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Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

February 19, 2020
Tiered Candle Holders For In Fireplace

Today we’re going to go over some candle holders that will help spice up your empty fireplaces. These tiered candle holder displays are all over home decor magazines and pop up constantly on Pinterest. I’ve caught myself repinning plenty of these images because the displays just look soo good. Take this one for example..

If you’ve got a fireplace that doesn’t work or is empty, don’t fret. I honestly think certain candle displays can look just as good as an actual fire.

When decorating an empty fireplace with candles you will want a display with varying heights of pillar candles. One option is to use varying heights of pillar candles and arrange them how you like. Below you’ll see some recommendations on that.

Instead of going that route, there are also tiered candle holders or candelabras that you can put in your fireplace that will make things easier on yourself and also give some extra pizzazz to your space. Below are some of our favorite pieces.

Enough talk, let’s get into some of our favorite looks!


Our Favorite Tiered Candle Holders For Inside A Fireplace

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When buying online, just be sure that you double check the dimensions of your fireplace and the candle holder you’re planning to buy. Be sure to add some extra room for the pillar candles that will be required as well.

1. Silver Driftwood Candelabra Fireplace Insert by Driftwood and Pebbles on Etsy

driftwood candelabra

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Let’s start of with something truly unique. This chic, handcrafted candelabra, made from driftwood handpicked from the Greek shores of the Aegean Sea, merges beachy charm with a contemporary vibe. Its sun-bleached, creamy finish and substantial size (23.6″L x 11.8″H x 10″W) make it a striking addition, perfect for creating a warm and inviting ambiance in your fireplace!

2. Venic Candelabra in Distressed Bronze – Pilgrim Home and Hearth

venice candelabra distressed bronze fireplace Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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This hand forged, distressed bronze candelabra from Pilgrim Home and Hearth is an enduring blend of function and design. Measuring 30″W x 12″D x 18.5″H, it provides a robust, old-world charm, with its sturdy solid bar stock iron and ornamental cast iron details. This thing has near unanimous 5 star reviews from people that own it on Amazon as well – impressive!

3. White Iron French Country Candelabra by Studio 350

studio 350 white iron french country candelabra 23 x 8 x 18 jpg Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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Exude French country elegance with this chic candelabra candle holder, perfect for illuminating your living room or bedroom. Crafted from durable iron and wood, this item features an ornate scrollwork pattern extending to ten candle plates, all set upon an elevated, carved platform base. With a distressed white finish and thoughtfully designed rubber stoppers to prevent scratches and sliding, this candelabra (measuring 26″L x 22″W x 10″H) promises to add a dash of rustic charm and a romantic, cozy glow to your indoor spaces

4. Palacio Candelabra Candleholder by Jan Barboglio

palacio candelabra candleholder jpg Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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Intrigue your senses with this Mexican-inspired seven-arm candelabra by Jan Barboglio, an artisanal piece oozing with historic romance. Forged by hand from iron and accented with scalloped wax grabbers and removable pricks, this work of art (measuring 29″W x 13″D x 33″T) elegantly captures the essence of traditional craftsmanship. Although its size might challenge smaller fireplaces, its unique design and palpable character promise to make an imposing and alluring statement in larger spaces.

5. Iron Garnet Taper Candle Holder by Cosmo by Cosmopolitan

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Turn heads with this striking 7-stick gold candle holder, an abstract sculpture and candelabra all in one. Resembling an iron plant, with arms jutting out from the base, each adorned with a slender cup holder for taper candles, it offers a visually striking and unique centerpiece. At 21″ x 10″, its metallic gold finish exudes an elegant charm without appearing gaudy or cheap, guaranteed to enhance your fireplace, once again.. as long as the dimensions fit!

6. Hand Cast Aluminum Candelabra by Virdian Bay

viridian bay mimosa ridge collection fireplace candelabra Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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This piece is a little unique compared to the rest on this list. It features a garden theme with birds and floral patterns about. It is 15 inches high and just shy of 26 inches wide. The plates take (5) 2 inch pillar candles but there is no placing spike so you could use flameless candles as well.

