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Paddywax Urban Collection: Driftwood & Indigo Review

Paddywax Urban Collection Driftwood & Indigo Review

The Paddywax Urban Collection features 10 different scented soy candles in city-inspired concrete vessels. If you follow any candle DIY boards on Pinterest you may have seen similar ideas already. I’ve always loved the look of it but haven’t built up the courage to attempt a DIY using cement yet! Buying one of these Paddywax versions was my alternative for being able to try it out.

I purchased one of the Paddywax urban candles off Amazon and I chose to go with the ‘Driftwood & Indigo’ scent mostly because I love the color blue but the description did also sound intriguing.

Product Overview:

Wax Type: Soy wax blend
Scent: Driftwood & Indigo
Sizes: 3.5 oz. There are also 12 oz versions of the candles
Price: $$ Check current price on Amazon
Burn Time: Approx. 20 hours
Wick: Single wick

Paddywax Candle Box


Review Rundown:

Is It Scent-sational?

The scent of this candle is musky and woody. It reminds me of the cologne smell you can find wafting out of the Abercrombie & Fitch stores. Not to worry though as this candle will not suffocate you in fragrance like those stores will. This candle takes those masculine scents and lightens them up a little bit.

With this candle I got a very cologne-like scent out of it. It would work great as a unisex candle and those that enjoy those manly type scents will love the smell of this candle. 8/10

Paddywax Urban Candle Review

Fragrance Intensity:

Like I said above, it is similar to the strong smells out of Abercrombie stores but toned down just a bit. That is not to say it still isn’t a strong fragrance. It is a small candle that still has quite a bit of scent to it. For a small candle like this you can’t expect the fragrance to fill an entire room by itself. A larger size might be a bit too overpowering if left lit for an extended period of time. 7.5/10


This candle comes in a concrete vessel with a blue strip around the bottom section of it. Each different scent from this collection has a different colored strip around the bottom, so if you are decorating with a certain color, you may just want to go for the color that fits rather than the scent. It looks great if you have an urban themed room to put them in as you can see in many Pinterest pins that feature them.

Because this container does not allow any light to pass through it you will only see a yellow glow emitted from the top of the candle. This doesn’t make for the best candle to use as additional lighting in low light areas. 7/10

Paddywax Candle Junkies Review

Paddywax Candle Label

Burn Quality & Longevity:

This candle is pretty small at only 3.5 ounces so you can’t expect it to last forever. Being soy did help its cause a little bit and we managed to get a little over the 20 hours burn time out of it.

With regards to burn quality, the cement container did a great job at holding heat in and the candle never had any issues forming a full melt pool, nor did the candle give off any visible soot. If you look inside at the wax near the edges of the container, you can see that the wax does not adhere very well to the cement material which is containing it. This was more just a slight visual annoyance than anything else as it did not seem to affect how the candle burned either. 8.5/10

Paddywax Candles Urban Driftwood and Indigo

Check current prices on Amazon

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