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Flashpoint Saxon Leaf Green w/ Juniper Cypress Candle Review

Flashpoint candle review

Today we will be reviewing a candle from Flashpoint Candle. Flashpoint is a brand that started up in 2011 by creator Drea Groeschel. Drea began making and selling her candle creations at the Nashville Farmers’ Market as a way to make some additional income. After her and her candles gained a rapid following she took the business full time.

Flashpoint candles play just as important part in being beautiful decor items as they do in smelling nice. After looking at the collection of candles they have on display, it doesn’t take long to realize how these candles became so popular with people.

Flashpoint Candle Packaging

We will be reviewing the candle that really started it all for Flashpoint. This candle is from the ‘Saxon’ Collection and is a 6 wick candle in wide earthenware clay pottery. The scent on this one is juniper cypress and it is in the leaf green variation of colors.

Product Overview:

Wax Type: Premium soy blend wax
Size: 32 ounces or 2 pounds of wax
Price: $58 USD (MSRP)
Other Items Available: Various sizes of candles including very large multi-wick candles and centerpieces
Burn Time: Approx 40 hours

Flashpoint Candle Saxon Leaf Green Juniper Cypress Review

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

Juniper Cypress – I liked this scent quite a bit overall. It was fresh and clean while still having distinct woody notes from the juniper. This scent is topped off with cypress essential oil to give it a nice finish. This is a great scent that will work wonders if you are looking for a centerpiece for the holidays. 8/10

Flashpoint Candle Saxon Leaf Green Juniper Cypress Review

Fragrance Intensity:

Fragrance wasn’t the first thing that drew me to this candle but it did turn out to be one of the things that surprised me. The fragrance was noticeable but not too overpowering, great to add some ambiance to a room. 7/10

Flashpoint Candle Saxon Leaf Green Juniper Cypress Review


The look of this candle was my favorite part about it. These earthenware clay vessels that Drea created for these candles are just excellent. It is a fairly heavy piece of pottery that would work great either outdoors or indoors. The glaze on the vessel looks very nice and gives it a distinctly unique look.

Flashpoint Candle Saxon Leaf Green Juniper Cypress Review

The six wicks that this candle has on it also add to this candles presentation giving it a large beautiful glow.

I loved that this base looked so nice. Once this candle is burned all the way through the base can be washed out and repurposed which really adds to its value. 9.5/10

Flashpoint Candle Saxon Leaf Green Juniper Cypress Review

Burn Quality and Longevity:

Since this candle is so wide and has six wicks it does burn pretty fast. There is just no way to avoid it as this isn’t a very deep candle. We squeezed out about 45 hours burn time on this candle which was a bit longer than its estimate.

As for the value of this candle, at 32 ounces of wax for $58, it works out to $1.81 per ounce which is actually very good! It puts the candle into the mid range price point. The added value in my opinion comes from the great reusable base. How important that is will vary from person to person but it definitely is one of the selling points of this candle.

Flashpoint Candle Saxon Leaf Green Juniper Cypress Review


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