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The Best Tiered Candle Holders For Inside A Fireplace. These Look So Good!!

Tiered Candle Holders For In Fireplace

Today we’re going to go over some candle holders that will help spice up your empty fireplaces. These tiered candle holder displays are all over home decor magazines and pop up constantly on Pinterest. I’ve caught myself repinning plenty of these images because the displays just look soo good. Take this one for example..

Image via Decor4all

If you’ve got a fireplace that doesn’t work or is empty, don’t fret. I honestly think certain candle displays can look just as good as an actual fire.

When decorating an empty fireplace with candles you will want a display with varying heights of pillar candles. You can try and find pillar candles that are in a variety of different sizes but it might be hard to find ones that match and then of course you will have to manually place them to look nice.

Instead of going that route, there are also tiered candle holders or candelabras that you can put in your fireplace that will make things easier on yourself and also give some extra pizzazz to your space. Below are some of our favorite pieces.

Enough talk, let’s get into some of our favorite looks!


Our Favorite Tiered Multi Candle Holders For Inside A Fireplace

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When buying online, just be sure that you double check the dimensions of your fireplace and the candle holder you’re planning to buy. Be sure to add some extra room for the pillar candles that will be required as well.

(Last Update: November 5, 2021): We are currently updating this list for 2021 as some of our previous picks are now no longer available. Please bear with us as we transition this page to more accurately reflect choices that are currently available online.

1. Silver Driftwood Candelabra Fireplace Insert

driftwood candelabra

Buy Online

This piece is handmade by ‘Driftwood and Pebbles’ on Etsy. Because of this, each piece is one of a kind!

2. Venic Candelabra in Distressed Bronze – Pilgrim Home and Hearth

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This candelabra with a distressed bronze finish makes for a nice sturdy piece that will spice up your fireplace. It’s made from hand forged iron so it’s nice and solid. It also holds 10 different candles so you can have a good amount of lights coming from it.

3. CrissCross Metal Candle Holder by Stratton Home Decor

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Temporary Update! This candle holder is on sale for Black Friday 2021 right now at over 60% off! Reg $118 now $46.99

This crisscross style candle holder looks great in a fireplace and will give you a tiered candle look even if all of your candles are the same height. The sturdy metal base ensure that the candles won’t be wobbling around either. You can find this piece online at Macy’s.

4. 5 Piece Turned Wood Candlestick Set

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These wooden candlestick will take a bit of arranging in the fireplace to look nice but it will allow you to replicate the style at the top of the page which is just beautiful. The candlesticks themselves range in height from 10 inches all the way up to 22 inches. This set has been getting stellar reviews on Wayfair and is super popular.

5. Iron Garnet Taper Candle Holder by Apt2B

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Taper candle holders can look great inside a fireplace as well as long as the dimensions are right. This sturdy iron taper candle holder with a gold finish holds 7 taper candles. The dimensions run 20.6″w x 7.4″d x 10″h so be sure to account for the tall tapers as well. You can find it online at Apt2B.

6. Hand Cast Aluminum Candelabra by Virdian Bay

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This piece is a little unique compared to the rest on this list. It features a garden theme with a couple birds and floral patterns about. It is 15 inches high and just shy of 26 inches wide. The plates take 5 2 inch pillar candles but there is no placing spike so you could use flameless candles as well.

7. Minuteman 10 Candle Tiered Fireplace Candle Holder

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If you want lots of candles, this is a good choice. It holds 10 candles and it’s a nice size at 14 inches high and 24 inches wide at the front. This model has the placing spikes and so if you need to use flameless candles with this piece, you will need to break the spikes off.

8. Southern Enterprises 9 Candle Black Geometric Frame Candelabra

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For those that want an even more minimalist look from the candle holders I would go with this option. It holds 9 candles and is 21 inches wide by 9 inches tall. It also has the metal placing spikes so keep that in mind if you want to use artificial candles with it.

9. Antler Votive Candelabra

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If you like the aesthetic of antlers than this votive candle holder might just be for you. It measures in at 24 inches wide and nearly 15 inches high.

