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Jackpot Candles Review

June 22, 2015
jackpot candles review

New additions to the post February 14, 2021*

About time!

We know, we know. If you follow us on any of our social media pages, especially Facebook, you know that we’ve been talking about putting up these individual ring candle reviews for a while now.

The thing is, after we made our top 3 ring candles list and started sharing it with people we began getting tons of comments and emails asking if we had tried out ‘this and this’ and to be completely honest, we were a little overwhelmed.

We had no idea that there were so many smaller companies that we had never even heard of that were making these candles as well. As we want these reviews to be as honest and helpful as possible we had to try everything else out before we added anything else ring candle related to the blog.

As for the candles that we had already tried out and had on our top 3 list, well.. we wanted some new high resolution pictures to go with those reviews! We had tried them all out before we had even thought of making this blog and so it was all done from memory and we had no images from when we had used them previously.

So I asked around and ended up borrowing a nice SLR camera from a friend and went to town. I must say, it was pretty fun pretending to be a photographer 😉

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The top 3 list will be updated right away and also made more in depth. We will then start rolling out more of these individual reviews in this new format. Let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can make them better and we will try to improve on them as we go.

Okay. Enough with that already. On to the reviews!

Jackpot Candles Review

jackpot box
First up, we have the boldly scented Jackpot Candles.

Product Overview

Wax Type: Hand poured, 100% Soy wax candle
Size: 16 oz (453 g) wax, 21 oz jar
Price: $$ (Find Online)
Jewelry Surprise: Rings from size 6-9, Earrings, or a Necklace
Reveal Type: Code tags are on the jewelry which can be entered on the website to reveal their value.
Possible Jewelry Value: From $15 – $5000
Other Items Available: Wax melts

I have a vivid memory of getting our first candle from Jackpot. I remember going to grab the mail and smelling the scent of cinnamon as soon as I opened the mailbox. Even when these candles are not yet lit they have a very strong scent that – if you enjoy scented candles – is obviously a very good thing.

The sharp and spicy fragrance of this cinnamon stick scented candle will make you think of cool autumn nights, colorful changing leaves, and warm, cozy fires. Celebrate the changing of the seasons with this scented candle that will fill your home with the aroma of autumn.

The scents that we tried were the Ocean Breeze and the Cinnamon Sensation candles. Out of the two we actually ended up enjoying the ocean breeze scent more but they were both very good.
jackpot candles review
Review Rundown


Update (Feb 14, 2021)* As you may already be aware from the images, Jackpot Candles look has changed quite a bit. The presentation of their candles has improved immensely, the variety of their products has grown, and the company has only gotten better.

The ring candle from Jackpot Candles comes in a sturdy and solid glass jar like most other big brand ring candles along with a seal-able glass top. The label features the company’s logo along with a picture pertaining to the candles scent. I found that it wasn’t a bad looking presentation but the label didn’t really make the candle look any better.

Fragrance Intensity: These candles are scented with essential oils which is nice. While I stated before that the scent was very strong even before taking the candle out of it’s box, it mellowed out slightly when lit and gave off just the right amount of scent. Ocean Breeze smelled a little cheap out of the box but once again, seemed great when I lit it up. Overall, it was very nice.

Ring/Jewelry Quality: The rings that are found inside these candles are quite solid. While the two rings that we found were only valued at $18 and $23 they both looked nice and felt like they were good quality.

Candle Performance: No real issues with Jackpot Candles performance. The wax melted evenly and stayed consistent through it’s entire 80 hour burn time. The only thing is that you NEED to have the wick trimmed to around 1/4 inch every few hours. We had left ours untrimmed for too long at times and it began to give off a bit of soot because of it. With these candles being tall like they are, scissors might be difficult to use and a wick trimmer might be needed.

Scent Variety: At the time of writing this review Jackpot Candles has 19 different scents for their ring candles and 20 for their wax melts. This is lower than most of the other brands.

Price: At $24.95 (at time of this writing), Jackpot Candles are in line with most of the other brands with the same size candles, the difference being $15 minimum jewelry value which is slightly higher than most of the others but a $5000 maximum prize which is lower than a couple of the other brands. With a $15 minimum jewelry value and a very nice candle to go along with it, you can’t really go wrong with that price point!

Update* (Feb 14, 2021)Monthly Club: A new addition since the time of originally writing this review is the monthly club, called the in crowd membership. By joining this club you get one jewelry candle and one bath bomb delivered to your door each month. The sets are themed to any occasions that may be around the time such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Halloween as well! Not only that, but these sets have free shipping each month. The membership runs you $31.95 / month which is cheaper than you would pay buying a bath bomb and candle together otherwise as well. You can check out this new program on the Jackpot Candles website here.

Other NotesUpdate* (Feb 14, 2021): The information below is quite outdated now as well. Jackpot Candles now ships basically everywhere from their website.

The first candle we received from Jackpot Candles was chipped and cracked a little bit. As we are located in Canada, we had to use a 3rd party company to get the candle shipped up to us. We believe that the extra handling was the cause of the damage but nonetheless we contacted Jackpot and their customer service was VERY helpful. They responded within a day’s time to our email and sent us another candle, no questions asked! 2 thumbs up on customer service! (for 3rd party international shipping we used Reship)

Find Online

Jackpot Candles Reveal

jackpot ring reveal
jackpot candles ring reveal
Here is the ring found within the ocean breeze candle (Valued at $23)

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    I’ve just launched my own candle company on Etsy. It is a dog themed candle company called Knox’s Favorite Candle Co. named after my dog. If you have time, take a second and check it out here 10% of our profits go to local and national organizations aiming to better dogs lives. Thank you in advanced for your support.

  • Reply Kristin mitchell June 1, 2017 at 10:39 pm

    I received my candle and love my ring but need to get it resized where. Can I do this at

    • Reply The Candle Junkies June 14, 2017 at 9:03 pm

      I believe that you can just go to your local jeweler to get it resized, but it may be expensive to get done this way. Another option is to use a DIY trick like shown in this video

  • Reply Amy November 25, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    I love my candle but the only thing is mine came in with no lid and was cracked on the side. The smell was wonderful.

  • Reply Annie JONES July 1, 2018 at 3:59 am

    I got a ring in mine and I’m trying to figure if it’s stainless steal

  • Reply David Campbell August 2, 2021 at 8:11 pm

    Great, I like Your Post. Thank you so much for shear with us.

  • Reply Pearl Dailey January 30, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    My son and daughter in law gave me one of these candles for my birrthday, unfortunately I can’t enjoy it the wick will not stay lite.

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