GloucesterWoodLantern 12 Attractive Lantern Candle Holders For Any Home Look

12 Attractive Lantern Candle Holders For Any Home Look

Although we don’t need a lantern to find our way home these days, the lantern still recalls a romantic aura that transmits you back to a former age.

Walking across the English heath, traversing through the wild oaks of a New England forest, winding down the sand dunes on a California beach: all is made to feel more magical when a lantern is lit and used to light the way.

Bring that energy and essence of those special environments into your home with these magical lanterns.

12 of our favorite candle lantern picks! (Pin it!)

1. Hawthorne 3 Set of Lanterns With LED Lights

lantern candle holders

First, we have these glass lantern candle holders from Hawthorne .

Totally classic and traditional. This set allows you to blend 3 different patterns that complement each other. These lanterns are good for a small entryway.

A rich, dark brown metal encases the glass panes. Two have a framed window effect and stand on a hexagonal base with cutouts in the metals tops.

The other lantern has a diamond pattern and sits on a square base. One is 14.5 inches tall; the other two lanterns measure 13.5 inches each.

Their name, “mini,” is a bit of a misnomer. These have some height to them. Still, you could move them around and use them with books and a tiny potted plant, like a little succulent, for a pretty tablescape.

A set like this could even be divvied up and placed around the house to add charm and warmth.

Each lantern comes with a LED candle in creamy white, which can be used on a 6-hour timer.

On sale for $41.99, they’re less than $15 per lantern and that’s including the LED candle.

2. Lillian Off-White Metal Lanterns by Melrose

white lantern candle holders

The candle lanterns which are pictured above, come from Melrose.

These vintage lantern candle holders evoke a Victorian vibe. Their creamy off-white metal cases use a pattern similar to the McIntosh style. So I guess there’s a little Art Nouveau thrown in for good measure.

Each lantern sits up pretty on 4 little feet, even though they also have rings for hanging. Their square bases give them a robust feel, but the scalloped metal edges make these vintage lantern candle holders more feminine and soft.

The 3 range in height from 20 inches, to 17 inches, and finally, to 14 inches.

Channel a little Lillian Russell, the famous singer and actress popular during the turn of the century, and pretend you’re decorating your boudoir in the Victorian style, rich with details.

These lanterns would set off the corner nicely and give just the right mood lighting for a visit from an ardent admirer.

3. Gerson Company – Everlasting Glow Copper Coat Lantern

hanging lantern candle holders

Here’s another glass lantern candle holder that can be found on Ebay.

This one measures 6.75 inches in length and width by 17 inches high. It has clean lines and a darkened copper finish.

I could see this set out on the deck or patio in the backyard. Its lines are clean and simple. Pair this elegant lantern with a fern to soften its lines.

Or you could accentuate its streamlined features by putting it on the porch against the backdrop of board and batten. Blending the rustic with the more refined creates an energy and buzz that’ll complement each other: the charm of yesteryear with a modern-day, aesthetically-pleasing design.

Each pane of glass is marked with a copper-encased X. And it does come with a LED flameless candle to shine some light on the dreariest of days.

4. San Rafael II Candle Lantern

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This lantern is a great value for only $28.33. It’s around 15 inches in height and about 7 inches wide.

The lantern will add a subtle warm ambiance with it’s LED bulb which can be adjusted for additional brightness.

The lantern is quite light however, and users have reported it blowing off patios when it is very windy. You might need to macgyver a way to hold this lantern down and keep this from happening.

5. Polished Nickel Lanterns

maxwell lantern polished nickel o 12 Attractive Lantern Candle Holders For Any Home Look

These lanterns from Pottery Barn come in 3 different sizes, and well, they look great when all paired together. They range in height from 11 inches up to 28 inches so they have a bit of size to them.

Perfect look for entryways when filled with some flameless candles. Of course, those are sold separately. We did a post recently on flameless candles and we found some good ones that were a decent price if you’re not into buying the expensive ones from Pottery Barn.

