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Top 5 Jewelry Candles Canada Edition

January 13, 2017
top 5 jewelry candles in canada edition

There is nothing worse than finding something that you want to buy online and learning that it doesn’t ship to your location. With the rising popularity of jewelry candles in Canada over this past year, this issue has arisen for many who would like to get their hands on one. Many of the jewelry candle brands are based out of the United States but still offer to ship up here at an increased fee. Is it worth it to go with one of these brands and pay a higher price for shipping? Or is it a better idea to go with a brand you may not have heard of, but is located here?

With this post, we will hopefully help you answer this question. You may be aware that we do already have a post that is similar to this, but it does not give our favorite choices and it is also a bit outdated.

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Not all brands of ring candles are created equally, some are just plain bad candles with jewelry inside. Other brands make a good candle that you can enjoy despite the jewelry you find inside. Currently, there are over 20 brands of these jewelry candles to pick from (less for Canadians sadly) and we have tried nearly all of them.

This guide should help you decide which ones to go with and which ones to stay away from if you are a Canadian.

Our top 5 list will take many different aspects into account for rankings including shipping costs, fragrance intensity, burn quality, presentation and more.

The Candle Junkies Top 5 Jewelry Candles From Canadian Brands

Number 5

royal canadian candles canada top 5 list

Royal Canadian Candles

Royal Canadian Candles is a brand that is not as well known but is well worth checking. Royal Canadian Candles is a smaller company and their candles have an authentic hand-made feel to them. Because of this, you get a sense of their care for quality, and that is exactly what we love about these candles.

The presentation on these candles could use some work but they look much better in person. The pictures on the website aren’t as high quality as other brands which can throw some people off.

The fragrance throw and scents available are excellent for these candles. Some goofy scent names are to be found but don’t let the name ‘Santa Farts’ lead you away, the Christmas themed scent is a hit.

Ring selection for these candles is pretty good with values listed along with them.

Burn quality is a high note for these candles and you can tell that the effort was made to make these candles stand up against the best of them.

Shipping costs for Canadians are as follows:

– Standard Canada Post rates. Approximately $14 for a single candle.

– Use the shipping calculator at checkout for an exact price

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Number 4

jewelry candles canada top 5 list

Jewelry Candles (Canada)

Jewelry Candles started up a sister company recently which is located within Canada. These candles made it onto our original top 5 list for US residents where it also sits currently at number 4. While these candles come in at number 4 they should not be written off so fast. They are excellent candles from a company that was one of the earliest in the game.

We find the presentation on these candles to be lacking when compared to some of the others but they are not terrible.

Jewelry Candles has an enormous variety of scents available with fragrances that have just the right amount of throw to them. The two wicks are a big help here.

One of the nicest rings that I have found came from a Jewelry Candles candle. While I might have a slight bias because of that, I’ve seen many other amazing pieces of jewelry come from them as well.

The two wicks that are placed in each of these candles not only helps with the throw but also their burn quality. Plus, the wax melts evenly every time.

One more thing to note about these candles is that they have many options with their labels. You can even send in a custom picture that you would like to have on the label to make the perfect personalized gift for that special someone.

Shipping costs for Canadians are as follows:

– Free for pick up from their store located in Carlyle, Saskatchewan

– Approx $13 for a single candle, with orders of multiple candles only adding a few cents to the total

– Test out shipping using their calculator to get an exact price for your location

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Number 3

charmed aroma candles top 5 jewelry candles canada

Charmed Aroma Candles

Charmed Aroma is an excellent choice for Canadians. Their candles are in my opinion the most visually appealing ring candles from Canada, with elegant packaging and excellent containers similar to the Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles. Their special edition lines feature some of the most aesthetically pleasing designs out there.

The fragrance intensity on these candles was good but not as strong as some of the Jewelry In Candles scents. They are perfect if you are sensitive to heavily scented candles. They also have some unique scent combinations that smell amazing.