10. The Weathered Pillar Look from Lark Manor

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Again, obviously this isn’t a tiered candle holder but it can function similar to one and will give you that certain look you might be after. These wooden holders come in a set of 3 in either brown or gray as pictured above. They range from 11 inches to 15 inches and can hold up to 3 inch pillar candles

11. Rustic White Wash Finish 3 Pillar Set Mango Wood

Buy Online

Similar to the previous candle holders, this 3 piece set will give you a tiered look if your pillar candles are the same height and look great in a fireplace when paired with varying heights of LED candles also placed on the floor surrounding these. You can find this 3 set for a great price on Amazon as well, so that’s always a nice bonus.

12. Ocean Reef Candle Holder by Michael Aram

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We previously had a coral reef style candle holder that was a very popular pick on this list before, and if you are coming over from Pinterest, you might be looking for that piece. Unfortunately that piece is no longer available, but we found this new piece by Michael Aram on Horchow that looks to be a great replacement!

13. A Plant Stand That Makes The Perfect Fireplace Display

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Yup, that’s right, this one is actually for holding plants. I thought it would make a great piece for re-purposing into a fireplace candle display though! It’s got 3 tiers, so you get some variety in height and it’s made of a sturdy metal so it would be perfect to hold candles. Top to bottom this piece is 23.8 inches, it’s got a 23.6 inch width, and it goes 27.6 inches deep. It’s a pretty big piece so be sure to double check your dimensions to be sure it fits.

14. Similar To The Previous One But With A Crescent-Like Display

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This one is nearly identical to the previous entry on this list but instead of being a square design it has a more crescent shaped design which could fit certain fireplaces better. The dimensions on this one are 23.6 inches in each direction.

15. An Octopus Candle Holder For A Nautical Themed Living Space

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This piece from Viridian Bay would fit perfectly in our post we did on octopus candle holders, unfortunately it wasn’t available at the time we wrote that. It fits perfectly in this post as well and can be a great option for those that go for the sea themed spaces. It currently has a 5 star rating on Amazon as well..

16. A Replacement For Our Featured Image Has Finally Been Found!

Buy Online

If our feature image at the top of the post has been misleading to people worry no longer! We have found a great piece on Amazon that looks very similar to that one and is much cheaper than that piece was as well (I believe that candle holder was a few hundred dollars more!). This piece is made of Aluminum with a zinc finish and so far has great reviews on Amazon with people saying that is nice and sturdy.

17. A Budget Option From Amazon Which Holds 9 LED Candles

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For being an iron, 9 candle candelabra, this piece on Amazon comes at an incredible price. As you can see above, it looks great inside your fireplace and it has near perfect reviews as well.

18. An Option With Tea Lights and Resin Wood Logs

Buy Online

This is another new addition to this list for 2021. Too be honest, I’m a little surprised that I didn’t have an option with faux logs in the first place. This piece from Plow and Hearth on Amazon obviously looks incredible in a fireplace, but even better still, it is low maintenance and super easy to set up and be ready to go.

19. Go Candle Holder Free And Just Use A Flameless Candle Set

Buy Online

Okay.. so this option isn’t even a candle holder which is what this post is about.. however, going this route is also a viable option and is how many of the great looks on Pinterest are achieved. This set of 9 real wax LED candles from Antizer on Amazon look great, have a birch finish that suites the winter months and has over 10000 positive reviews on Amazon.

While this option fits more in our post on flameless candles, it works great here as well.

20. Wrought Iron Spandrels Hearth Candelabra

Buy Online

Make candles the star of the show with this candelabra for your fireplace. It holds 10 pillar candles that are tiered on wrought iron spandrels. It doesn’t have placing spikes so your flameless candle will have no issues sitting on these platforms. The dimensions are 9.75 inches tall, 18.75 inches wide, and 12.25 inches deep. The plates are made for pillar candles up to 3 inches diameter.

21. Candle Swirl Metal Fireplace Candelabra

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This candle holder also holds 10 different pillar candles like the last one. It’s 10.6 inches tall, 21.5 inches wide, and 8.3 inches deep. The placing spikes are also absent on this piece, allowing easy placement of LED candles instead of regular candles.

22. Darby Home Co. 10 Pillar Metal Candelabra

This metal candelabra from Darby Home Co has stellar user reviews and is a good price on top of that. It holds 10 pillar candles but it should be noted that it has the metal placing spikes on it’s plates, making flameless candles difficult to use. This piece is 11 inches tall, 21.5 inches wide, and 10 inches deep.

