nestreviewfeature Candle Review: NEST Fragrances, Grapefruit Scented Classic Candle

Candle Review: NEST Fragrances, Grapefruit Scented Classic Candle

Set inside an ultra-modern, heavy glass vase, this contemporary scented candle makes a classy fashion statement in any interior.

Is it Scent-sational?
Like a walk through an orchard, this candle releases a light, slightly sweet yet refreshing scent. The combination of pomelo grapefruit and coriander blossoms is truly unique, and offers a much richer fragrance than standard orange or lemon versions.

Clean and inviting, it makes you feel like you’ve entered a boutique spa or high end hotel lobby. It’s a wonderful way to welcome guests into your home!

Fragrance Intensity
The scent throw is strong enough to mask any residual odors in the room, making it the perfect choice candle to burn after cooking fish or sautéing garlic.

The delicious aroma is intense, spreads rapidly and is far reaching into multiple rooms. However, candle fans report happily that it’s also delicate enough to never become overpowering.

Burn Quality and Longevity
This candle is long lasting, with an exceptional burn rate. The advertised 50 hour burn rate seems to be remarkably accurate.

A few users found the wax to be a bit runny though, which causes uneven burning and some black smoke.

Cost and Value
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The expensive upfront cost reflects that this candle is sold as a top of the line item.

With high quality, long duration, an exquisite scent and stylish presentation, this NEST candle is a valuable accessory. It’s perfect for enhancing the experience of any chic spa or boutique, or for when you want to create a soothing and delightful atmosphere in any home setting.