7. Minuteman 10 Candle Tiered Fireplace Candle Holder

10 candle tiered candle holder for fireplace Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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If you want lots of candles, this is a good choice. It holds 10 candles and it’s a nice size at 14 inches high and 24 inches wide at the front. This model has the placing spikes (even though the pics don’t show them!) and so if you need to use flameless candles with this piece, you will need to break the spikes off.

8. Southern Enterprises 9 Candle Black Geometric Frame Candelabra

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For those that want an even more minimalist look from the candle holders I would go with this option. It holds 9 candles and is 21 inches wide by 9 inches tall. It also has the metal placing spikes as well so keep that in mind if you want to use artificial candles with it.

9. Antler Votive Candelabra

spi home antler candelabra jpg Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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If you like the aesthetic of antlers than this votive antler candle holder might just be for you. Crafted from durable aluminum, this piece measures 14.5″ H x 27″ W x 5″ D and weighs 9.5 lbs, making it a solid and stylish centerpiece. Its extraordinary design has earned a solid five-star rating from users, who love its beauty and uniqueness. Perfect as a gift or a special treat for your own home, this candelabra promises to dazzle and captivate – candles not included.

10. A Tiered Candle Holder Featuring Blossoms With Lots of Room For Candles

spi home blossom candelabra jpg Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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Imbue your home with an enchanting, nature-inspired touch with this ‘lily pad lake’ candelabra, a more compact yet stylish choice for your decor. Designed by SPI and weighing just 4.5 lbs, this 27.5″ long, 3″ tall, and 17″ deep candelabra boasts 17 lily pads of varying sizes for a charming tiered look using tea lights, votive, and pillar candles. The soft, metallic bronze stems combined with verdigris finished lily pads offer a unique visual appeal. This delightful piece, which requires no assembly, doubles up as an enchanting gift idea – candles not included.

11. Rustic White Wash Finish 3 Pillar Set Mango Wood

wooden rustice tiered pillar candle holders fireplace Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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While not a single candle holder like previous entries on this list, this 3 piece set will give you a tiered look if your pillar candles are the same height and look great in a fireplace when paired with varying heights of LED candles also placed on the floor surrounding these. You can find this 3 set for a great price on Amazon as well (with a 5 star review), so that’s always a nice bonus.

12. Black Metal Vintage Candelabra by Studio 350

Black Iron Vintage Candelabra jpg Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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Next on our list is a striking piece from Studio 350. This vintage-style candelabra, constructed from high-quality iron and MDF wood, is a true conversation starter. Displaying a rusted black iron finish, it exudes an old-world charm that would beautifully complement any living room or dining area. It’s designed to hold up to ten pillar candles, creating a magical ambiance for any occasion. The thoughtful design includes white rubber stoppers at the base, preventing scratches or sliding on your furniture. This piece truly merges style with practicality.

13. A Plant Stand That Makes The Perfect Fireplace Display

tiered candle holder fireplace square Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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Yup, that’s right, this one is actually for holding plants. I thought it would make a great piece for re-purposing into a fireplace candle display though! It’s got 3 tiers, so you get some variety in height and it’s made of a sturdy metal so it would be perfect to hold candles. Top to bottom this piece is 23.8 inches, it’s got a 23.6 inch width, and it goes 27.6 inches deep. It’s a pretty big piece so be sure to double check your dimensions to be sure it fits. I’d recommend tossing some LED candles on one like this, just because it isn’t specifically designed to be a candle holder.

14. Similar To The Previous One But With A Crescent-Like Display

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This one is nearly identical to the previous entry on this list but instead of being a square design it has a more crescent shaped design which could fit certain fireplaces better. And if that doesn’t fit your fireplace better, 2 of these set side by side giving you a full 180 degree crescent shape display might and it would look awesome! It would make a tiered candle holder display that also has some great depth to it. The dimensions on this one are 23.6 inches in each direction for a single piece.

15. An Octopus Candle Holder For A Nautical Themed Living Space

nautical sea octopus tier candle holder fireplace 2 Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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This piece from Viridian Bay would fit perfectly in our post we did on octopus candle holders, unfortunately it wasn’t available at the time we wrote that. It fits perfectly in this post as well and can be a great option for those that go for the sea themed spaces. It currently has a 5 star rating on Amazon as well.. just sayin.