Update November 5, 2021:

The exact model above is no longer available, however, I’ve found one that looks almost identical on Amazon for a cheaper price to boot. It has nearly identical dimensions and similarly, it still features the spikes, making it a better option for real pillar candles.

Browsing through all the reviews on Amazon, I found that many of the users were still able to use flameless LED candles fine by leaving the battery covers off the bottom and sitting them over top the small spikes.

Buy Online

23. A Modular, Adjustable Taper Candle Holder With Brass Plating

Buy Online

The previous pick that we had in this position is no longer available for purchase but we felt that we should replace it with another candle holder that is adjustable. This brass plated candle holder from Aerin is even more adjustable – in fact – it can come apart and be put together with a varying number of the holders to make it fit any look. We could only find this piece on Saks Fifth Avenue however, so unfortunately Amazon users will have to bite the bullet and shop elsewhere if they want this one.

24. Hartnett 13 Candle Metal Candelabra

Buy Online

This candelabra has quite a bit of depth to it as supports 13 pillar candles. The dimensions of this piece are 14 inches tall, 19 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. It’s another candle holder that has excellent reviews from users on Wayfair, so if it fits your fireplace, it is one to keep in mind. Be sure to note that this candelabra does have placing spikes so you will need to make some adjustments for placing flameless candles on the plates.

25. House of Hampton Iron Candelabra

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This wrought iron piece has plates for 5 pillar candles and is without the placing spike allowing you to easily use flameless candles. It is 14.25 inches tall, 24.63 inches wide, and 9.13 inches tall.

26. Distressed Metal Candelabra by Leina

Buy Online

A tiered candle holder with a warm rustic and weathered look to it, this ribbon style piece holds 5 pillar candles on it. 11 inches tall, 23 inches wide, and no placing spike for easy flameless candle use. Another piece with excellent reviews.

27. Adjustable 22 Candle Iron Candle Holder

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Well, the more candles the better, right? This adjustable iron candelabra holds 22 candles in it, so there is no doubt it will light up your space. The one thing you must keep in mind though, is that the cups will only hold candles which are at max 1.6 inches in diameter, which is approximately the diameter of tea light candles. This piece is 4.7 inches tall excluding the candles.

28. Brass Finish Branch Pillar Candle Holder

I love branch style candle holders in general so I thought I would include this one in this listicle. This is a hand crafted, wrought iron candle holder with a brass finish that will hold 5 pillar candles that are up to 3 inches in diameter. It’s 24.95 inches wide, 18.5 inches deep, and 9 inches tall. You can find this candle holder on Crate and Barrel.

(Update: November 1, 2021) – The brash finish, pillar candle holder we had listed above from Crate and Barrel is sadly no longer available. Below I’ve decided to add a couple replacements to this piece which I think look great as well.

Click an image below to find each of these online:

30. Minuteman Black Candelabra

Buy Online

Ebay is actually a pretty good source for finding tiered candle holders for in a fireplace. That’s where I found this one and I actually didn’t see it anywhere else. This candle holder is 30 inches wide, 11 inches tall, and 10 inches deep. 7 candles can be held in a pyramid style arrangement.

31. Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Candelabra

Buy Online

Here is another one that I found on Ebay that I liked. It is tiered with 3 levels for the candles to be placed at different height and it holds 9 of them. It’s designed for 2.5 inch diameter pillar candles and it also has placing spikes on the plates, so be aware if you want to use flameless candles.

I hope you found something that you liked in these picks! I was planning for this to only be a short list post, but I ended up finding so many nice candle holders that I didn’t want to leave any out. All of the candle holders above can be purchased online.

Again, the main things to watch out for when buying these candle holders for your fireplace:

  • Be sure the dimensions of the candle holder will fit your fireplace opening
  • The plates where you set the candles on will sometimes have a placing spike for keeping real wax pillar candles in place. If you plan to use flameless candles on these, you will either need to break the spikes off or make some other adjustment so the flamess candle has a flat surface to sit on.
  • Leave extra room for a candles height. The dimensions given are without candles.

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