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Top 5 Ring Candles

With the price of ring candles being a bit higher than your everyday ‘Bed, Bath, and Beyond’ candle, you want to be sure that the one that you pick out is worth your money and actually a quality candle. You may be looking for a…

July 15, 2016

Candle Review: Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus and Spearmint

  Could the BBW Eucalyptus and Spearmint candle be the one you’ve been looking for? We all have very busy lives, and often, very few of us have a chance to fully unwind and shake off the stress of the day.  Gratefully, there are…

July 22, 2016
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Candle Junkies Blog Update #001

Hey Candle Junkies! I hope everyone is enjoying the first few weeks of summer. While it may be a slow season for candles to some.. we will be kicking things up into high gear for our candle reviews. If you have been watching our Instagram…

July 11, 2016
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5 Scents and Their Effect on Your Body

“The act of smelling something, anything, is remarkably like the act of thinking. Immediately at the moment of perception, you can feel the mind going to work, sending the odor around from place to place, setting off complex repertories through the brain, polling one…

June 22, 2016
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Candle Review: Voluspa, Yashioka Gardenia

As we have promised, here is the review of one of our favourite Japonica collection from Voluspa! The Japonica collection consists of their most creative fragrance palette combined with their delicate floral designs that will add luxe to your everyday living. Just from the…

June 8, 2016
voluspa crisp champagne
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Candle Review: Voluspa, Crisp Champagne

Happy first of June everybody! As you may already know, we have been absent in the last month but we have been experimenting with tons of different candles from all sorts of brands and fragrances to share our top favourites with you all! Summer…

June 2, 2016