8 Best Bath Bomb With Rings Inside Them


  1. I’ve purchased and used Fragrant Jewel’s bathbombs and candles. I feel like I need to make a comment on this one, I read this blog frequently and usually use the recommendation here as a reference when making a purchase. I just don’t think Fragrant Jewels should be on that list. Their product might be good, but their customer service definitely isn’t.
    They deducted my money right away but didn’t give me any updates for 2 weeks straight. They didn’t reply to my email inquiry, nor did they reply my PM on facebook; their number leads to a long wait, too. I eventually got someone to answer me by leaving comments on their facebook homepage. But I think they only took care of my case because they don’t want any bad publicity. It’s okay if they can’t handle all the orders they are getting, but they should be honest. Telling people the estimate is 7-14 days and make people wait for 3 weeks is not okay.
    There are also many other cases like mine that you can see on the internet. I don’t think companies that treat their customers like this should be recommended at all.

    1. Hey Kate, thanks for the comment.
      As we can only speak for our personal experience with a brand, our suggestion should only be taken as one opinion. But that being said, we completely agree with you that a company should prioritize honesty and customer service just as much as the quality of their product. We really appreciate your feedback!

  2. Thanks for this wonderful list, I had been searching for a good bath bomb and this will probably ease my search.

  3. i have large fingers for a woman yet love rings. takelong baths so yes i want to know more…..

    1. HollyAnn. I am with JewelScent and our ring sizes run 5-10. If I can help you with anything, please feel free to contact me. We have bath bombs with rings or without. In case you don’t have a consultant, I am including my e-store link.
      Gloria Lawrence

      1. I’d just like to say right now I’ve been bitten by the pamper my self bug, mom of two boys and a husband and no time for me. I’ve experience lots of bad and good things about fragrant jewels and have even inquired about a consultant job or a affiliate coop job and no responses for three years , I’m still currently looking for a position near me or online.

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