foreverwick candle review

What We Think Of Foreverwick Candles

foreverwick candle review 5 What We Think Of Foreverwick Candles

What is Foreverwick Candles?

Foreverwick Candles is a company based in Chicago, Illinois, and boasts of 100% US-made natural soy wax candles. They have a great selection of glass jar candles that use a cotton wick, natural soy wax, and fragrances combined to create the most unique scents. Their unique fragrances also come with unique names, such as Unicorn Poop, Baby Yoda, MILF, Boss B*itch, S#x Wax, and other cool and hip candle names that are out of this world.

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The concept behind the brand came from the owners themselves.

When they had their first date, they bought a candle after dinner and used it during their subsequent dates. Once the candle melted, they had no remembrance of their very first moments together and thought of a great idea to make candles with a piece of diamond inside that would serve as a great symbol for the time spent whilst using the candle. And thus, Foreverwick Candles was born – candles with a diamond inside that serve as perfect gifts to symbolize love, moments, memories, and to represent forever – because diamonds, after all, are forever, right?

foreverwick candle review 2 What We Think Of Foreverwick Candles

Forverwick Candles Other Products Available

There are three different categories for products at their online shop, which are: candles, bath and body, and lockets. The company’s main product is candles, of course, but they also produce bath bombs, lotions, fragrance mists, and other products. Let’s focus on the candles.

foreverwick candle review 3 What We Think Of Foreverwick Candles

The candles are made of natural soy wax which is sustainable, reusable, feature a clean burn, and safe for humans to inhale when burned. They also use cotton wick which is natural and renewable, giving the products an eco-friendly appeal. The cotton wicks they use are also lead and zinc-free.

With a combination of unique scents and oils, the company features a broad range of collections, each having different features.

foreverwick candle review 4 What We Think Of Foreverwick Candles

These candle categories are:

  • Sparkle
  • Fusion
  • Signature Scent
  • Limited Edition
  • Double Diamonds
  • 4 Wick Candles
  • Chakra Candles

The Sparkle candles “sparkle” as they burn, while the fusion products are a mix of the different scents. The Signature Scent collection feature staples, such as Love Spell, Rose, Vanilla, and other scents, while the Limited Edition candles are offered for a limited time period only.

Double diamonds are those that contain two diamonds inside, while the 4 wick candles… you guessed it, feature 4 wicks which provides a quick, even melt pool with great throw. And last, the Chakra candles feature crystals inside (along with the diamond) that target specific chakras on the body.

Foreverwick Candles Product Overview

Wax Type: Natural Soy Wax

Size: From 10 to 16 oz.

Price: From $30 to $75

Surprise: .25c diamond

Reveal Type: Once the wax melts, the diamonds are found in a vial, which is wrapped in gold foil.

Other Items Available: The company also features bath and body products, as well as diamond lockets, as well as a diamond rewards program where you can exchange 10 of their diamonds and have these diamonds set in a 14K gold or white gold earring or ring.

Burn Time: 70 hours

foreverwick candle review What We Think Of Foreverwick Candles

The Bottom Line On These Candles

Foreverwick Candles, while not entirely original, feature a great twist on the typical concept by having diamonds inside their candles. They use real diamonds (albeit a tiny diamond, unless you’re lucky) that have been certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and with 10 of their diamonds, you can exchange them for real 14K jewelry in gold or white gold.

The names of the candles are unique, which gives the products a tongue-in-cheek appeal, making them great as gifts. The overall packaging is cute and pretty, and the scents are produced from a blend of oils and fragrances.

If you want to give a unique gift to a loved one or for yourself, Foreverwick Candles has interesting candles to try.

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  1. Terrible. Never again. They cost alot. The candles smell not good. They say they have diamonds in them. They do!!! But only if your an Ant. Diamond s so small. You won’t be able to see them. don’t get ripped off like I did!!!

  2. Very disappointed with my candle. There wasn’t much of a scent to it and the diamond was a micro dot. So small that it can hardly be seen in the plastic bag. Definitely not worth what I paid for it.

  3. Of course this is typical of today’s economy. Pay a lot for NOTHING! Better to save the money you would spend on just 3 of these crummy candles and buy yourself a. 25 diamond from a gem dealer. Of course people don’t realize that an UNSET diamond is pretty much useless.. It costs a small fortune to have it set into 14kt. Gold. Good luck suckers!

  4. Rip off! Microscopic diamond and the candle scent wouldn’t even foll my studio apartment

  5. Completely agree with all of you but of course they only display the 5 star comments. There is no scent and if you let the candle burn through you cannot get the minuscule diamond as the container burns

  6. I agree with the rest of you!! I bought 2 candles- $$$$
    I burned the GOLD DIGGER x2 diamond. Both diamonds were so tiny I couldn’t even see them!

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