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Secret and Scents Jewelry Candle Review

Secret and Scents Jewelry Candle Review

Secret and Scents is not the newest jewelry candle on the market but it is one of the lesser known brands. We actually only found out about them this last year! Anyways, the company was started in 2014 just as surprise candles were really taking off and they have been at it ever since.

The candles that come from Secret and Scents are eco-friendly soy candles that are made from soy beans grown within the US. They are also made using no crude oil by-products and no addition additives or coloring.

These candles are similar to most other jewelry candles out there but if you are new to these types of candles here’s how they work.

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You pick out a candle from a variety of scents and each candle contains a piece of jewelry wrapped in gold foil that you uncover as the wax in your candle melts away.

The jewelry that you find inside will range in value from $10 to $5000. You also have the option to choose which type of jewelry you would like hidden in your candle (rings in any size, necklace, or earrings).

Secret and Scents Review Nag Champa

Now on to the Secrets and Scents candles themselves. We’re going to find out how they stack up to other surprise candles on the market. For this review, we bought 3 different scents: ‘Egyptian Amber’, ‘Hazelnut Coffee’ and ‘Nag Champa’.

Secret and Scents Candle Junkies Review

Product Overview:

Wax Type: 100% Soy wax
Size: 16 ounces of wax in 21 ounce glass jars
Price: $$ (Check current price online)
Surprise: Rings (with choice of size), necklace or earrings
Reveal Type: A sticker with the prize value will be found with the jewelry if it is valued at $150 or more
Possible Jewelry Value: $10 – $5000
Other Items Available: Wax tarts with or without jewelry. There are also essential oils, skin care products, soaps and teas but these do not contain jewel surprises.
Burn Time: 100 – 150 hours (as stated on their website)

Secret and Scents Hazelnut Coffee Review

Secret and Scents Jewelry Candle

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

Hazelnut Coffee – I am a coffee addict. So getting this scent was a no-brainer for me. For those that follow the blog, you may remember that I also tried the hazelnut coffee scent from ‘Royaltea Candles‘. Unfortunately, that brand is no longer around but this scent is on par with that one. It’s warm and inviting and just brings that cozy feel to a room with its coffee scent. Coffee lovers, this one will not disappoint you. 9/10

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Nag Champa – For those that don’t know, this is an Indian fragrance that you can often find in incense. This candle does a good job of recreating that musky, amber scent. I find that this scent can often be a love it or hate it scent. Personally, I enjoyed it, but some of the others here at Candle Junkies did not. 6/10

Secret and Scents Egyptian Amber Jewelry Candle Review

Egyptian Amber – This candle has a more complex scent and is infused with quite a few essential oils including: copaiba, balsam, grapefruit, lemon, orange, and lavandin. This candle has a base of vanilla which is what we picked up on the most but also has hints of sandalwood and lavender. It works as a great unisex scent. 7/10

We also had a chance to try out a couple more of the scents: ‘Jamaican Me Crazy’ and ‘Red Roses’. Both were great with the first being slightly better in my opinion.

Fragrance Intensity:

Secret and Scents candles do a great job in the fragrance intensity department.. well that is if you like strong fragrances of course! On cold sniff you can get a good amount of scent from each candle, it doesn’t have a lot of throw but it is pretty good.

When lit for a couple hours, one of these 16 oz candles can scent a small-medium sized room. They work exceptionally well in a small room such as a bathroom, and multiple can be placed to help build fragrance in large rooms.

To put the fragrance intensity of these candles into perspective with other ring candles, it has a similar amount of throw to Fragrant Jewels candles, which I find to be only outdone in strength by brands like: Jewelry In CandlesBling It Candles, and some of the Jewelscent scents. 7.5/10

Secret and Scents Ring Candle Reviews

Jewelry Quality:

While we try not to base our reviews too much on jewelry quality, it is nice to see some of the lower valued jewelry have some style to it. Secret & Scents – from what we have seen – do a great job of this. They claim that all their jewelry is hand picked and if pieces aren’t up to par they don’t use them.

The minimum value for jewelry in these candles is $10 while the max is $5000. If you get lucky and find a piece that is valued above $150 it will have a sticker on it stating it’s actual value.

We found that all 3 of the pieces that we found – none of which were valued $150 or up – looked pretty good.

You can have a peek at the jewelry we found in our candles below.

Secret & Scents Jewelry Reveal

Secret and Scents Candle Jewelry

Secret and Scents Rings


All of the candles from Secret & Scents are left undyed so you won’t be getting any variety in colors from these candles. That isn’t to say that the candles look bad though. They all have pretty decent looking labels and will not look bad when placed around the home.

The labels have backgrounds that almost match the color of the off-white wax, with patterned borders that are pleasing to the eye. The jars for these candles are what you will find with most of the other traditional ring candles.

Secret and Scents Candles Review

Burn Quality and Longevity:

I have yet to have one of these candles tunnel on me. The wick is large enough that it allows the wax to melt right to the sides of the container without folding on itself too much. You should still make sure to trim the wick often, but it isn’t as big a hassle as some candles with wicks like this.

The one thing that I did notice while burning these is that there was a fair bit of residue left on the sides of the container when burning this candle down. And I don’t mean that it was wax left from tunneling. As the candle burned down, it just looked dirty inside.

secret and scents

The burn time is great on these because of the pure soy wax used. We managed to get at least 120 hours burn time with each one of these candles, while one even went to 140 hours! Some extra added value comes from this longevity.

Scent Variety:

Candle Junkies Approved Candles

Secret and Scents currently have 32 scents to choose from in their soy candle collection. While this isn’t the highest of all the jewelry candle brands, it does come with its few unique ones. There is plenty of great scents to pick from and enough variety that there is something for everybody.

Secret and Scents Candle Review by Candle Junkies

Other Notes:

We are located in Canada and were happy to see that these candles did in fact ship up here. The cost of the shipping listed on their website for international shipping was a flat $30 fee. The upsetting thing was that a few weeks after the candles had arrived we got a letter from Fed-ex saying that we owed an additional $34 on import fees.

We contacted Secret and Scents and basically, they said the additional fee was not their problem. Great. So that works out to $64 USD to ship a batch of these candles up to Canada. While I loved these candles for the quality, I can not recommend them to anyone looking to buy one from Canada as that is a ridiculous fee.  If you want alternatives for Canada check out one of the options in our post here. If you live in the United States, then by all means, give these candles a shot as they are excellent.

secret and scents jewelry candles

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