16. A Replacement For Our Featured Image Has Finally Been Found!

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If our feature image at the top of the post has been misleading to people, worry no longer! We have found a great piece on Amazon that looks very similar to that one we had before and is much cheaper than that piece was as well (I believe that candle holder was a few hundred dollars more!). This piece is made of Aluminum with a zinc finish and so far has great reviews on Amazon with people saying that is nice and sturdy.

17. A Budget Option From Amazon Which Holds 9 LED Candles

tiered pillar led candle holder amazon fireplace Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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For being an iron, 9 candle candelabra, this piece on Amazon comes at an incredible price. With its minimalist design, this candle holder offers an elegant and modern touch. The individual holders of varying heights can be arranged to suit your style. Sturdy and well-made, it’s designed to be dressed up or down according to your decor needs. Despite being lightweight, it stands firm, offering an adaptable piece for any space measuring 16 x 8.2 x 7 inches. An eye-catching choice that’s always a conversation starter!

18. An Option With Tea Lights and Resin Wood Logs

faux wood resin logs tealight candle holder fireplace Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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Transform your unused fireplace with this unique faux log candle holder from Plow & Hearth. Crafted in Birch or Oak options, this piece holds between 6-8 candles, effortlessly filling your room with soft, warm light. Resin-made for added durability, the logs mimic the natural look of wood without the mess of actual firewood. The candle holder fits comfortably into fireplaces with dimensions 18″L x 10½”W x 8″H for Birch and 18½”L x 9½”W x 9½”H for Oak. Reviewers love the candle holder for its realism and the cozy ambiance it brings to their spaces. The perfect pick to breathe new life into your hearth!

19. Go Candle Holder Free And Just Use A Flameless Candle Set

faux flameless led candles birch style set fireplace Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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Consider this set of 9 flameless pillar candles as an effortless way to dress up your fireplace or any space in your home. This package offers an array of candle sizes, from 4″ to 9″, all elegantly designed in a birch bark effect ivory white color to complement any decor. Equipped with powerful LED lights, these candles have a remarkable lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, offering you long-lasting ambient light. A remote control for easy operation is also included, enabling you to adjust the timer and enjoy the soothing glow of candles without the usual worries about fire hazards or mess. These candles provide a tiered look, just like a candelabra, but without the need for a holder. This is an excellent choice for a stress-free, safe, and stylish fireplace decoration.

While this option fits more in our post on flameless candles, it works great here as well.

20. Wrought Iron Spandrels Hearth Candelabra

minuteman spandrels mini candelabra Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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Make candles the star of the show with this candelabra for your fireplace. The Mini Spandrels Hearth Candelabra from Minuteman International is a compact, wrought iron candelabra with a graphite powder coating. It fits perfectly in mosts fireplaces, providing a warm, inviting ambiance. Holding up to 10 candles of various types, it has received positive reviews for its robust construction and classic design.

21. Metal Pillar Candle Holders Set of 5 by Volnyus

volnyus metal pillar candle holders tiered jpg Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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The Volnyus Metal Pillar Candle Holders is a set of five pillar candle holders, perfect for versatile home decor. Suitable for 3’’ and 3.5’’ candles, they’re great for tables or fireplaces. With a two-way use design, you can arrange them as you like for unique displays. Made from durable iron with a tripod molding, they’re sturdy yet compact, allowing flexible arrangements of same-height candles. However, there are minor issues like paint chipping and a slightly cheap feel, yet they’re praised for their minimalist design and flexibility.

22. Wrought Iron Candelabra for 10 Candles by SEI Furniture

SEI Furniture 10 Candle Wrought Iron Candelabra tiered Matte Black Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

The SEI Furniture 10 Candle Wrought Iron Candelabra is a sturdy, all-metal candelabra that holds ten candles. It showcases a simple wrought iron silhouette in a matte black finish, enhancing any home decor. While it’s designed for real candles, with spikes ensuring their stability, many users have successfully used flameless LED candles by adapting them to fit over the spikes. Some users reported minor issues like bent stands and the inability to use flameless candles directly, but overall, it received positive reviews for its aesthetics and functionality. The candelabra measures 21.5″ W x 10″ D x 11″ H, making it an ideal addition to shelves, mantels, or console tables.

