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Bath and Body Works Candle Day – Everything You Need To Know

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Along with the joys of the holiday season, candle lovers get an additional reason to celebrate. Come first Saturday of December, and Bath and Body Works Candle Day is the day to stock up your candles for the year.

Anyone who professes to know anything about candles has the annual candle day marked on their calendars. However, for people outside the candle community, this could be just another day.

Today, we’ll cover Bath and Body Works Candle Day and everything you need to know about the annual candle day.

Candle Day Bath and Body Works– What is it?

The annual candle day from Bath and Body Works is an event where the brand sells its popular three-wick candles at a discounted rate. For the online platform at the brand’s website, the sale runs for a single day.

However, for physical stores, the candle sale can go up to three days. Because of the high demand, the physical candle stores open very early in the morning and stay open quite late to accommodate the customers.

Its famous three-wick candles normally retail for $24.50 all year round. But during the annual candle day, they are available for $9.50. The number of candles you can buy during the annual candle day is 15 candles per person.

The brand has an impressive collection of candles in its inventory. So, you can choose from 130 regular scents. In addition, it has also introduced around 26 exclusive candle scents during candle day, so you have plenty of options.

However, the availability of scents may differ from one store to the other.

In addition, some candle scents may only be available online. Therefore, the best strategy is to go for double shopping, where you shop both in-store and on the brand’s website.

Candle Day Bath and Body Works – When is it?

The annual Bath and Body Works Candle Day typically falls on the first Saturday of December. The brand is usually tight-lipped about announcing the day of the sale.

But by following the brand on their website and social media accounts, you can keep up to date with them.

The tentative date for the 2021 Bath and Body Works Candle Day is scheduled for December 4.

However, this is not an official announcement from the brand, so we will have to wait and see.

Smart shopping tips for Bath and Body Works Candle Day

Prepare a must-have list.

Ask any candle connoisseur how to land the best deals, and he or she will recommend getting a must-have list. This list will make it easier to choose which scents to pick for you or your friends and family

bath and body works candle twisted peppermint

Bath and Body Works have several holiday candle scents. However, they also have other scents that you can use when the holiday season is off. Since the prices of the candles are slashed to a quarter the original price, it is also the perfect time to try new candle scents. And the must-have list will help you narrow down the best candles to put into your shopping basket.

Shop with a friend

Very few people buy just one or two candles during the annual candle day. You can buy as many as 15 candles on this day of celebration.

Bath and Body Works three-wick jumbo candles can become quite hefty when you put six or seven of them together. Therefore, it is good to bring an extra pair of hands to help you with the shopping baskets.

Get on the emailing list

Individuals who are on the emailing list of Bath and Body Works are usually the first to know the exact date for the annual candle day. Getting on the mail subscription list is the best way to be up to date with the annual candle day and other exciting news from the brand.

Wrapping up

Lighting candles is more than exuding good scents. There is a reason why aromatherapy is highly recommended in healing and calming the mind and body.

When you light candles, the scent can be relaxing or uplifting, depending on the scent. In addition, burning candles makes your living spaces smell fantastic. Furthermore, scented candles make the perfect gift.

So mark Candle Day by Bath and Both Works in your calendar!

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