From what we’ve seen on social media, the jewelry found in these candles appear high in quality. We love the fact that Charmed Aroma shares the grand prize winners with some of the most valuable pieces of jewelry on their facebook page. The thing that we didn’t like about this brand was that you have no option in ring size in the classic candles. It is not until you go up to the $45 candles that you can choose ring sizes. You can now choose your ring size in three of the current classic 2 wick candles for only a dollar more than the non-choice price.

Candle quality was ok for the most part with Charmed Aroma. Some of the candles tunneled despite having two wicks. Also, if you are having your candle shipped in the winter your candle may contract and separate from the container entirely, allowing the inside to slide right out. This isn’t too big of an issue as long as you set it upright and allow the wax to warm up again. After the first few burns, it should be back to normal.

Shipping costs for Canadians are as follows:

– Order amount of $0 – $26.99: $8.95 for shipping

– Orders of $27 – $74.99: $5.95 for shipping

– Orders of $75+: Free shipping

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Number 2

ice n fire candles top 5 jewelry candles canada

Ice ‘N’ Fire Candles

At number 2 is a great little company called Ice ‘N’ Fire candles. It’s not just one thing that makes these candles great to us but everything combined.

The presentation on these candles is pretty good. They do not look as luxurious as Charmed Aroma but they do come in unique square glass jars.

When it comes to fragrance, these candles are fantastic. They are strong while not being too heavy, and their scents are spot on.

Rings you find within Ice ‘N’ Fire candles look to be some of the best selected of any ring candle brands. They allow you to choose any size ring, in any of their candles.

The burn quality was perfect on these candles. The two wicks ensured no tunneling and full wax melt pools were formed within an hour or two.

Shipping costs for Canadians are as follows:

– Orders $0 – $50: $10 shipping

– Orders $50 – $100: $5 shipping

– Orders $100+: Free shipping. Excludes a few remote areas.

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Number 1

jeweled secrets candle canada top 5

Jeweled Secrets Candles

Number 1 was a tough choice for this list as all of the options are great in their own ways. We decided to put Jeweled Secrets at number 1 on this list as we found it to be an excellent candle that took all the good aspects from other brands and tied it into one for a great all-around product.

First of all, the packaging on these candles is some of the best you will find in jewelry candles. The styling with the label, to the shimmering jewel on the front, these candles are rivaled in presentation only by Charmed Aroma. Both brands look truly elegant and score high in the aesthetics department.

When it comes to fragrances, Jeweled Secrets may only have a small number of options, but the 6 that they currently have are all bound to be classics. Some highlights include ‘Raspberry Sherbert’, ‘Maple Sugar’, and ‘Wildflower Meadow’.

Rings in Jeweled Secrets candles top out at $5000 for their max value pieces, but even the lower valued jewelry is of better quality than most you will see from other brands.

Jeweled Secrets made it a priority that their candles not only look great but burn flawlessly as well. The two wicks ensure an even burn throughout much the same as the Ice ‘N’ Fire candles do.

Shipping costs for Canadians are as follows:

– $10 flat rate shipping on orders

– $20 on heavy shipping

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Agree with our choices? What is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Reply Debra Drewry January 14, 2017 at 5:43 am

    How did they come up with their #1 and #2 place?  It doesn’t even make sense. By their rankings Ice and Fire should be #1 for sure.  Ice n Fire is ranked 37 /50 The supposed #1 spot is ranked 36.5 /50.  Ice n Fire beats them by a 1/2 point.  Then if you want individual rankings the supposed #1 beat Ice n Fire in one spot only which happens to be presentation only.   Ice and Fire however beat them in 2 spots and those two spots are the most important spots of all,  candle quality and jewellery quality.

    • Reply The Candle Junkies January 18, 2017 at 10:13 pm

      Hi Debra, thanks for the feedback!

      The images were meant to be a more of a visual representation of what we liked and didn’t like about each brand. They weren’t meant to be taken as exact scores, but it’s obvious to see why they were (our mistake).

      We ranked the candles we liked most overall first. The first couple spots were very close and are all great candles. Rankings can also change as companies release new products.

      Please remember, these are only our personal opinions.

      Thank you!

  • Reply Tamara Mercer February 16, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    I love ice n fire!

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