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23. Tiered Iron Pillar Candle Holder by Frame Army

framearmy iron pillar candle holder decor tiered white jpg Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders
framearmy iron pillar candle holder decor tiered Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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The FrameArmy Iron Table Tealight Candle Holder Decor is a versatile, decorative candle holder made from iron. It holds five pillar candles and is noted for its charming tree pattern accents and a sturdy iron base. Despite some reviews online reporting imperfections in the iron curves, it generally receives positive reviews for its aesthetic appeal and quality. This candelabra measures 25.3″(L) x 3.8″(W) x 6.6″(H).

24. Hartnett 13 Candle Metal Candelabra

HartnettMetalCandelabra Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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This candelabra has quite a bit of depth to it as supports 13 pillar candles. The dimensions of this piece are 14 inches tall, 19 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. It’s another candle holder that has excellent reviews from users on Wayfair, so if it fits your fireplace, it is one to keep in mind. Be sure to note that this candelabra does have placing spikes so you will need to make some adjustments for placing flameless candles on the plates.

25. House of Hampton Iron Candelabra

3 tier IronCandelabra Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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This wrought iron piece has plates for 5 pillar candles and is without the placing spike allowing you to easily use flameless candles. It is 14.25 inches tall, 24.63 inches wide, and 9.13 inches tall. It’s a romantic and rustic addition to any home. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, this wrought iron candelabra provides an old-world charm with its scrolling flourishes and antiqued finish. The product features a heart design and holds five candles on top, providing a spectacular shine when lit.

26. Ballajura Metal Candelabra by Charlton Home®

BallajuraMetalCandelabra Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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Next up on our list is the stunning Ballajura Metal Candelabra by Charlton Home®. This rustic piece features a sturdy, distressed metal design, with ornate baroque details that are sure to add a touch of sophistication to any space. At 14″ H x 23″ W x 4″ D, it can comfortably hold five votive candles, perfect for creating that warm, inviting atmosphere we all love. And at just $50.99, this indoor beauty is a budget-friendly way to bring a little extra charm to your home decor. Remember, candles aren’t included, so you can pick your favorites to light up this beautiful piece.

27. Gold Candlestick Holder Tall Hurricane Candle Holder Set of 3 by Nuptio

Nuptio Gold Candlestick Holder Tall Hurricane Candle Holder Set of 3 Taper Candle Holders Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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This NUPTIO Gold Candlestick Holder set is an elegant choice for your fireplace decor. The set of three varying height holders (14″, 16.3″, and 18.7″) are designed with a windproof hurricane glass cover for added safety. With their beautiful gold finish and ability to create a lovely flickering candle effect, they can transform an empty fireplace into a cozy, welcoming space.

28. Madeira Pillar Candelabra by Viridian Bay

viridian bay mimosa ridge pillar candelabra jpg Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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I love branch style candle holders in general so I thought I would include this one in this listicle. The Viridian Bay Mimosa Ridge Collection Madeira Pillar Candelabra (now that’s a mouthful) is a stunning addition to an unused fireplace. This espresso-finished aluminum candelabra is 19″ long, 16″ wide, and 6″ high, accommodating seven 3-inch pillar candles (not included). Its elegant design has received rave reviews, with users praising its high-quality build and ability to make fireplaces look more appealing, especially when paired with flickering flame candles.

30. DIY 9 Piece Free-Standing Floor Candle Holders Set by Ebern Designs

9pcs Free Standing Floor Candle Holders Set fireplace candle junkies Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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Add an eye-catching twist to your unused fireplace with these free standing floor candle holders. This set of nine gold-finished iron candle holders can be freely combined in any configuration, straight, curved or mixed, for a personalized touch. The varying heights of the candle holders create a visually stunning tiered effect with the flicker of candlelight. Each holder features a wide base and non-slip pads for stability, along with a tray with a raised guardrail, which can safely hold candles up to 2.4 inches in diameter. Easy to clean and assemble, this versatile set can transform your hearth into a dazzling spectacle.