6. Iron Sublime Outdoor Lantern Distressed White – Zingz & Thingz from Target

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Here is an option you can buy from Target! Isn’t this a stunner? With its vintage distressed white finish and intricate cutouts, it’s got character and charm for days. It’s a pretty compact piece, but don’t let that fool you, it knows how to throw light around. You can pop in your favorite tealight or LED and watch it work its magic, whether you’re setting a mood indoors or lighting up the patio.

7. Enchanted Moroccan Style Iron Lantern

EnchantedIronLantern 12 Attractive Lantern Candle Holders For Any Home Look

Here’s a cute option! If you are into the more Moroccan style lantern, you could grab this one off Wayfair for $40.

I was reading through the reviews and people say this lantern looks more pink rather than purple up close, but they still praised the weathered look of this piece for the price that it is. It looks good during the day and at night and can also work well as a table piece.

The dimensions on this piece are about 12 inches tall by 6 inches wide.

8. Kieragrace Gipson Blue Cutout Lantern

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For a chic lantern candle holder that is going to look great indoors or out, check out this piece.

It has an open top hurricane within it for housing and candle and a handle on top making it portable as well.

9. Farmhouse Metal Lantern from Home Depot

white antique glitzhome candle holders 1406202686 64 1000 12 Attractive Lantern Candle Holders For Any Home Look


If you are looking for a unique lantern style, check this. The metal candle holder has a distressed antique white finish and a spot to hold a pillar in the middle.

This one is actually quite tall overall, at 22 inches in height.

10. Gloucester Wood Lantern from Wayfair

GloucesterWoodLantern 12 Attractive Lantern Candle Holders For Any Home Look

I know I already have an option similar to this on the list above but I fall in love with every one of these lanterns that I see.

This one is made unique with the weathered tin top and comes with the LED candle included.

At $55.99, you really can’t beat this piece. Read through those reviews as well!

11. Indoor/Outdoor Metal Lantern With Bronze Finish

malta lantern collection o 12 Attractive Lantern Candle Holders For Any Home Look

This style, metal lantern is available in four different sizes. Just so you’re not guesstimating from the picture above, those sizes range from 10.25 inches tall for the smallest, all the way up to 41.25 inches tall for the largest.

These candle holders actually come in a nickel finish as well as this bronze finish, but if you are going to be using these outdoors, the bronze style withstands the weather a bit better.

The handle on top allows for hanging of these lanterns as well, giving you a bit more versatility.

12. Handcrafted Rattan Lantern Candle Holders

riley rattan lantern l 12 Attractive Lantern Candle Holders For Any Home Look

These handcrafted lanterns will give you a different look than most others on this list, but are too nice to not have on this list.

If you go for this type of lantern you’ll just want to be careful when placing them outdoors. They will be susceptible to the weather given their material.

You can grab these in two different sizes from Pottery Barn. The smaller is 11 inches in height, while the larger is 17 inches tall. They are on sale right now too!

Decorating With Lantern Candle Holders

All in all, you have a plethora of choices for lantern candle holders. Go big, go global. Think Moroccan or mini. On the wall or off the wall. The best will blend with your style or help you create a new one.

Remember to consider the number of lanterns that would most complement the space. Also, think about how you can reuse these lanterns at different times throughout the year, in different spaces in your home.

Each makes a statement, especially when combined with other favorite objects of yours. I typically add books, books, and more books…but then also a knick-knack or two or three. Then again…the new motto could be ‘less is more’ if you’re going for that minimalist vibe.

Any way you slice it, the lantern candle holder provides more than light and decoration; it calls to mind all the romantic and faraway scenes in every book I’ve saved for my rainy day library. Ahhh. And I fall in love all over again.

I hope this post helped you find some good ideas! I’d love if you could share it on social media if you enjoyed it!

12 attractive lantern candle holders 12 Attractive Lantern Candle Holders For Any Home Look