1. Right now the minimum Black Satin right value is $45 and those are sterling silver rings with Swarovski crystals.

  2. I’m a rep for Fragrant jewels if you buy one candle and one bath bomb you get our fragrant bead absolutely free! Just add your candle and bath bomb to your cart and once you enter the code it will let you choose your free beads! 🙂 use the code Mybundle at checkout and use my link so they know i helped you 🙂

  3. Don’t do it. they are the worst company to work for. I purchased something on Oct 8th and for 2 weeks it says processing. I finally called and they said they would rush the order. However, I haven’t gotten anything. And on my account, it says the order had been cancelled. I still have yet to receive a refund. Never again.

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience with them! We haven’t run into any problems personally, but our reviews also focus more on the candles themselves.

  4. I purchased a candle from fragrant jewels for a friend. They offered a free bonus ring with purchase which was nice, but. When she received the package the glass around the candle was broken and the ring inside the candle was the wrong size. The bonus ring was the right size though. The package was in great shape so it can easily be assumed the glass was broke before it was shipped. Not going to buy anymore from fragrant jewels.

    1. Sorry to hear about the candle. Did you get in contact with them to see if they would replace it? I have had a pretty good experience with them and I know they have sent replacements in the past.

    2. Call them and let them know. I had one arrive with the glass broken and they replaced it…without having to return the broken candle. They were very easy to work with. Things do happen a d they know this.

      Also, they make the candles based on the orders received, thus it can take a bit to get them, but not long.

  5. Where are the rings in the fragrant jewel candles? Do you have to burn the candle in order to get your ring?

    1. Yes, you will need to burn the candle down about an inch or two and the ring will be found within the melted wax wrapped in foil!

  6. I have a question about Fragrant Jewels. They don’t secretly subscribe you to receive candles/bath bombs do they? I had that issue with Bella Candles when I ordered one candle and later was charged for (and received) four more candles. I had to cancel a subscription I didn’t know I signed up for just for wanting a single candle. Fragrant Jewels doesn’t do that, do they? Sorry for the long post.

    1. I haven’t run into that issue with them! Fragrant Jewels does have a subscription option that is separate from the individual candles but you would have to opt-in for that.

  7. Fragrant jewel candles are beautifully presented and smell really nice. I have bought a couple of items and each ring I received were beautiful, but you can tell they are fake by looking at them, and you can not wear them because they turn your fingers green and leave a green ring around your finger. Every time I bought an item the ring was worth the same amount making me believe there is no chance of even winning a $100 ring.

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