31. Mismatched Brass Candleholders Set at One Kings Lane

mismatched brass candleholders set of 8 eat drink home jpg Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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I am absolutely smitten with the Mismatched Brass Candleholders Set from Eat Drink Home. It’s a collection of eight distinctive, solid brass candleholders, each varying in height from 6″ to a significant 16″. Imagine creating a breathtaking, tiered display in your fireplace with these! The charm of their mismatched design allows you to style them in a myriad of ways to suit your taste. Picture them as a dynamic, captivating centerpiece in your fireplace – I adore this idea!

32. Red Taper Candle Holder Centerpiece by Crate & Barrel

red taper candle centerpiece tiered jpg Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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The Red Taper Candle Holder Centerpiece from Crate & Barrel is a small yet vibrant addition to your fireplace decor. Inspired by mid-century modern designs, this aluminum starburst candle holder is coated in a glossy red and holds a dozen mini tapers. It measures 7.25″W x 6.5″D x 2.5″H, making it a compact choice. Despite its size, it’s sure to add a festive, dancing glow to your mantel.

33. Black Metal Modern Candelabra from Michaels Online

black metal modern candelabra tiered 2 candle junkies Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders
black metal modern candelabra tiered candle junkies jpg Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

Find Online

This new addition to the list from Michaels is a sleek and contemporary accessory for your fireplace. It can hold up to eight votive or pillar candles within glass holders, set on a black metal base with a stylish crisscross design. Made from iron and glass, this candelabra is durably constructed and designed to create a stunning centerpiece for your mantel. Its varied metal arm heights add an element of interest to its modern design. This candle holder will not only provide a beautiful, warm glow but also perfectly complement your existing furniture and decor.

34. Tall Antiqued Brass Candlestick by Terrain

antiqued brass candlestick set taper fireplace decor candle junkies 1 Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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If you want even more control when going the antique candlestick route for decorating your fireplace, these taper candle holders might be what you’re looking for. They are sold separately and are available in 3 different sizes so you can get as few or as many as you need and in varying heights. I found these on Anthropologie.

35. Taper Candelabra by Francesca Kaye

francesca kaye candelabra fireplace decorating candle junkies 1 Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

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Here is a candelabra with some intricate deigns that could look great in certain fireplaces. I also found this one on the Anthropologie website.

36. Coral Candlestick Holder from Anthropologie

coral tiered taper candle holder for fireplace candle junkies 2 Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

Find Online

If you came to this blog post from Pinterest, you may be looking for the coral candle holder from some of those pins. Well, here is an alternative one that I think might even look better than that original one! However.. if you are still looking for that original one it is back! After being sold out for what seems like forever, I found it online at Overstock. You can find that one in the next entry on our list.

37. Coral Candelabra by Zodax

12 Tier Cayo Coral Polyresin Taper Candle Holder 1 1 Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

Find Online

Yes, here it is. A past favorite from the list which I had to remove since it was out of stock everywhere! Well it is now back and it looks just as great as ever. But wait.. there is more. While updating this list to be more current I also found another coral candlestick holder that some of you might also like! You can find that below.

38. Green Coral Candlestick Holder by R16 Home

greencoralcandlestickholderfireplacedecor candlejunkies 1 Fireplace Makeover Using Tiered Candle Holders

Find Online

Yup, here is one more! While this green coral candlestick holder is a little different than the other 2 before it, this one is sure to wow with its handmade detailing. I found this online at Nordstrom Rack on sale and the one review that it had was 5 stars with praise for its beauty and mention of the reviewer receiving compliments from the piece. Pretty cool!

I hope you found something that you liked in these picks! I was planning for this to only be a short list post, but I ended up finding so many nice candle holders that I didn’t want to leave any out. All of the candle holders above can be purchased online.

Again, the main things to watch out for when buying these candle holders for your fireplace:

  • Be sure the dimensions of the candle holder will fit your fireplace opening
  • The plates where you set the candles on will sometimes have a placing spike for keeping real wax pillar candles in place. If you plan to use flameless candles on these, you will either need to break the spikes off or make some other adjustment so the flamless candle has a flat surface to sit on.
  • Leave extra room for a candles height. The dimensions given are without candles.

Did you find this blog post helpful? Please let us know by leaving a comment below! You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, or join us on Pinterest. We’d love for you to be a part of the Candle Junkies community!

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