excellent performance for the most part. The one slight gripe that I had with the teck and tonka candle was that it did tunnel down a bit. As I do with any candle that does this I used the tin foil method and fixed it up in no time. This could have just been a minor wick issue as the other candle had no problems like that and burned evenly throughout.

esteban paris teck and tonka neroli candle review6 Esteban Paris: Teck & Tonka and Néroli Candle Review

These candles both burned for around 50 hours with the Néroli candle having a slight edge with its size.

esteban paris teck and tonka neroli candle review11 Esteban Paris: Teck & Tonka and Néroli Candle Review

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